August 10, 2004


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Reza - suspect some information overload symptoms to follow from this (one definite possibility: traumatized silence).
Any chance of a helping hand on linking Zahak to the Gog-Magog gunfight at the K0 corral?

Posted by: Nick at August 10, 2004 07:15 AM



If the Z-crowd (Zahak x Zoroaster) insinuates the initial hacking of monotheism (or an Ďarch-sabotageí as you suggest), then the Gog-Magog Axis is an anomaly resulted by processing this sabotaged program throughout the history of monotheism and its twisted line of development; it is an egg laid by the Z-crowd and hatched by monotheism.

Zahakís connection with the Gog-Magog Axis both comes from the initial sabotage of monotheism and the ultimate meltdown: Zahak rises two times ... first, at the dawn of monotheism and the next time, in the New Pest (Dis)order when Gog and Magog breach the dam which prevents them from assembling their incinerating Axis.

+ Zahak (ABJAD) = 829

+ Yajooj va Majooj (the Koranic Gog and Magog) = 82

++ According to the Book of Revelation: Gog and Magog (original gematria) = 1684 = 19

++ Zahak = 829 = 19 = 10 (ten plagues) + 9 (the Brotherhood of Nine)

Zahak originally comes from Azi-Dahaka (or the Stinging Dragon) one of the dragons which was chained by Atar to secure the Earth for pro-creationist movements (esp. the creation of human) ... Azi as an abysmal dragon come from Babylonian origins ... as you know, serpents in Babylon were both the machines of doom and fertility; this actually depends on their special characteristics; two convoluting serpents, two serpents facing each other or a spiraling serpent always diagram autonomous self-fertilizing currents but disentangled serpents are usually satanic figures. For example Caduceus or the staff of Hermes (and later Mercury) is an Axis Mundi (pseudo-flux?) promoted by two spiraling (sloping?) serpents facing each other, it transfers wisdom, healing and fertility. Zahak, amazingly, has two serpents on his shoulders which point to different directions (an ABYZmal cartography), two extremes, far east and far west where Gog and Magog emerge. If Caduceus is the engine of vitalist creation, Zahak (ten pests) is the forging machine of the Gog-Magog Axis and the Unlife of War.

Posted by: Reza at August 10, 2004 02:02 PM




all this is fascinating but because it is so new to me find it difficult to follow -- would love it if you could unpack some these terms/ideas/entities. For example,

1. who are the people of the eye (get that they have some connection to Druj but still very hazy)

2. How does 'the infested zoroastrian germ-cell' develop the Abrahamic tree of monothiesm?

3. I can't really understand the point about Gog-Magog and the Ashkenazi Jews.

Apologize for my complete ignorance of Persian mythology - are there any accessible texts that could serve as an intro?

Posted by: anna at August 11, 2004 01:06 AM



>[1] I have removed all details to shorten the text.

good move.

I wonder, how does your Zahak relate to the Melek Taus (devil-peacock-king) of the Yezidi?

Posted by: stoCur at August 11, 2004 01:38 AM




Thanks for your interest; as you know Yazidism is not a concentrated religion-cult (both from geographic and belief aspects) ... it has been reformed so many times because esp. in iraq, they were persecuted for worshipping Satan; now even most of them deny that they worship Devil or that Malek Tavoos (the correct pronunciation) is a satanic deity; the current bases of Yazidians locate in Iraq and Iran (Fars where I live, Kohgiluyeh va Boyerahmad and Kurdistan) ... four years ago, for the first time, I visited some of them who were still loyal to the old traditions, esp. the Parsi traditions.

Malek Tavoos is obviously a Persian deity originated from Sumerian / Phoenician / Assyrian pandemonium of god-devils (the system of Evil-against-Evil): Melkarth --> Molekh --> Moloch and later in Persian Malek (I guess you have already read about Moloch in Five Billion Years of Hell-engineering) ...

Actually, the origin of Yazidian returns to very ancient Shamanistic traditions of Drujieh Shamans and necromancers who later joined Zoroastrianism as they realized the religion of Zoroaster is a very effective way for communicating with Druj and its agencies (Azi-Dahhaka, etc.); these shamans, necromancers and sorcerers (the cult of Druj) believed in per-Zoroastrian (mainly Babylonian / Assyrian / Ilamie) Azhies (the Dragons of doom; esp. Azi-Dahhaka who tried to kill the first human). There are a few Greek documents that tell stories about Achemedian kings who consulted necromancers (the followers of Druj-e-Nasu) instead of mages and Keepers of holy fire. The cult of Druj slowly but effectively infiltrated the high ranks of Zoroastrians as the Keepers of Fire and high-mages; they succeeded to compile their strategic beliefs into the most influential Zoroastrian books. Among these books Vendidad is definitely the most important one [1] ... not because it haunted the Abrahamic monotheism but because it transformed these strategies to customs, everyday practices which easily absorbed by Abrahamic tree of monotheism as its routine customs spread among both priests and people. Yazidism as a direct line from the Z-crowd running through monotheism has been renamed many times, the current name Yazidi belongs to later islamo-christian era and Malek Tavoos obv. comes from the strategic germ-line of their religion / cult to absorb (and be absorbed) by different monotheistic branches and righteous religions. Unfortunately, there are no direct connections between Zahak and Malek Tavoos (at least I cannot detect them now since as I mentioned Yazidism has been reformed, changed and disintegrated many times) ... however, their bond to the cult of Druj and the Z-crowd is still very tangible even among the reformed sects of Yazidism, a devil or Drujih entity which asks you to be righteous and clean as a Ďsacrificeí (however, people should appease the Malek to keep him away from this world).

I know a very detailed book on Yazidism (and their origin) published by someone in the University of Cairo (it is in Arabic but there might be an English translation too) entitled Yazidian. ... have given the book to a freind, will translate some passages from the book if you want to know more about Malek Tavoos.

[1] Ironically most of reformed Zoroastrians deny that Vendidad is really a holy book; had difficulties to talk with them about Vendidad; they answer questions with suspicious.

Posted by: Reza at August 11, 2004 07:11 AM




Thank you ... some of your questions need long discussions so just for the phase 1:

>>> 1. who are the people of the eye (get that they have some connection to Druj but still very hazy)

Did you read the article Nick addressed? It briefly explains about the people of the eye. The People of the Eye or the cult of Zero is an ancient Indic/Persian/Babylonian cult following Druj as untruth (0 ?) or chaos-engineering strategy. However, what I meant by the people of the eye refers to followers of Dajjal or the Anti-Christ. Here some references on Dajjal, a key figure (with one eye) in islamic prophecies and Koranic studies about anti-monotheistic movements running through monotheism:

A nearly complete archive about Dajjal:

(Note: As you know Mohammad is called Rasoulallah (the Messenger of God) ... Dajjal, the deceiver, also presents himself as Rasoulallah and becomes the false-teacher or Aeshamogha (the false mage or teacher) or the corporeal form of Druj who gave rise to Zahak through Bivar-Aspa.)

>>> How does 'the infested zoroastrian germ-cell' develop the Abrahamic tree of monotheism?

A very short answer: because Zoroastrianism is the germ-cell of Abrahamic monotheism itself (Some of Cold Me texts may help you on this but Iíll discuss it later in details) ... also, I will select some English references for you.

>>> 3. I can't really understand the point about Gog-Magog and the Ashkenazi Jews.

Sorry ... I think it is a symptom of mutilating the text (I removed some important details); here some excerpts from Ahmad Thompsonís text The Next World Order which is based on Islamic and Jewish encyclopedias:

>>> Apologize for my complete ignorance of Persian mythology - are there any accessible texts that could serve as an intro?

YES there are some introductions; for now please read this: ( ... will try to find an online archive and organize my own posts.

Posted by: Reza at August 11, 2004 09:23 AM



Think this makes things a bit less foggy -- but one thing I didn't get when I read some of this on CM originally was the point about winged feet: if they don't move horizontally or vertically, then how?

Posted by: mark at August 11, 2004 12:20 PM




Another coincidence, Iím writing a piece on winged-feet and demonography of flight but think you should wait one or two weeks. Plus, I want to extract some materials from our discussion about fakir rope at Undercurrent but canít find the comments (if you remember I talked about demonographic flight).

besides, we haven't talked about the gog-magog axis yet :)

Posted by: Reza at August 11, 2004 01:16 PM



by the way, take a look at this picture from undercurrent (beautiful) ... i always suspected that there is something wrong (or actually exciting) about the pathetic pigeon of peace ;)

Posted by: Reza at August 11, 2004 01:24 PM



I mention it because I was just reading about this in Diringer's Alphabet book: The yezidis apparently have or had a syncretic alphabet to go with their syncretic devil-cult, part persian-arabic, part latin, part unknown (some letters 'seem to be arbitrary inventions' according to this 'expert'!). I also read that their 'holy book' the al-Jalweh 'consists of loose pages, made of a fine gazelle-skin parchment; the pages are roughly shaped in the form of a crescent moon, the sun, the earth, two rivers, a man's head with two ears or horns, and so forth.' I was thinking this could be a good format for future Abstract Culture issues (just don't ask me to do the folding and stapling).

Undercurrent is slowly thawing at the moment, you should be able to search from the front page again now (the rope trick thread is at

Posted by: stoCur at August 11, 2004 02:14 PM




Enjoyed your comment and thanks very much for the address. Yes, Iíve seen a copy of their book ... I even found pahlavi words throughout the text. A part of it has been translated into Persian, has a mysterious Gilgameshian prose-style.

>>> a man's head with two ears or horns

Possibly Angra Mainyu (aka Ahriman) or the true father of Zahak ... see the first picture. Notice his big ears and distorted face; do you know why he is so ridiculously distorted?

Posted by: Reza at August 11, 2004 04:29 PM



>Notice his big ears and distorted face; do you know why he is
>so ridiculously distorted?

he probably wonders the same about us ;)

the aforementioned 'pigeon of doom':

Posted by: undercurrent at August 11, 2004 05:11 PM



Anna, this might be interesting for you (itís not new to Nick though)

Both Zoroaster (the name Zarathustra means the great old Camel) and Ashemogha (later Zahak) correspond with Camel, the god of War, falsehood, and awkwardness. Camel as the Arabic word ĎAtta-o-Allahí (Godís gift) or the symbol of patience, stamina, wealth and sobriety represents the later appropriations (word domestications) during Parthians, Sasanians (modern pahlavi and post-Aramaic languages) and after Islam. Especially in pre-Achaemenid cultures, camel was a War beast. In Isaiah's dark prophecy, The Burden against Babylon, the great war of Babylon-Persia is portrayed by a chariot of donkeys and a chariot of camels (sometimes interpreted as Cyrus and Darius, the first kings of the Achaemenid dynasty). Both donkey and camel were considered evil and satanic in Avestean language and Hebrew from which Pahlavi has derived. Etruscanian Demon of Hades, the great god, Kharun (or Kharu; donít mistake it for the greek ferryman of the Styx) is a distorted ĎDonkey-old maní with a hooked nose (Etruscanian language also originated from a Semitic non-Indoeuropean germ-cell). Before the time of Gideon, camels were the gods of war, the demonic desert scavengers, until Gideon drove them out from the sacred lands. Also, Macarius the Egyptian was tortured by the Devil in the shape of a gigantic camel. And finally, in Avesta and Zohar, the nameless camel-serpent (the corporeal form of Aeshemogha) is a demonic entity, a doom-bringer and the seducer of Eve. Besides, camel-serpents are the guardians of Eden (?!!!), (the Heart of Darkness?).

BTW, Iím still searching for helpful introductions on Persian mythology ... have forgotten the urls.

Posted by: Reza at August 15, 2004 04:03 PM



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