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going blobjective? [sounds like something westie would say]

::making serious java (honest!), to read stream of consciousness::

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the problem with this broken exerpt is that it would be difficult to determine anything definitive about west's activities, purpose, or objectives. we have to look at it with the knife of hyperstition -- like occam's razor perhaps. if everyone seriously looked at the non-belief of hyperstition - an entire civilization could be brought to its knees. if all meaning collapsed about money, working, etc., ... gee, we'd go to hell in a handbasket. [continued in the basement]

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gwendolyn - not in the [sub]basement!! [You'd fit right into a horror movie this way - 'hey, let's go down into the nightmare-choked basement for no reason whatsoever']

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The Birth of Babalon
(by John Whiteside Parsons, 1914-1952 e.v.)

What is the tumult among the stars
that have shone so still till now?
What are the furrows of pain and wrath
upon the immortal brow?

Why is the face of God turned grey
and his angels all grown white?
What is the terrible ruby star
that burns down the crimson night?

What is the beauty that flames so bright
athwart the awful dawn?
She has taken flesh, she is come to judge
the thrones ye rule upon.

Quail ye kings for an end is come
in the birth of BABALON.


I have walked three dreadful nights away
in halls beyond despair,
I have given marrow and tears and sweat
and blood to make her fair.

I have lain my love and smashed my heart
and filled her cup with blood,
That blood might flow from the loins of woe
to the cup of brotherhood.

The cities reel in the shout of steel
where the sword of war is drawn.
Sing ye saints for the day is come
in the birth of BABALON.


Now God has called for his judgement book
and seen his name therein
And the grace of God and the guilt of God
have spelt it out as sin

His bloody priests have clutched his robes
and stained his linen gown
And his victims swarm from his broken hell
to drag his kingdom down.

O popes and kings and the little gods
are sick and sad and wan
To see the crimson star that bursts
like blood upon the dawn

While trumpets sound and stars rejoice
at the birth of BABALON


BABALON is too beautiful
for sight of mortal eyes
She has hidden her loveliness away
in lonely midnight skies,

She has clothed her beauty in robes of sin
and pledged her heart to swine
And loving and giving all she has
brewed for saints immortal wine.

But now the darkness is riven through
and the robes of sin are gone,
And naked she stands as a terrible blade
and a flame and a splendid song

Naked in radiant mortal flesh
at the Birth of BABALON.


She is come new born as a mortal maid
forgetting her high estate,
She has opened her arms to pain and death
and dared the doom of fate,

And death and hell are at her back,
but her eyes are bright with life,
Her heart is high and her sword is strong
to meet the deadly strife,

Her voice is sure as the judgement trump
to crack the house of wrong,
Though walls are high and stone is hard
and the rule of hell was long

The gates shall fall and the irons break
in the Birth of BABALON


Her mouth is red and her breasts are fair
and her loins are full of fire,
And her lust is strong as a man is strong
in the heat of her desire,

And her whoredom is holy as virtue is foul
beneath the holy sky
And her kisses will wanton the world away
in passion that shall not die.

Ye shall laugh and love and follow her dance
When the wrath of God is gone
And dream no more of hell and hate
in the Birth of BABALON

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To Allen Bennett

Hail to the golden One
Seen in the midmost Sun!
Hail to the golden beard and golden lips,
His whole life golden to the finger-tips!
Hail to the golden hair in golden showers
Hiding the eyes like blue blue lotus-flowers!
His name is Ut, for He
Hath risen above all things that be.

Ardent and white, the Lord
Whirls forth a strident sword.
Its blade is broader than the great World-Ash;
Its edge is keener than the lightning-flash.
Brighter than all the lights of heaven, it whirls
Out in a chaos of creative curls
And sheathes itself in Me,
Arisen above all things that be.

Even as the burning tongue
Of God to God that clung
Dissolved His being to a nameless naught,
Brake all the wings and waves of time and thought,
So in the quivering flame that hurled
Its founts of life to the remotest world
Supreme stood Death, and sware
Destruction to all things that were!

Child, father, warrior,
I worshipped Thee before;
Friend, bridegroom, now I yield me to the rod.
My God, and very God of very God
As breath, as death, as all, as naught, unknown,
Known, is there not an end, when one alone
Stand I, and thou, and He
Arisen above all things that be?

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So in the Four of Swords you have the Gates of Cancer and Capricorn where they originally stood and the new locations--Gemini and Sagittarius--by the Progression of the Equinoxes. Equinox of the Gods, indeed. Libra, I believe, points to the Via Combusta. I must point out another thing that I just recalled. I had several dreams which were quite disturbing on some levels.

A report of a man going from a bus to a train. He gets up from his seat and collapses. His legs fall off. We discover that in the bus a percussive event occurred in which no one appeared outwardly injured. However, this was a delayed reaction. Then there are scences of a doctor dealing with this issue (I am invisible and observing events). Someone closes the door to shut out unwanted observers when a man comes in to be tested. White with red hair. Apparently, their is a -- penium, prenium, perinium ??? -- located at the top of the head that is opened by this percussive action. It is closed. Difficult to see so it must be done by a spec-i-a-l-i-s-t. This man has this operation done and I watch him "singing" - a woman in a robe comes over and kisses him on the forehead. Another scene: A spider. Somewhat large, black. I am disgusted and cover it with a white carton of dental floss. (like Johsons&Johnsons). Later, I attempt to shake it out but it won't come out. I see just the legs. Awake, I consider the meaning. Legs. Chelae? Yes. This is related to the trio of Virgo-Libra-Scorpio.

The swords are a sexual symbol. Sheathed they are passive, non-aggressive. Touching the rose in this way means that their power is sheathed and the intention is not to sheath themselves inside the rose. The Rose is not the sheath. I get the sense that ... what has to be "done" exactly? Destroying the rose?

Looking at the Sigillum on my desktop my eyes were drawn to the points of the heptagon that pointed to letters (the top point is on the mid-point of W(Vav-Hook) and Tz(Tzaddi-Fish Hook)). The six letters: NYGTAH = 78 and I immediately recognized this as the number of cards on the Taro. Looking at 777 I saw that this was the Angel of Ra Hoor Khuit. I asked it to verify itself and from my small deck pulled the Knight of Swords.

The Knight of Swords represents the fiery part of Air; he is the wind, the storm. He represents the violent power
of motion applied to an apparently manageable element ... It is the True Will exploding the mind spontaneously
.... 32nd hexagram, Hang - perseverance in well-doing, or continuously acting out the law of one's being .... integer
vitae scelerisque purus.
chiasmus- a crisscross arrangement of words. (see also hyperbaton)
Example: Horace -Ode 1.22:
Integer vitae scelerisque purus = adjective noun noun adjective

hyerbaton- conscientious separation of words which would usually be together. This allows the poet to position
words for emphasis and sound rather than grammar. Chiasmus, Golden Line make use of this technique.
Example: Catullus, 14:
totum ut te faciant, Fabulle, nasum.

....for I will give you some perfume which the Venuses and Loves gave to my lady; and when you sniff its fragrance,
you will pray the gods to make you, Fabullus, nothing but nose.

Titus Andronicus - 'Integer vitae, scelerisque purus, Non eget Mauri jaculis, nec arcu.'

"Integer vitae scelerisque purus non eget mauris iaculis neque arcu (An upright man, free of guilt, needs no weapon
to defend himself)." --Horace, in the Odes
Far better is it if the student is able to bring back by aspiration and inflexible will the true poise and the calm confidence
of invincible strength that are imperatively required. One thinks of Horace's words in one of his Odes (Bk. Third, III):
Justum et tenacem propositi virum . . ., "an upright man, tenacious of his purpose" -- one whose steady mind is shaken
neither by the threats of tyrants, nor the thunderbolts of Jove, the clamor of mobs, nor the movements of the great sea in
storm. None of these can shake him of steady and upright mind.

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Malkuth has concerns. Maintain determination.

After considering NYGTAH as the Angel of Ra Hoor Khuit. {9:44PM} Got all these references and names and finally looked at 777 again. the Angel of Ra Hoor Khuit is AYVAS. NYGTAH + AYVAS = 156. {10:10pm} I just got this.... I assigned the Ace of Swords to BELA and NYGTAH selected the Knight of Swords for me to verify her. Her?

NYGTAH Nun (N) Yod (Y) Gimel (G) Teth (T) Aleph (A) Heh (H) = 78
AYVAS Aleph (A) Yod (Y) Vau (V) Aleph (A) Samekh (S) = 78

ABADDON Aleph (A) Beth (B) Daleth (D) Vau (V) Nun (N) = 63

93 + 73 = 156
I was wondering where 156 was coming from.

Mem (M) Heh (H) Nun (N) Nun (N) Aleph (A) Samekh (S) Kaph (K) = 226

Profound, hidden; the North. TzPVN
[Vide K.D. L.C.K. p. 666]

CHAPTER XXXI:624. From the red go forth seven emissaries, who deflect towards the left side, and they flame with fire, which is toward the north side, and they are combined, so that they may be expanded into the world for the purpose of uncovering the ways of sinners.

630. The first colour is red, hidden and inclosed within red; in comparison with it, all other reds do not seem to be (red).

{GHA} CHAPTER XLII:1038. Because the Arcanum of the matter is hidden in the time of the disciples of wisdom, who know our Arcanum, from Sabbath unto Sabbath.

519. Which these words intimate, ibid. 32: "And there reigned in Edom Bela, the son of Beor."

520. "And there reigned in Edom." Here is a certain venerable Arcanum hidden; for herein is that place intimated wherein all the judgments are collected together, and whence they depend.

521. "Bela, the son of Beor." This is the tradition. This denoteth the most rigorous judicial decree, for whose cause there are collected together a thousand times a thousand authors of mourning and woe.

522. "And the name of his city is Dinhabah." What is DNHBH, Dinhabah? As if it were to be said, "Give forth judgment." Like as it is written, Prov. xxx. 15: "The horse-leech hath two daughters, crying, 'Give, give.'"

Random Notes on Liber Al, by Benjamin Rowe
4. Chapter 2, v. 49: "I am unique & conqueror. I am not of the slaves that perish. Be they damned & dead! Amen. (This is of the 4: there is a fifth who is invisible, & therein I am as a babe in an egg.)"

"Unique & conqueror" = IChID + MNTzCh = 220
220 = BChIR, one of the Elect.
(Also, the number of verses in Liber AL)

Alternatively, adding the "and" = IChID V-MNTzCh = 226
226 = TzPVN, "hidden", an attribute of Hadit.

{GHA} CHAPTER XXXV:852. "The word AMTh, Emeth, Truth, therefore dependeth from the Ancient One; whence in this passage Moses saith not: 'And in truth.'

MENNASK - 462 = Chief of All, Chief Adept, Stars, New Aeon, Red Circle, Red Lion, Elixir, HRILIU, Diabolos, Christ, Hexagram, Shemesh, Caduceus, Athanor, Alkahest, Animus, Swift, Matter, Power, Glory, At Rule, Despise, Runes, Jivanu, Varuna.

"Great Avenging Angel HUA" mentioned in Vault of the Adepti

This crossing of the Abyss was confirmed by Germer on March 10th 1955. "It was in this connection that S[chlag]. spoke of the Great Angel HUA and the Unicorn. I give S. credit for one thing: 'You will be told what to do' - from my own being at the time." (Jane Wolfe to Germer, 20.2.55).

Chapter of the Unity. 'Qol: Hua Allahu achad; Allahu assamad: lam yalid walam yulad; walam yakun lahu kufwan achad.' (Q'uran).

The Chapter of Unity [X] MECCA.-4 Verses. In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful. SAY: He is God alone! God the eternal! He begets not, and He is not begotten; And there is none like unto Him.

"In witness of which I invoke the great Angel Hua to give me a proof of his existence.", Confessions, Chap 59, Crowley.

HRU, the Great Angel who art set over the operations of this Secret Wisdom (Vault of the Adepti). XX. The Aeon - Heru-ra-ha. A double god; his extraverted form is Ra-hoor-khuit; and his passive or introverted form Hoor-pa-kraat. (See above, the Formula of Tetragrammaton). He is also solar in character, and is therefore shown coming forth in golden light. The whole of this symbolism is thoroughly explained in the Book of the Law. It should, by the way, be noted that the name Heru is identical with Hru, who is the great Angel set over the Tarot. This new Tarot may therefore be regarded as a series of illustrations to the Book of the Law; the doctrine of that Book is everywhere implicit. (Book of Thoth, Crowley)

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gwendolyn - West had a mysterious qabbalistic buddy who sounded a lot like this - it was assumed he'd been killed during a covert op. in northern Syria, but that might be disinformation - thinking you might have got these guys a bit mixed up

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PS. There's no reason to think West had any particular interest in Crowley or occultism

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>>> mysterious qabbalistic buddy
heard the same thing, and did hear a lot of conflicting stories, impossible to sort it all out.

>>> There's no reason to think West had any particular interest in Crowley or occultism
why not? may be the reason why west went underground

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>>> disinformation
don't know how important this is, but i've got a file with all this qabbalistic info in it, possibly created for west by mqb - ok to email it to you? [check celestial too]

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"why not?" - you mean, why not turn the only carrier who isn't a lunatic occultist into another lunatic occultist? (one who also sounds suspiciously like 'northanger', now sadly departed - perhaps for northern Syria)

"possibly created for west by mqb" - phew!

"- ok to email it to you?" - of course

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>>>> now sadly departed --- aaaaaaaaaaah, how sweet [yelch]

northanger outside in rain, hair in tatters, contemplating writhing in mud & howling with demons. acts like entire guts spilling out! geez louise.

>> "- ok to email it to you?" - of course
have huge todo list tonight, will send posthaste, unfortunately things may not render correctly if system fonts not loaded.

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>>> will send posthaste
let me know if you got it nick

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gwendolyn - yes, got 'it' (still downloading pix) - hmmm

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Pix excellent but don't seem happy to be saved onto computer (take form of hotmail files demanding new login name???) - other 'thing' evidently magnificent but - as yet - entirely incomprehensible (+2.5 MB)

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ah, does hotmail accept images? :scratching hed:

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uploaded pix to my server - check email

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>>> other 'thing' evidently magnificent
mysterious qabbalistic buddy wuddy thingy

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Northanger - any way to access this entity through your site? people 'ought' to see it

Posted by: nick at January 1, 2005 09:27 AM



>>> any way to access this entity through your site? people 'ought' to see it

hmmm? what "entity"?

Posted by: northanger at January 1, 2005 10:39 PM



do you mean the 2-ton grid excel file? [if yes, that's what i've been trying to do - stuck]

Posted by: northanger at January 1, 2005 10:41 PM



Really not sure about the poetry and symbolism. Can we open the attic for this stuff?

Posted by: Tachi at January 3, 2005 04:16 PM



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