July 07, 2004

Tellurian Insurgency 1: Telluro-magnetic conspiracy toward the Sun: Solar Rattle


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Excellent to have this up (pics are simply gorgeous). 100% with you on the basic electromagnetic embedding of the earth (Cthelllectronic subversion) - still not sure about the technical details of Numogrammatizing this 'hypernarrative' though (obviously, moving from numerical abstraction to a system of physical magnitudes poses certain intricate translation problems, and risks converting the Numogram into a hyperscientific REPRESENTATION - exactly the kind of overcoding that the 'solar rattle' dismantles into ionizing howl).
This topic connects very intensely with a set of K-goth, Barkerian and Sarkonian problematics - be interested to see how you would link the solar rattle to Barkerian Tic Xenotation which shares crucial cosmic-semiotic 'themes' (impending post).

Posted by: Nick at July 7, 2004 01:58 AM



Thanks Nick ... yes, I’m well aware of this translational channel regime. Two answers for this:

1. the numogram itself could be a complex hyper-processed symptom of the Earth’s magnetic Insurgency as I have hinted in the text: there are obvious traces of Solar Rattle’s disvocalizing, parasonic and as you put it dismantling processes in the engineering of vowelless alphabets which spontaneously are inter-connected to numbers through an internal field of immanence ... this field of alpha-numeric immanence is the germ cell of all ABJAD-Kabalistic systems and their diversified productions (including Anglossic Qabbala). A possible answer: Solar Rattle has been hyperstitionally grasped by the neo-Sumerian Semitic vowelless alphabet during its invention. Through a hyperstitional conduit, Solar Rattle has reinvented its cult of telluro-magnetic radical disturbances within the morphemic (hyper-conductive yet incorporeal and GASeous) structure of vowelless alphabets. This cult of telluro-magnetic insurgency is very intensified (as if it hits some sort of physical transcendence) in ABJAD based alpha-numeric meshworks where the internal immanence of letters and numbers (or the dismantled informatic / semiotic regime) reaches its highest degree that means directly corresponding to the primal ‘hypersional reinvention of Solar Rattle and its Telluro-magnetic Axis’ through vowelless alphabet .... or running into a closer encounter with the ‘hyperstitionally reinvented’ Solar Rattle.

A similar anti-channeling communication to Solar Rattle can be found within the functioning of vowelless alphabets in writing systems of all sorts ... Porush considers the Semitic-based vowelless alphabet as a camouflaged super-weapon against the pharaoh’s writing system; the vowelless alphabet introduced a similar ‘holocaust of freedom’ into their heavily anthropomorphic writing system.

2. I guess we are still out of the hyperstitional vortex in grasping this panorama. Why we should think that this translation is merely happening through a representational process (of course the dangers are always lurking there but taking it as the ultimate scenario is some sort of an unhyperstitional approach). There should be a thousand of hyperstitional vortexes through which this abstraction can be hyperstitionally grasped within Tellurian sphere without being trapped and rotten in representational basins of the anthropomorphic earth (The Green Earth or Gaia?).

On your ‘Tic Xenotation’ piece: abysmally deep and complex ... overexcited because of the gates it opens ... I would really appreciate if you continue this thread. Also, I have difficulties to utterly grasp the last note [Note. 2] ... any possibility to make it more clarified and yes, more digestible for a novice like me. As far as I can see, it’s strangely similar to the process that is used to engineer artificial languages out of vowelless alphabets.

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Reza - clearly much more back-and-forth needed on vowelless alphabets (this has been a major Ccru focus too, although the Entity seems to have lost its grip on the topic right now). Since this is the 'cement' between electric howl and digit-pattern it deserves some hypersensitive attention for sure.
Hope you don't find it annoying to 'spin-out' the gaping lacuna between energetic physics and decimal abstraction - the sheer yawning gulf between these two chaotic edges has its own generative power. The process of torturing various carriers (those named already, and others) in the vast interzone seems too productive to terminate quickly. Let's take some specimens along the path(s) you outline and watch their minds disintegrate ;)

[On TX, see TX thread]

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Wow, this is amazing....

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On the numogram-telluro-magnetic insurgency: sorry ... seems I can’t slow my pace down ... someone should enervate me.

>>> Since this is the 'cement' between electric howl and digit-pattern it deserves some hypersensitive attention for sure.

I don’t know if David (Porush) is present right now to join us on this thread?!! ... he has done some valuable researches on vowelless alphabets too (esp. his recent investigations).

>>> the sheer yawning gulf between these two chaotic edges has its own generative power

Indeed ... plus I think the hyperstitional vortices mostly emerge out of such Gaps both to dismantle any translational / representational channel regime and begin to vermiculate (verb) their hyperstitional crypts and ‘( )hole complexes’ between the two shores.

>>>Let's take some specimens along the path(s) you outline and watch their minds disintegrate ;)

lol ... this is particularly appetizing.


Thank you!

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