November 17, 2004

(debug.): Primary Techno Noir

Kenji Siratoriís (Blood Electric) experimental anthology of techonoir, Debug, is now available. It features one of my hyperstition articles: Dust (the xero-informatic abomination), a collection of texts previously posted here, plus entirely new pieces. (keywords: fog, cyberspace, creationist cosmogonies, WoT, Anthrax, the anomalous space of composition, Stardust Project at NASA, meatspace)

Other contributors: Simon Logan (check his I-O) who has recently started to cooperate with Eraserhead Press (definitely the best place for experimental fiction), Gregory Esplin, Jason Lubyk and Eugene Thacker (we were going to have a dissecting conversation about Biocomputing, Bio-horror SF and similar topics, but seems both of us are too busy at the moment)

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