August 26, 2004


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As the expression goes (more apposite than ever for this material): Reza you've been blogging-up a storm.

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Fine with me...

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I know this is a dated posting, but I wanted to offer a complimentary insight that would appear to be 'another line' flowing through Islamic Apocalyptic 'strategy'. That Islamic Apocalypticism 'appears' within a similar operative framework of the Omega-Tellurian 'final annhiliation' of terra firma, another trajectory of 'development' seems to lay hidden and embedded within the physical 'cleansing' which both of these impulses herald. If we understand that 'human development' not only has a horizontal dimension that appears both cyclic and with terminating beginning and end 'points', but also a vertical one which exists as a trajectory rising -- or falling -- THROUGH the horizontal, then it seems quite probable that the socerey we are looking at is not primarily concerned with the desertification of the horizontal dimension but the METAmorphosis of those human developmental 'lines' which 'may' have the possibility of 'rising' on the vertical 'axis' into an altogether different and expanded state of BE-ing -- which may ALSO be called 'the desert'. Of course, this seems predicated upon certain 'ontological' assumptions and characteristics of those able to 'see through' the horizontal dimension's limitations and, as can be seen clearly today, its very real transience in entropic terms. The vertical 'trajectory', in which one rises or falls depending on one's 'orientation', gives an entirely different meaning and purpose to Islamic Apocalyptic 'strategy' which, if we locate this within the fullness of Islamic thought as it applies to Self (Allah) and self (ego), might take on an altogether different 'character' -- even if the reality of 'action' (Apocalypticism) is taking place through the horizontal plane and appears to share the same 'goals' as the Omega-Tellurian. In other words, one 'path' is leading 'up' and 'beyond' the present 'winding down' horizontal 'state' of 'humanity' - obviously playing their 'role' as the 'natural' condition of humanity (fitra - NOT Tellurian) is asserted in the face of the 'unnatural'/'transient'(Tellurian) - and the other is leading BOTH toward the obliteration of the current horizontal plane AND the increased 'animalization' of those asserting their 'Tellurian' nature. Imminence, in this sense, cannot simply be equated with a 'Tellurian' earth of animal-humans with "big brains", but something altogether different and within an altogether different ontological 'environment'.

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After reading Reza's latest 'stition, I should clarify that both of these trajectories -- horizontal and vertical -- are 'ontologically' within the realm of man and manifested 'being' -- so both are still transient, entropic, and only reflect differeing awareness 'levels' Within the Construct itself. The differences between the Islamic notion of 'fitra' and the 'Tellurian' seem to lie not within this 'transience' -- but in what this transient 'conditon' (vertical or horizontal) 'reflects' -- the Absolute -- or man. The 'Tellurian' believes that it is MAN at the Center -- and is the Absolute -- one who has 'returned' to their 'fitra' could make no such claims.

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Henry Corbin said it best...

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