September 02, 2004

Schwarzenegger hyperstition

Just wanted to enlist my international friends in help to free all Americans from the Schwarzenegger hyperstitional movement. An amazing concurrence of orchestrated media events has placed Arnold on center stage of the Republican National Convention, WIRED magazine, the New Yorker, and in a blitz of his movies being replayed on various cable channels. The WIRED concordance is especially compelling/horrifying because the same issue contains Bruce Sterling's reminiscence of Vinge's SINGULARITY theory (which Nick has mentioned in a previous post - July, I think). The Singularity, of course, is the cenral dogma of the Terminator trilogy: the machines awaken. I recall an early interview in Esquire where A.S. declared his desire to be President of the US. I think, am not sure, the interviewer pointed out that this was forbidden by the Constitution, since A.S. was not a native of the U.S. Schwarzenegger's response was to seem surprised, and then shrug it off.

Schwarzenegger has succeeded, if you read the extensive and fawning New Yorker article, by being the ultimate postmodern hyperstitial manipulator: narcissistic, utterly able to shape himself and those around him because of his complete detachment from truth, a scary, Terminator-like discipline; and of course, his enactment of hollywood's fundamentalism of the plasticity of all reality.


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Have you ever seen the movie, Demolition Man, with Sylvester Stallone and Wesley Snipes?

There's a surprising bit of dialogue involving A.S. in the first part of the film. Stallone was cryogenically frozen as part of his criminal sentence, and was unfrozen to help capture Snipes' character who was frozen at the same time but recently escaped. He learns that the Constitution was amended so A.S. could become President.

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