June 29, 2004

The advisor

>>> Nick: While Col. West evidently received considerable training in Farsi and Arabic prior to his deployment to Mesopotamia, he would no doubt have had to rely on local sources for his education into the Abjad. Any ideas who he met in the region, diverting him on the semiotic precursors to neo-Sumerian and Z-current exhumation?

Unfortunately, I don’t know any such a person existing in the last 2-3 decades ... the potential cases are mostly bound to heavy Academic or nationalistic disciplines (West scored their names out one by one) ... if we could use time anomalies (as in the case of Sutter Cane: hyperstition contaminates the Time itself) then the best candidate would be the one I mentioned in my comment to Anna’s post:

Abdallah Ibn Maymun, the Iranian occultist who had so much influence on ISMAILIS (like Hasan-i-Sabah but in another direction and away from his harsh politico-militaristic procedures) [for investigating how WAR generates hyperstitional processes contributing to irreversible dissolution of the State, and perceiving hyperstition as an autonomous war(w/f)are] ...

During the reign of Sunni Caliphs, Ibn Maymun selected Tunisia as his zone of initial trainings in Afro-guerilla warfare and forming a laboratory for merging his vast Farsi/Arabic/Gabrie (a derogatory term for Zoroastrianism used after Islam)/Mesopotamian magico-ABJAD intelligence with Afro-occult contagions ... five reasons for his deployment in Tunisia:

1. Being partly away from Caliphs’ domain of power

2. Aiding and promoting (co-founding) Fatimids (aka Fatemion) who held a radical hostility toward caliphs in Egypt (later they became the most notable enemy of Caliphs and their Sunni politics)

3. Feeding on an abundant Egyptian resource of occult viruses (if India was the favored hyperstitional cavern for Zahak from where he imported Zero as the schizocyte of the Z-crowd, Egypt was a freshly exhumed necropolis for Ibn Maymun)

4. Playing as a communicative and connective channel among occultural minorities, Islamic sects, arcane brotherhoods and secret societies (they finally seized the control of Egypt)

5. Becoming skilled at working with the hybrids of ‘hyperstition / occult’ and ‘nomadic / barbaric’ warmachines. As soon as he settled in Tunisia, he allied himself with warlike nomads.

Later his Ahl-i-Batin (The crowd of Batin: the inside, the covered space or what cannot be seen by eyes) was condensed as a cutting-edge revolting machine (intermittently producing coup, Terror and regional insurgencies) by Ismailis (esp. Hasan-i-Sabah). If Sabah has already cut his way into the Western pseudo-guerilla / pseudo-hyperstitional datastream, it is mainly because of the exotic apparition of his strike force, ghost-assassins and Alamut fortress ... the credit of war-hyperstition composites actually returns to Ibn Maymun.

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Actually Reza, I was thinking more on the line of [hyperstitionally] "just making it up, while all the time They were telling us what to write."
No reason you should bear the whole burden of this of course (quite the opposite - collective spiral is crucial) but you will probably have to take on something of a probe-head role.
An Abjad-genius neo-Sumerian sorceress camouflaged as a Persian Gulf oil smuggler would be cool ...

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PS. Obviously she'd be an Ibn Maymun 'disciple'.

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Thanks nick ... yes, I got your point ... just tried to give some pictures for modeling a hyperstitional entity.

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Some hints:

Obviously, her name should be Farsi/Arabic (not basically Persian) to look less suspicious ... be more infiltrating ... sure you know how soon Arabs notice Ajam (Arabic derogatory name for Persians) names ... so using a markedly Persian name is problematic; especially names including four Persian letters (g, p, ch, zh). Picking up a name constituted by the letters Jeem, Ya, Qaf (and other overcoded Arabic letters) gives her an exceptional camouflage:

Jay or something like that. A quick look into this name: Jay is Ahriman’s (the Persian arch-demon) daughter ... few people know this name or the fact that it’s the origin of the modern Persian taboo word, Jendeh (whore). Both Ahura Mazda and Ahriman have a unique method of spawning. Unlike other gods, they are not bisexual or hermaphrodite, nor do they breed via parthenogenesis or similar productive mechanisms ... they give birth through mutilation, cutting a piece off from themselves.

Anyway, Jay, Jehi, or whatever you like.

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JAY = 63 = OIL, so the petroleum is obviously telling you what to write ;)

Posted by: Nick at June 30, 2004 02:45 AM



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