August 30, 2004

Remarks on Hyperstition

This is Craig's comment on 'The Sorcery of Islamic Apocalypticism' which is itself a complete post covering multiple topics discussed on this blog:


I read more and more of these blog posts and find such Hyperstitional constructs have been occuring in the meta-mythic spaces occupied by mself as a magician. As evidence for this, I produce the following quotes from my own livejournal:

'Week before this, I checked out 's dreamscape for him because something had rampaged through and wrecked things. I'd gone down, walked in the Labyrith and found dust and sand and bits of paper, along with a great wind. The sand was red, and so I traced it back to source - finding myself before two fig style trees with a ruined red-brick city behind me. Before me was a swirling mass of locusts which resonated PazU in my mind.

Gut said it was a demon, and I sat down before it and cross-legged and asked it who it was. It said that it was the desert wind, the plague bringer and destroyer of cities. At this point, the locusts swarmed over me. I kep my eyes shut and also my mouth, yet saw that it was still there in front of me, only as a roiling mass of flaming eyes. Felt like it was testing me.

So, in the spirit of the game, I engaged it in a staring match, seeking to match the number of its eyes. All at once, I was seated in a blue robe, festooned with peacock feathers that moved their eyes.

I asked it again who it was and what it wanted. Again, the buzzing PazU. But this time it said it was my ally. I called it a liar and laughed, departing that place. Subsequent research between myself and led to the discovery that the entity was in all probability Pazuzu, Sumerian demon of the SE wind, and plague-bringer - while protector of women and children.

Further discusion turned up pictures of a similar city to the one I had seen, in the Negev Desert, and we found that there was a nuclear reactor which had been leaking in the past.

Needless to say, this made me a little nervous but I've learned to be a skeptic. We elected not to pursue this further, but my email to an associate for information about Pazuzu - as she was a devotee of Inanna elicted a curious response.

An entity of her aqquaintance was requesting her assitance in another matter - and had mentioned in passing that it had released Pazuzu from its prison - coinciding apparently, with several big storms in the US.

Still skeptical, I asked her to tell me more about the Peacock-entity I had put on the form of in dealing with P. My own researches turned it up as Azazel, something she confirmed - Jewish Scapegoat and one of the 200 Grigori that mated with humans to birth the Nephilim.

A bit a shock, since this correspondent and I - connected to the Horus-Maat Lodge - had been having semi-regular discussions on the 'return' of Myth and the Watchers/Nephilim as giants. Spiritual forces reawakening and undergoing resurgence - though in truth they had never been away...' - Full entry here

The entry on the sorcery of captialism spawned a thoughtline avaliable here

"But the beauty of the Outside is that it is infectious, that is to say, any Corporation using the Outside as fuel for its expansion, essentially becomes contaminated by it. Since the Outside is inherently Non-Euclidean and Non-Local, any method of control or transmutation is temporary and illusory.

The practice of sympathetic magic - that is, linkages between things through symbols and hermenutics, when applied to the Formless Outside, could be defined as sorcery in that it alows the essential nature of Alieness to be perturbed. Essentially, Capitalism is hungry for the macroscopic. It is a thing that wants meat and drink and fuck and reproduction, a virus that has indulged in symbiosis with its host - creating an entirely new organism. Meanwhile, Outside contains a plethora of simple virii whose sole aim is replication and existence AND non-existence. There is no sense of Identity Outside - if one could deploy weapons and destroy half of "It" there would be no response.

The Outside permeates all things it comes into contact with. Even those things designed to act as barriers become permeated by Unlife. They still resemble the original form because the ontological pressure of that which resides within the barrier requires that the wall be there in order to maintain an idea of central egoic integrity.

Thus it is that the Elder Sign, while designed to be a barrier, has also an Other or 'eldritch' association. The barrier thus becomes the signpost - the Herald, if you will, of what it is supposed to be keeping out.

By repeated use of the symbols associated with the barrier, the Outside actually is revealed to be the base-stratum on which all things are built. The Outer Gods have their messenger in the form of Nyarlathotep, resident in a human form. The Crawling Chaos is both a antedilluvian evolutionary precursor of current matter/energy and evolutionary forms, and also the epitome of evolutionary adaptability..."

Combined with the mention of the Fog of War mentioned in this post, and the idea of defence as WAR, this coincides with something I wrote in the same entry:

"Working with Lovecraftian entities literally is a difficult thing - and dangerous to the psyche - for they are named things, links and symbols for things that cannot be comprehended by the normal human mind - holes, if you will, in ordinary reality.

Within ordinary reality, metamorphic properties of a thing are limited by the boundaries and plasticity of the space they occupy. However, when allowing the Outside In, one gives entrance to that which has greater metamorphic properties than the space itself. This brings change to the space, making the local reality Other.

(For those who have a copy of the Invisibles trades, the nanotech factories employed by the King-Of-All-Tears in the shop, and the ensuing reality abscess are illustrations of the point striving to be made here)

Once the local-reality has been made Other, that is to say, an extension of that which was allowed entrance and had the differentiation field between local and non-local removed, then that space becomes transformed.

This is not always on a visible level, but can be perceived by the human in a variety of ways. However, in such spaces, one can abandon one's identity-quarantine protocols and slip out of that protective shell. In this position, the base senses may undergo shifts, and where previously one was simply standing somewhere Normal, the Transformed nature of the space becomes apparent


[O]ne enters the space divested of the normal protections - instead putting on a highly specialized form of consciousness rather like a hazmat suit with inbuilt sensors. Banishing has given the observer a space within which to work, supposedly a 'clean room' in which to handle hazaradous psychic materials in discrete controllable amounts.

However, other practice may involve no such banishments - walking into the infectious area and allowing oneself to become colonised by the infection, as it were.

This will, of course, trigger off the identity's immune system. Paranoia, physical illness, fear responses etc etc are akin to the increase in body temperature when the physical body becomes infected.

This is essentially the action the singular self that finds its primacy under-threat. By evoking responses to percieved hostility, the self strives to remove itself from close proximity to the infection....Such identification shifts the self into a 'war' footing, a state that strengthens the sense of identity and seeks to remove the intruder. Through various methods, the intruder may be ejected.

However, it should be understood that if one enters a transformed or altered space that is an entry point for the Outside, it is possible to actively encourage infection. This minimises the period of paranoia and negativity since the self become colonised and altered in such a way as to make it easier for infection to occur.

By placing us on a war footing, those in control of propagating memes seek to promote self-integrity. Their self-integrity and ours. Why? Because quite simply, singular selves define themselves by their limitations in a dualistic sense - a 'I can do this, but I can't do that'...

Fearful of infection by that which they have not defined themselves, the groups which maintain the self-delusion of large-scale control, attempt to transmute the Outside - which is made manifest by the Inner spaces of human thought - by use of applied mimetics and social structures.

To return to the idea of willing infection, we must recall that the Outside is essentially Non-Local. By being infected, the practicioner becomes Meta-Morphically an Outsider, a normal thing permeated by the Outside down at base level.

What does this mean though? It's already been suggested that the Outside is the base substrate, hasn't it? What about infection?

This is Key. The self is a house bult on sand. When we talk of infection, and transmutation, what is *also* being spoken of is reaccquisition. Transition from Local to Non-Local..."

Seems to me that the infection of the Unlife of WAR is actually a reaccquisitional protocol. As Reza says:

"On the other hand, these Islamic movements (terror-populations) are covertly carrying hyperstitional protocols of Shia for an ultimate WAR (and not just a conflict) or Qiyamah to the heart of the Western Crusade...[They] try to map these sorcerous / hyperstitional protocols of Islamic Apocalypticism as revenge / avenge formulae or simply irrelevant ideological back-ups on the Islamic front; therefore, they are assisting islamic movements to remotely smuggle hyperstitional triggers to the heart of their civilization and activate the GAS plague, awakening the double-death process;"

By carrying the hyperstitional protocols/viruses into the West, it stimulates the immune system of the the culture, drawing together the diffuse elements into a well-defined structure wh 'pulls together' in an attempt to regain a sense of self-integrity. Further, it daws back, to emphasise yet more difference - like a burned hand draws from the fire, not understanding that the heat within the hand is already doing more damage.

By maintaining self-integrity, it actually violates Sun Tzu's advice.

"Be extremely subtle, even to the point of formlessness. Be extremely mysterious, even to the point of soundlessness. Thereby you can be the director of the opponent's fate."

Rather than self-integrity therefore, defence against GAS and it's linkages is is to become GAS permeable, if you will excuse the pun.

Apocalypsism therefore by its very nature is thus Victory through Death, or Continuance via Infection.

Those fighting to preserve integrity - the Primacy of the Western memeset in this case - will eventually be beaten by those who have already lost.

In any case, keep up the great work. This site is definitely producing non-causaul shifts in the fictive space - or perhaps illustrating them.

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I should've gone over that with a spellchecker. Ah well...

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