March 30, 2005

Goodbye USA

In 2007 apparently.

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"How did he reach that number? Silwadi said that by combing a number of suras hinting at US sins he reached the numbers 1776 (the year the US achieved independence) and 231. He added the two numbers and the result was 2007, the year when the US is expected to disappear."

That seems like a reliable method.

Seriously though, think this brings us to an important issue - is prophesizing hyperstitional? Guess that would depend on whether prophesizing can bring about the reality of what is prophesized. Yet how would this possibly occur? Through stimulating belief in masses? Whether this is the correct formulation of "fictions that become real" - ie. reality emerging through generation of *belief* - there would seem to be a limit to the extent to which belief can affect the advent of natural phenomena, such as tidal waves.

So to tease out, firstly how is prophecy related to hyperstition? A theory of hyperstition must account for belief. Secondly, where are the outer limits of hyperstition - is it possible to have a hyperstitional earthquake?

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This topic is so Arguelles on the one hand and so not on the other since he wouldn't try to ridicule the Koran like zionist jpost does but just to get even I would suggest a look at the lots wilder correlation calc the zionist Ivry Dov shakes out of his sleeves collar and pantlegs (he'll probably call it inspired arbitration seeing he judges his impact to be on a par with that of Madonna), hell maybe he has stuff up his fly too though I don't recall him mentioning having any children though.

I'll go see if I still got the Arg. on Quran stuff someplace quick.

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by the way I am sick of natural truth being abused and kidnapped to serve 'relistatostutional' purposes:

"In his lengthy study, which is being circulated in many Muslim countries, Silwadi noted that the US has often been compared to a tree that grows very quickly and bears fruit, but has no roots."

Semitic success applied in concentrated fashion, to north africa has left nary a root in place; the HEbrow kind is the more diffuse creepily slow acting one but still crap in permacultural terms .. . .. is permaculture hyperstitional? It must be cause folks like Arguelles idealize it and proclaim it their aim and reward yet get hung up in calculations and proselytization efforts of the most trivial kind. Damn those recovering artists.

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Tachi - great questions, definitely worth sustained attention.
My latest on this (should be implexed into a carrier of course): The crux of hyperstitional consistency, when reached, will address ('resolve'?) the basic problem of the philosophy of mathematics -- why do mathematical patterns prove so applicable to empirical reality? (OK, sure I've phrased that totally craply, but carry on ...) Hyperstition thus achieved would forestall the continuous relapse into atavistic Platonism that typically bedevils the issue (without obviously subsiding into some kind of Humean fuzz on the other side). That's to say, hyperstition postulates an as-yet uncondensed materialist response to the intrinsic 'realism' of numbers without sacrificing either mathematical exactitude (/infinitude) or the resilient non-ideality (empiricity) of nature.
It is from this 'crux' (= time disturbance) that your question about self-fulfilling prophecy and its limits could be adequately addressed, since these q.s concern the efficient interlinkage of mathematical intelligence (or at least pop-nomic culture) and natural causality - hence their proximity to (and the necessity of an adamant refusal of) speculative religious ideas.
The D&Gon War Machine is one postulated interchange mechanism situated in this hyperstitional space, for instance, converting its numbering pragmatics into vortical 'physics'. On my extremely tenuous understanding of Laruelle, his 'science' (= 'man') satisfies the same function.
Can Numbers (not 'quantities') cause an earthquake? Hoping the H. jury still out on this ...

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The nature and purpose of Pacal Votan's Judgement Day mission is summed up in the Holy Qur'an, Sura 78, "The Great News:" "The Day That the Spirit and the angels Will stand forth in ranks, None shall speak Except any who is Permitted by The Most Gracious, And he will say what is right." The Holy Qur'an, Sura 78, Verse 38

first Wuran verse quoted in a document formerly posted on (been rigor mortis a while)
and mirrored at my site plus /PacalVotanJudgmentDay.htm

By his preparation and mastery of higher spiritual practices, meditation, telepathy, and profound displacement, Pacal Votan was able to gather the information he needed concerning the spiritual progress, or lack of it, and level of cultural universality among the human species in order to make the final determination for his tomb and prophecy, Telektonon. The evaluation of Pacal's mission is the prophecy, Telektonon. As Pacal Votan's evaluation of the progress and development of Universal Religion on the Earth, the Telektonon cannot be separated from the Mission of the Prophet Muhammad and the rehearsing and compilation of the Holy Qur'an, the Earthly Judgement Day Book. The Qur'an was completed just before the death of the Prophet, AD 632, one year after Pacal Votan had entered his time of power at the age of 28, in AD 631. The Holy Qur'an or Judgement Day Book is, of necessity, about humanity’s trial on Earth and its relation to its own end time. The time science of the Maya, administered by Pacal Votan, is the calibration of the final human cycle of judgement, leading to the Day of Judgement. The Telektonon, revealed at the beginning of the Day of Judgement, AD 1993- 94, confirms the Holy Qur'an as the last word on Judgement Day. The Holy Qur’an: The Judgement Day Book 8 The Holy Qur'an: The Judgement Day Book Just as the Maya mathematic and time science is unique among and superior to all other known mathematical and calendric systems, so is the Holy Qur'an unique among and even superior to all other known books or revealed texts. So distinctive is the Qur'an and so blind is the Judeao-Christian prejudice against historic Islam, that it may also be said that the Qur'an, by reputation, is perhaps the least understood and most intentionally ignored of sacred texts. This circumstance is also intended to be corrected by the Judgement Day Plan of Pacal Votan. The Qur'an is the direct word of Allah, the One Divine Creative Source, recited and rehearsed by His appointed Messenger, Muhammad, between the years AD 610-632. Not only is every single word in the Qur'an exactly as Muhammad received it, but Muhammad himself arranged the Qur'an in its final form. This form has not changed throughout the last 1300 years, and there is only one version or edition of the Qur'an. It is the quality of unchanging perfection of form that distinguishes the Qur'an as an indispensable and indisputable teaching on the qualities and nature of Universal Religion. At the same time, the Qur'an is also very specific to its time and culture while being precisely attuned to the overall spiritual condition of humanity at the approach of Judgement Day. Consisting of 114 Suras or chapters, the text of the Qur'an is radically non-linear. The Qur'an may be described as the dialogue between Allah and His Messenger Muhammad. Like a magnificent musical score, the Qur'an weaves and repeats different themes and stories, never exactly in the same way twice, each repetition being like the turning of a facet of a jewel or crystal. The one all-encompassing theme of the Qur'an is the inevitability of Judgement Day. From the perspective of the Universal Religion, Judgement Day is the moment of ultimate meaning, the test of humanity's ability to evolve into spiritual unification. Judgement Day is not a punishment or a reward imposed on humanity, but a fulfillment of the undeviating law of karma. According to the Qur'an, if one does wrong it is only to the detriment of one's own soul. If one does good, it is only to the benefit of one's own soul. Allah is "Master of the Day of Judgement," because He is the Author of all creation, and in the divine plan of the universal cycle, "all things tend toward Allah." As the denouement of human spiritual evolution, Judgement Day is actually one of five main motifs that distinguish the Qur'an. Thematically these five interwoven motifs may be constructed according to the principle of the five radial castles of time: The Holy Qur’an: The Judgement Day Book 9 1. The divine unity of all creation, Red Eastern Castle initiates 2. Universal spiritual precepts, White Northern Castle refines 3. Lives and history of the messengers, Blue Western Castle transforms 4. Judgement Day and karmic law, Yellow Southern Castle ripens 5. Triumph of the Religion of Truth, Green Central Castle synchronizes All five of these themes are intricately interwoven by sets of metaphors and similitudes throughout the Suras.

by the way, the castles look like swastikas to add to the pile of the 'confusional confoundelusiosity'

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PS. As Northanger's work has reminded us, 231 is a qabbalistic reference to the Hebrew alphabet - kind of weird in a Quranic analysis, or not?

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sorry, should have posted that slab in the tangents; I'll get the hang of it .. ...

by the way, futher down into that file he says Noah was a martian

what about a discussion of mathonumberacy as an aid/catalyst for delusiostion?

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IMHO, this is a poorly written article and smells of pan-Arabism, these kinds of articles don’t have any hyperstitional value here and people simply ignore them (if not repulsed by the conventional and repetitive apocalyptic contents), the Iranians and Lebanese are far more professional in writing similar articles without falling into old-fashioned mixture of the Quran + Politics + Propaganda. Right now, the most favorite format for mass-inspiration of terrorists, intellectuals and even people is using numbers and extensive geopolitical information stripped of the conventional Quranic Apocalypticism that is well-known in the West. Recently I read an Arabic article complaining that Iranian journalists are spreading politico-economic viruses by publishing articles about the next terrorists’ possible targets in Middle East, most of these articles are published in Arabic countries or in English language in Arabic journal to have a wider range of influence. Saudi government has officially complained about the outbreak of these essays which mostly discuss about Saudi’s oil fields as next targets and are beginning to ruin the opportunities of new investments from foreign countries. Interestingly, one of these articles was about a possible terrorist attack on Ghawar field, similar to John Robb’s short article ‘Target: Ghawar’ ( but more elaborated and polytically stimulating (not to mention the future economic damages they potentiate).

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OK Reza, but what about 231? At least this guy has contracted some qabbalistic virus ... (and it's spread too, even if only by way of the evil Zionist-neocon current(-1776?))
PS. 1776 = 2 x 888 (pushing the envelope ;))

Posted by: nick at March 30, 2005 12:15 PM + 10 comments - gangs, cults, nations (big cults), religions; it's all the same kinaction connection knacksheen impersonation; lemme be your misguide, you dear prospectively true convert, lemme divert you from that dust spreading bud tweaking branchweaving seed shipping, glasblowing raiser of bubbles blown way below earth's most expansive surface somplace. I need some help spreading pretty uncontrollably symbol sprouting killenders, hardware, contraband, software, whateva. .. .

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"Gang Lords want to drive around town in Ferrari’s. Silicone Valley high-tech entrepreneurs want to drive around town in Ferrari’s. The source of the money may be different, but the MOTIVES are the same."

Guess what, even that money is the same and that to me is the crux of the matter; indeed we need calendar reform but not one size fits all together now with each at their own station sorta thing.

What it 'll take is sticking the timer devices to earthy shit but only for a while ...just like you need the sidewheels on a beginning bicycle only so long; make this kind of specificity the validity qualifier for money if you want conscience and history to return to this zombified planet (yes even africans handled indexed standards back when the sahara was greener)

Keep heaps, piles and chunks of it before the public eye (don't allow a mere person to embody and suck attention away from unnumberificacious interest absorbers and thus allow those o so clean and superior yet stinky sockpuppetlike symbols remind us what we don't yet but may soon have in common

Once monies (and their handlers) are once more made to 'stoop' and live down the burden of datestamp (origin / expiry info to aid accountability) they will become lifelike and real

exit interstices of hype, hope and all too holy hideaways

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>>> OK Reza, but what about 231?

Yes, i admit it's virulent but these days everyone with an ABJAD CD of the Quran (which contains all similar information) is potentially dangerous.

>>> "Gang Lords want to drive around town in Ferrari’s. Silicone Valley high-tech entrepreneurs want to drive around town in Ferrari’s. The source of the money may be different, but the MOTIVES are the same."

don't want to be snarky but Piet are you sure is this on-topic and doesn't belong to the other thread? ... you don't want to disappear mysteriously (check my comments at the other thread), do you? ;)

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oopsy corrected: (. . .symbols TO ONCE MORE remind us what we don't yet but may soon ((AGAIN)) have in common).

Posted by: pithyfullpaaiety at March 30, 2005 01:02 PM



always Reza, everywhere dismissed eerily appearing
this mist airily ape hearing .. . oh and let me biscuitlike take a moment and maintenance an on-topic topic earlier up this very topic; a pic of that jade deathmask is here: .. .now, I'll let you get back to your monkey magic

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