July 02, 2004

Cartography of the virtual

How does Hyperstition model time?
At least for "Lemurian" strains (in Stillwell's sense) the first step must surely be: By studying the map - The Lemurian Time Map, Decimal Labyrinth, or Numogram (here).

[Hey guys, can we stick a really beautiful readily accessible Numogram up on the sidebar?]

Of course, the map can (and 'must'?) be 'read' in various ways, but all its 'structures' are numerically precise, its relations uncontroversial, its basic topography arithmetically invariant.

Following from recent comments from Mark, it unquestionably supports a distinction analagous to that between 'Chronos' and its Outside -- with vocabulary being a matter of convention (the important thing here is that signs are used as cartographic indices rather than logico-discursive operators).

Are the xenochronic regions (of Djynxx (6::3), Uttunul (9::0) plus Vysparov's "Chaotic Xenodemons") usefully described as 'virtual'? or 'Aeonic'? -- discuss. Whatever the conclusion, I have to agree with Hackhammer and the Lemurian Fundies that the diagram comes first, with all of its 'excessive' content relative to logical discriminations.
(1) There are TWO discrete Xenochronic regions (at least -- the "Chaotic Gulfs"
of (non)linkage between or beyond might count as 'another').
(2) Each Xenochronic region is itself complicated, with intrinsic differentiation and dynamic pathways. (As Mark has argued before, [glossed] "It isn't a matter of metaphor or transcendent significance that Djynxx is vortical").
(3) The 'modes of articulation' within and between time-systems are specific, rigorous, variegated and complex (defined by Gates, Currents, multi-step pathways).
(4) Units of cartographically precise 'time-circuitry' from the Numogram interlock with alternative diagrammatic systems to produce non-signifying referentiality. For instance, the I Ching proves isomorphic with the central 6-step 'Time Circuit', plugging proto-Taoist time-diagrams into the Lemurian labyrinth.

Evidently a 'binary logic' of time fails to grasp any of this -- which (of course) isn't to say that pomo-deconstructionist fuzz-processing gets anywhere more interesting.
Seems to me the criterion for a hyperstitional 'philosophy of time' is: How to capture Lemurian time-cartography as discursive theory? (implexed and multiplied through embedding attributions).

The Numogram

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HINT: Nick, have you noticed that the central Time-Circuit or the rotating sector of the numogram is highly corresponding to the giant current loops at the earth’s outer core [1]? It is obvious that such giant rotating currents (both in the case of the numogram’s Time-Circuit and the Earth’s outer core) generate [2] their associated magnetic fields in the form of a magnetosphere consisting of a prow or a DAY-side (the Warp: Djynxx 6::3) and a magnetotail stretched out into the space or a NIGHT-side (the Plex: Uttunul 9::0).

QUESTION: Is it possible to consider the Warp and Plex as the magnetic introspections of the Time-Circuit itself (Earth’s omega-core or the xenochemical Insider) or that is to say, the hyperstitional symptoms of what we call Tellurian Insurgency (or according to the Numogram, the rotating sector)?

IMHO, this is really a sensitive and crucial question and the answer might be a breakthrough in our Tellurian project.

[1] Generated by the earth’s initial meteorite bombardments which have introduced radioactive kernels into the earth’s core. These radioactive kernels all generated their own heat contributions at the core or more precisely, enmeshed their localized hot spots resulting in the emergence of convection currents and massive migrations of electrons.

[2] or actualize or bring from the Outside

>>>[Hey guys, can we stick a really beautiful readily accessible Numogram up on the sidebar?]

... for now I try to enflash the current version of the numogram to an animated version.

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Btw, just as a temporary tool, I inserted the numogram at the end of your post. hope it wouldn't be a mistake

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Reza - definitely agree we should float a (neobarkerian?) carrier to follow through on your suggestions. A Tellurian line across the Numogram concretizes the 'transcendental', but it also transcendentalizes the seething plasma-intelligence of Cthelll (which the K-goths also do by embedding the cyberspace grid into the Tellurian magnetosphere).
'Traditionally' Zone-9 ('Plutonism') has carried a lot of this material on its own, interesting to see how these Numo-Chthonic elements would intersect with 'your' take up.

PS. Thanks for the Numogram (i'll have to assemble some image competences to assist process at some point - maybe be asking you masterbloggers for some technical asistance :)

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Nick, maybe we should exhume a few pieces from our discussions on the Solar Rattle and Telluro-magnetic Conspiracy toward the Sun ... it helps readers and gives us another opportunity to develop the numogram and the Tellurian thread simultaneously and interlocked with each other?

Btw, any definitive answer for that question? At least ‘definitive’ in the sense of being swallowed, twisted and butchered within the hyperstitional vortex?

Posted by: Reza at July 5, 2004 03:45 AM



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