June 23, 2004



Has anyone read this?

M. Houellebecq, of course, is the writer who called Islam 'stupid':

"I had a kind of revelation in the Sinai desert, where Moses received the Ten Commandments. Suddenly, I experienced a total rejection of monotheism.

"In this very rocky, inspiring land, I said to myself that the idea of believing in only one God was cretinous. I could not think of another word. And the stupidest religion of all is Islam."

This once again reinforces the intrinsic antagonism of hyperstition to monotheism.

The Lovecraft book - which has been described 'as a novel with a single personage (the same H.P.Lovecraft) and in which all the reported facts and the cited witnesses are authentic' - sounds deeply hyperstitional.

Interesting, in the light of the discussion on racism in the comments on Linda's post below, that Houellebecq, rather than shying away from Lovecraft's racism, apparently considers it the motor of his fiction.

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