August 12, 2004

Vysparov’s Pandemonium concordance for the Book of Paths

After receiving Chaim Horowitz’s translation of the Book of Paths in late 1949, Peter Vysparov set to work on decrypting the ancient text. He soon became convinced that – as Horowitz had suggested – the Book of Paths could be rigorously mapped onto the rites of Lemurian demonism as explicated (with minor errors) in his Pandemonium Matrix.
This work seems to have been completed by the early 1960s.
After announcing the discovery of the Book of Paths, the trustees of the Vysparov Library generously made available a copy of the following concordance.

Rites and Paths.

Rites of Lurgo (1::0).
Rt-1:[1890] = Pth-1. Original Subtraction:

Rites of Duoddod (2::0)
Rt-1:[271890] = Pth-2. Extreme Regression.
Rt-2:[27541890] = Pth-3. Abysmal Comprehension.

Rites of Doogu (2::1)
Rt-1:[1872] = Pth-4. Primordial Breath.
Rt-2:[271] = Pth-5. Slipping Backwards.
Rt-3:[27541] = Pth-6. Attaining Balance.

Rites of Ixigool (3::1)
Rt-1:[18723] = Pth-7. Progressive Levitation.
Rt-2:[1872563] = Pth-8. Eternal Digression.

Rites of Ixidod (3::2)
Rt-1:[23] = Pth-9. Sudden Flight.
Rt-2:[27563] = Pth-10. Jagged Flight.

Rites of Krako (4::0)
Rt-1:[41890] = Pth-11. Abysmal Subsidence.
Rt-2:[451890] = Pth-12. Slow Cataclysm.

Rites of Sukugool (4::1)
Rt-1:[187254] = Pth-13. Cyclic Perfection.
Rt-2:[41] = Pth-14. Tranquil Drowning.
Rt-3:[451] = Pth-15. Suspended Decline.

Rites of Skoodu (4::2)
Rt-1:[2754] = Pth-16. Supreme Balance.
Rt-2:[41872] = Pth-17. Profound Renewal.
Rt-3:[451872] = Pth-18. Cyclic Elevation.

Rites of Skarkix (4::3)
Rt-1:[418723] = Pth-19. Transcendent Resurgence.
Rt-2:[41872563] = Pth-20. Alien Intervention.
Rt-3:[4518723] = Pth-21. Supreme Comprehension.
Rt-4:[4563] = Pth-22. Reverse Flight.

Rites of Tokhatto (5::0)
Rt-1:[541890] = Pth-23. Deepest Destiny.

Rites of Tukkamu (5::1)
Rt-1:[18725] = Pth-24. Optimal Maturation.
Rt-2:[541] = Pth-25. Certain Slide.

Rites of Kuttadid (5::2)
Rt-1:[275] = Pth-26. Preserving Stability.
Rt-2:[541872] = Pth-27. Cyclic Regeneration.

Rites of Tikkitix (5::3)
Rt-1:[5418723] = Pth-28. Transcendent Comprehension.
Rt-2:[563] = Pth-29. Celestial Abduction.

Rites of Katak (5::4)
Rt-0:[X] = Pth-30. Coiled Fervour.
Rt-1:[418725] = Pth-31. Eternal Revolution.

Rites of Djungo (6::1)
Rt-1:[187236] = Pth-32. Vortical Escalation.
Rt-2:[187256] = Pth-33. Jagged Escalation.

Rites of Djuddha (6::2)
Rt-1:[236] = Pth-34. Celestial Capture.
Rt-2:[2756] = Pth-35. Erratic Flight.

Rites of Djynxx (6::3)
Rt-0:[X] = Pth-36. Vortical Coincidence.

Rites of Tchakki (6::4)
Rt-1:[4187236] = Pth-37. Indirect Escape.
Rt-2:[4187256] = Pth-38. Split Comprehension.
Rt-3:[45187236] Pth-39. Eventual Comprehension.
Rt-4:[456] = Pth-40. Climbing Reversal.

Rites of Tchattuk (6::5)
Rt-1:[54187236] = Pth-41. Final Comprehension.
Rt-2:[56] = Pth-42. Abrupt Elevation.

Rites of Puppo (7::0)
Rt-1[71890] = Pth-43. Deep Regression.
Rt-2:[72541890] = Pth-44. Profound Comprehension.

Rites of Bubbamu (7::1)
Rt-1:[187] = Pth-45. Primal Awakening.
Rt-2:[71] = Pth-46. Basic Reversion.
Rt-3:[72541] = Pth-47. Attaining Imbalance.

Rites of Oddubb (7::2)
Rt-0:[X] = Pth-48. Perpetual Bubbling.

Rites of Pabbakis (7::3)
Rt-1:[723] = Pth-49. Escape Velocity.
Rt-2:[72563] = Pth-50. Erratic Interference.

Rites of Ababbatok (7::4)
Rt-1:[4187] = Pth-51. Swift Revival.
Rt-2:[45187] = Pth-52. Slow Revival.
Rt-3:[7254] = Pth-53. Suspended Animation.

Rites of Papatakoo (7::5)
Rt-1:[54187] = Pth-54. Eventual Resurgence.
Rt-2:[725] = Pth-55. Upholding Stability.

Rites of Bobobja (7::6)
Rt-1:[7236] = Pth-56. Bubbling Anomalies.
Rt-2:[7256] = Pth-57. Jagged Abduction.

Rites of Minommo (8::0)
Rt-1:[890] = Pth-58. Terminal Undertow.

Rites of Mur Mur (8::1)
Rt-0:[X] = Pth-59. Self-Swallowing Somnolence.

Rites of Nammamad (8::2)
Rt-1:[2718] = Pth-60. Submergent Mirroring.
Rt-2:[275418] = Pth-61. Cyclic Dreaming.
Rt-3:[8172] = Pth-62. Emergent Mirroring.

Rites of Mummumix (8::3)
Rt-1:[81723] = Pth-63. Tidal Evacuation.
Rt-2:[8172563] = Pth-64. Tidal Vortex.

Rites of Numko (8::4)
Rt-1:[418] = Pth-65. Rapid Submergence.
Rt-2:[4518] = Pth-66. Suspended Subduction.
Rt-3:[817254] = Pth-67. Cyclic Succession.

Rites of Muntuk (8::5)
Rt-1:[5418] = Pth-68. Sliding Subduction.
Rt-2:[81725] = Pth-69. Prolonged Emergence.

Rites of Mommoljo (8::6)
Rt-1:[817236] = Pth-70. Absolute Escalation.
Rt-2:[817256] = Pth-71. Erratic Escalation.

Rites of Mommbo (8::7)
Rt-1:[817] = Pth-72. Larval Awakening.
Rt-2:[718] = Pth-73. Larval Reversion.
Rt-3:[725418] = Pth-74. Cyclic Submergence.

Rites of Uttunul (9::0)
Rt-0:[X] = Pth-75. Seething Nullity.

Rites of Tutagool (9::1)
Rt-1:[189] = Pth-76. Continual Sinking.

Rites of Unnunddo (9::2)
Rt-1:[27189] = Pth-77. Chthonic Regression.
Rt-2:[2754189] = Pth-78. Deep Comprehension.

Rites of Ununak (9::4)
Rt-1:[4189] = Pth-79. Subterranean Slippage.
Rt-2:[45189] = Pth-80. Subterranean Impulsion.

Rites of Tukutu (9::5)
Rt-1:[54189] = Pth-81. Buried Instinct.

Rites of Nuttubab (9::7)
Rt-1:[7189] = Pth-82. Plunging Backwards.
Rt-2:[7254189] = Pth-83. Unending Comprehension.

Rites of Ummnu (9::8)
Rt-1:[89] = Pth-84. Compressed Termination.

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