July 09, 2004

Five Billion Years of Hell-engineering



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Reza - a lot here obviously ;)
On number 7, Chaim Horowitz (grandson of the notorious 'mad rabbi of Kiev') provided keys for connecting the Seal of Solomon (or 'Star of David') onto the Time Circuit, with elements that seem highly relevant to what you are doing here.
The fusion of two triangles, associated with the earth and the heavens, or as a sacred marriage (Heiros gamos) of male/female, YHWH/Shekinah, Horowitz numbered the two constituent triads:
1, 2, 4, and
8, 7, 5, (drawing on Stillwell's decryption of the I Ching hexagram).
The series 1, 2, 4, 8, 7, 5 is derived from digital reduction of successive binary powers, with the entire series ticking through this circuit in strict succession.
(With the single exception of the second prime, '3', digital reduction of primes also result in a selection from these six digits (since any number digitally reducible to three or a multiple of three, and given that no number is digitally reduicible to zero - except 0 - this is not especially surprising)).
The Seal of Solomon is thus shown to describe the twin interlinking triangles comprised by the 'Time Circuit' ('Inner') Syzygies, also corresponding to the twinned trigrams composing the I Ching hexagram.
Seven emerges as a special key in this regard, since the values of the two triangles:
1 + 2 + 4 = 7 (a Mersenne prime), and
8 + 7 + 5 = 20 (= 2), clearly 'resort' to the Numogram region you are led to, while 7 provides the sole intersection, enabling passage from one triangle to the other (numerically comprehending one, while participating in the other).

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This is superb ... needless to say, we need more. (i'll try to explore number seven in the second article on ABJAD and the numogram, with your help of course.)

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I like your maps of hell. They are the coolest hottest pictures.

Send it to God and get him to correct you about the bioling tubs at the bottome of Gethsemani.


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