November 14, 2004

Holocaust of Freedom


Posted by hyperstition at November 14, 2004 12:01 PM




Sorry to lower the level of discourse here, but I could not resist sharing this: "Who Will Be Eaten First?"


Posted by: TheScuSpeaks at November 18, 2004 08:48 AM



Scu, nice to see you again; enjoyed the comic; thanks for sharing it. Have you checked this? []

>>> You might as well party and do all the shit you were always afraid to do.


Posted by: Reza at November 19, 2004 09:06 AM



Thanks for the link, it was really funny. Well the first part was, then it stops being so funny.
I am really liking this blog, the real problem is finding enough time to read everything here (and to process and understand it, considering you all use terms that is not much common in theoryland).

The idea of War as a machine is right now the most interesting part for me here.

Posted by: TheScuSpeaks at November 19, 2004 11:42 PM



I found this discussion fascinating on levels that I cannot even begin to explain. Please be so kind as to clarify, for me is the work in question a book or an essay. I am unfamiliar with the writer...

Posted by: Ragman at July 18, 2005 10:47 PM



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