August 09, 2005


At the 1999 Syzygy Event at Beaconsfield, London, certain Ccru elements reported - albeit in a fragmentary, time-twisted and in many other respects confusing fashion - that the Architectonic Order of the Eschaton planned to ritualistically welcome the transition to “The Age of Katak” at the dawn of the new millennium. (Some (delirial) hints here.)

The problems with this pronouncement are legion. To note only the most obvious conundrum: Why should a hermetic Atlantean organization have been preparing to celebrate a Christian calendric event in the name of a Lemurian entity?

Despite such concerns, the Age Of Khattak (AOK) has proven bizarrely prophetic.

Portrait of a parallel killer

Khattak is a Great Lemur of distinctive temperament. Her colour is RED (= 54), her totems fanged and clawed. She is the sole Syzygetic Lemur to respond to a non-involutionary rite, the one which Echidna Stillwell describes (in a letter to Peter Vysparov) as “raking through the entire cycle of time with the talons of … infinite ambition.”

Khattak’s most prominent feature is her densely overdetermined seizure of unity, in all its senses of atomism, centrality, completion, comprehension, integration, monomania, monopoly, monotheism, oecumenon, totalitarianism, and doubtless many others. She is internally articulated by a single step of minimal difference, positioned at the centre of the Barker Spiral, and all-enveloping in her passage around the Hex. The comprehensive rite of Khattak is, on its own, central, unique and totalistic. Numogramatic confirmation of all this is extremely straightforward, and need not concern us at this point (see here).

Khattak feeds on conflict, rendered incessant by the comparative indecisiveness of advantages and the unlimited intolerance of agendas. Her wars are both total and skewed towards inconclusiveness, demanding absolute resolution with the same emphasis that they frustrate decision. They are thus characterized by an utter yet insatiate animosity. If Khattak has a ‘logic’ it is akin to a collapsed Kantian dialectic of irresolvable - yet unsurmountable - antagonism: a perpetually re-animated, furious collision of certainties. I love everything you hate and hate everything you love, for ever.

Among the true Tribes of the Sumatran Nma, the (khattakite) Tak were notorious for their exceptional savagery. Fittingly, these brutes were exterminated by the eruption of Krakatao.

The Pylon of the Atlantean Cross corresponding to the lair of Khattak (on the Numogram) bears the name: Apocalypse.

(to be continued)

((this is Nick not Ccru-Shanghai - can't get in any other way at the moment))

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54 = AOK

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if i ask you why a hermetic Atlantean organization celebrated a Christian calendric event in the name of a Lemurian entity, you'd just say: then it wouldn't be a most obvious conundrum. wouldn't you?

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genuinely discombobulated by the phenomenon

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me too.

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well that's a start

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yup. the sensation is like blending together purple butterfly dreams of the dead with the endless sound of HU (divine utterance) ... in a nutshell: being touched by His Noodly Appendage ( IMHO, AOK reveals celestial jerusalem + axsys-intermeshed by decrypting the command structure of the cybernetic process revealing a fearful asymmetry with the wand of double power. (or, william burroughs maybe).

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my guess, northanger, is you don't feel chronically enraged enough for the Khat to get her claws in ...

On the Atlantean World Order - Basis of philosophy / Idealist Politics
Plato's quite clear on the subject (Atlantis as Ideal State) and Kant's references also quite stark ("Pillars of Hercules" etc). Note affinity between Platonist revivalism and totalitarian politics even today.
The fact Atlantis never existed just makes it more dangerous.
Was the Emperor Constantine an Atlantean agent? Was Jesus?
Anyway, the AOE ensure major bloodshed, so that's probably enough to get Khattak sniffing around ...

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geez nick.

hey, check this out:

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"geez" - exactly

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chronically enraged = what is the hyperstitional purpose to this suggestion?

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actually, must admit i got "thrown" reading your suggestion. only making me made at YOU.

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i'm pissed off, i tell ya!

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Atlantis was done in by a tsunami. did you know that?

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northanger - it was intended as a compliment, but feel free to smoulder furiously and join the Aeon of Carnage ...
PS - can't respond to the off topic thread on this computer (at work) it's too crap - also, don't see why your comments there are off topic

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nick. finished nervous breakdown & feel loads better. taped over "northfriking futhnorkery" button so nobody steps on it accidentally. please accept apology.

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[1] why is the fact Atlantis never existed dangerous?

[2] ironic you mention Atlantis considering NASA's space shuttle program on hold until flying foam problem fixed. Atlantis space shuttle next to launch. hyperstitional parallel?

[3] well, for me, if it's "off topic" it's unimportant. thereby maintaining certain level of hyperstitional deniability.

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northanger - also found strange apocalyptic impulses guiding my finger to the "northfriking futhnorkery" button - agree it's best taped over until things get really bad ...

1. This seems key issue IMHO, and still somewhat underplayed. Subterranean allegience between irrealism and idealism (once again, Plato monumentally central example) has very real consequences. Hoping we can get back to this when some 'sd' topics - associated with scientific realism in general and evolutionary psychology in particular finally approached here

2. Shuttle Atlantis - got to be something there. What with Al Qaeda making a big thing out of the Columbia disaster for theosymbolic reasons, seems there's a lot going on in US space-program eschatology.

3. Fair enough

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>>This seems key issue IMHO

i'm all for talking about the key issue here. what is it?

btw, thought you might like to know--
Typhoon Matsa made landfall at Ganjiang town in Zhejiang Province at 3:40 AM (1940 UT) Saturday,06-August and moved northwest toward six major cities, including the provincial capital Wenzhou.


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thanks for accepting apology.

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>>Khattak’s most prominent feature is her densely overdetermined seizure of unity, in all its senses of atomism, centrality, completion, comprehension, integration, monomania, monopoly, monotheism, oecumenon, totalitarianism, and doubtless many others. She is internally articulated by a single step of minimal difference, positioned at the centre of the Barker Spiral, and all-enveloping in her passage around the Hex.

[1] does Baker-Spiral begin with 0 or 1?

[2] does Baker-Spiral include double-, triple, etc, digits?

[3] can negative numbers be used? ie, (35)+(-25)=10

[4] if #2 yes, does Baker-Spiral max out? ie, what's the highest postive number?

[5] therefore (if #2 yes), nine-twin side of the spiral includes multi-digit & negative numbers.

note (piety'll like this one):

1+9  |  0+9 = 19
2+8  |  1+8 = 19
3+7  |  2+7 = 19
4+6  |  3+6 = 19
5+5  |  4+5 = 19

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clarify my question:

does spiral iterate

1+9  |  0+9 = 19
2+8  |  1+8 = 19
3+7  |  2+7 = 19
4+6  |  3+6 = 19
5+5  |  4+5 = 19
1+9  |  0+9 = 19
2+8  |  1+8 = 19
3+7  |  2+7 = 19
4+6  |  3+6 = 19
5+5  |  4+5 = 19

or is it continuous?

 01+09  |  00+09 = 19
 02+08  |  01+08 = 19
 03+07  |  02+07 = 19
 04+06  |  03+06 = 19
 05+05  |  04+05 = 19
 06+04  |  05+04 = 19
 07+03  |  06+03 = 19
 08+02  |  07+02 = 19
 09+01  |  08+01 = 19
 10+00  |  09+00 = 19
11+-01  |  10+-01 = 19
12+-02  |  11+-02 = 19
13+-03  |  12+-03 = 19
14+-04  |  13+-04 = 19
15+-05  |  14+-05 = 19
16+-06  |  15+-06 = 19

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90 iterations, repeat.

[01] 1+9=10  |  0+9=9 = 19
[02] 2+8=10  |  1+8=9 = 19
[03] 3+7=10  |  2+7=9 = 19
[04] 4+6=10  |  3+6=9 = 19
[05] 5+5=10  |  4+5=9 = 19
[06] 6+4=10  |  5+4=9 = 19
[07] 7+3=10  |  6+3=9 = 19
[08] 8+2=10  |  7+2=9 = 19
[09] 9+1=10  |  8+1=9 = 19
[10] 1+9=10  |  9+0=9 = 19
[11] 2+8=10  |  0+9=9 = 19
[12] 3+7=10  |  1+8=9 = 19
[13] 4+6=10  |  2+7=9 = 19
[14] 5+5=10  |  3+6=9 = 19
[15] 6+4=10  |  4+5=9 = 19
[16] 7+3=10  |  5+4=9 = 19
[17] 8+2=10  |  6+3=9 = 19
[18] 9+1=10  |  7+2=9 = 19
[19] 1+9=10  |  8+1=9 = 19
[20] 2+8=10  |  9+0=9 = 19
[21] 3+7=10  |  0+9=9 = 19
[22] 4+6=10  |  1+8=9 = 19
[23] 5+5=10  |  2+7=9 = 19
[24] 6+4=10  |  3+6=9 = 19
[25] 7+3=10  |  4+5=9 = 19
[26] 8+2=10  |  5+4=9 = 19
[27] 9+1=10  |  6+3=9 = 19
[28] 1+9=10  |  7+2=9 = 19
[29] 2+8=10  |  8+1=9 = 19
[30] 3+7=10  |  9+0=9 = 19
[31] 4+6=10  |  0+9=9 = 19
[32] 5+5=10  |  1+8=9 = 19
[33] 6+4=10  |  2+7=9 = 19
[34] 7+3=10  |  3+6=9 = 19
[35] 8+2=10  |  4+5=9 = 19
[36] 9+1=10  |  5+4=9 = 19
[37] 1+9=10  |  6+3=9 = 19
[38] 2+8=10  |  7+2=9 = 19
[39] 3+7=10  |  8+1=9 = 19
[40] 4+6=10  |  9+0=9 = 19
[41] 5+5=10  |  0+9=9 = 19
[42] 6+4=10  |  1+8=9 = 19
[43] 7+3=10  |  2+7=9 = 19
[44] 8+2=10  |  3+6=9 = 19
[45] 9+1=10  |  4+5=9 = 19
[46] 1+9=10  |  5+4=9 = 19
[47] 2+8=10  |  6+3=9 = 19
[48] 3+7=10  |  7+2=9 = 19
[49] 4+6=10  |  8+1=9 = 19
[50] 5+5=10  |  9+0=9 = 19
[51] 6+4=10  |  0+9=9 = 19
[52] 7+3=10  |  1+8=9 = 19
[53] 8+2=10  |  2+7=9 = 19
[54] 9+1=10  |  3+6=9 = 19
[55] 1+9=10  |  4+5=9 = 19
[56] 2+8=10  |  5+4=9 = 19
[57] 3+7=10  |  6+3=9 = 19
[58] 4+6=10  |  7+2=9 = 19
[59] 5+5=10  |  8+1=9 = 19
[60] 6+4=10  |  9+0=9 = 19
[61] 7+3=10  |  0+9=9 = 19
[62] 8+2=10  |  1+8=9 = 19
[63] 9+1=10  |  2+7=9 = 19
[64] 1+9=10  |  3+6=9 = 19
[65] 2+8=10  |  4+5=9 = 19
[66] 3+7=10  |  5+4=9 = 19
[67] 4+6=10  |  6+3=9 = 19
[68] 5+5=10  |  7+2=9 = 19
[69] 6+4=10  |  8+1=9 = 19
[70] 7+3=10  |  9+0=9 = 19
[71] 8+2=10  |  0+9=9 = 19
[72] 9+1=10  |  1+8=9 = 19
[73] 1+9=10  |  2+7=9 = 19
[74] 2+8=10  |  3+6=9 = 19
[75] 3+7=10  |  4+5=9 = 19
[76] 4+6=10  |  5+4=9 = 19
[77] 5+5=10  |  6+3=9 = 19
[78] 6+4=10  |  7+2=9 = 19
[79] 7+3=10  |  8+1=9 = 19
[80] 8+2=10  |  9+0=9 = 19
[81] 9+1=10  |  0+9=9 = 19
[82] 1+9=10  |  1+8=9 = 19
[83] 2+8=10  |  2+7=9 = 19
[84] 3+7=10  |  3+6=9 = 19
[85] 4+6=10  |  4+5=9 = 19
[86] 5+5=10  |  5+4=9 = 19
[87] 6+4=10  |  6+3=9 = 19
[88] 7+3=10  |  7+2=9 = 19
[89] 8+2=10  |  8+1=9 = 19
[90] 9+1=10  |  9+0=9 = 19

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to me, besides the obvious association with retrogradience, this one arises:

During the second half of the day, Single Luminous White "A" will telepathically send the South team the number 144, but in the sequence of 24-32-40-48 (=144). These numbers are sent in accord with the positions of the Codons of the same numbers in the psi bank plates. Click to view 144 Code graphic.

piet: don't go hunt for the graphics, they are never there at this site

Single Luminous White "A" The Syllable "Ah"

During your half hour stand in a circle. Do not hold hands. Think that each of you is a channel for the Lord of the Ring. (Study the Galactic Medium Graphic) With eyes closed, concentrate on receiving the image of the UR runes appropriate to your hemispheric plate. Then, after 20 minutes, hold hands and send the image to the opposite team. At zenith - high noon - North Team concludes with Invocation of Single Luminous White "A" (See Section 6, below). This Invocation is how South team begins. South team then does the same - receive 20 minutes, send 10 minutes. Then both teams chant ahhh seven times.

Note that all eight of these numbers represent the final codons of each of the eight rune strands. Study the psi bank grid with the numbers in their positions. Also study the UR runes for these numbers as they appear in their respective Cube positions,(AC Cube 8, CA Cube 16). It is these whole sets of UR runes that will be telepathically sent, the North team receiving them as they appear in Cube 8, the South team as they appear in Cube 16. As you receive, meditate on the meanings of these UR runes:

Cube 8 - North: Tree of Time Turns Heaven, Conduct Unifies the Way. This is the Basis. Can I sustain it? Time Travel and Galactic Octave Unify the Dimensions. This is the power of the Original 144,000 aroused in the body of Single Luminous White "A" - Can I attain it?
Cube 16 - South: Way of Wielding Power Ascends to Heaven, Binary Order Defines Movement of Space, Cosmic Awareness Returns to Heart of Earth, Architectonics Releases Order of the Whole - These are the Powers of the 144,000 when the Cycle Closes - Will I have the discipline to comprehend and the skill to apply these powers?
As you do this practice, tune into the positions in the psi bank where the four numbers/UR runes occur; feel that you are activating those positions in the psi bank, and that the eight UR rune strands are receiving a telepathic boost. Note what you experience.

AC-CA Plate Shift in the Holy Qur'an:
One final note regarding the AC-CA plate shift. According to the 20 Tablets, Dreamspell Genesis code, the last Moon of the Crystal Storm year is Kin 104, Yellow Cosmic Seed Moon - followed by the Day Out Time, Kin 103. Then comes the first day of the New Year, Kin 104, again, the same kin as the last Moon of the year - Kin 104. This means the Day Out of Time, the moment of the plate shift, is like the fold of the two halves of a book - kin 104 are on either side of it - one as a Moon, the other as Ring bearer. Not only that, but the Day Out of Time is also the center between the AC and CA plates -the pivot of the plate shift. Considering that each circuit of the Planetary Manitou, AC and CA, has an identical mirror symmetry, only enhances the sense of a "book" being folded in two.

Looking at the Day Out of Time as the middle section of a book folded in two between two Kin 104 fractals, the following verse 104 of Sura 21, "The Prophets" is quite appropriate:

"On that day, we will fold the heaven, like the folding of a book. Just as we initiated the first creation, we will repeat it. This is our promise; we will certainly carry it out." Qur'an, 21:104

With regard to the plate shift, the AC represents the primary circuit of the original creation, while the repetition of the CA is the secondary circuit of the second creation. Hence "Just as we initiated the first creation, we will repeat it." This defines the sacred dimension and cosmological significance of the AC-CA plate shift, whether we are aware of it or not.

A final synchronic order note: 104 + 104 = 208 = Kin 208, which is the guide of Kin 104. 208 is also the number of steps to Merlin's tower (Green Castle), the number of weeks in a Seed-Storm ring bundle, and the number of moons in the Sixteen-year Cube of the Law.

ps: 2/3 of the way through a couple of 'postulates' are quoted:

6.12. "The sum of the liberation of psychic energy formally integrated into the fourth dimensional patterns of time, manifests as PAN, Planet Art Network. As the integration of celestial harmonics of mind and social order, PAN replaces the civilizational order and social form governed solely by the 12:60 mechanized laws of space."
6.13. "PAN is the advent of the planetary art spore ... a noospherically unified field of planetary life, the sum of whose living interactions constitutes a planetary art spore: Timeship Earth 2013 transmuted into a stellar galactic unit for the exchange, transformation and communication of universal energy impulses."
Or 10.10. "The activity of PAN is an evolutionary possibility that increases with the application of the Law of Time. Galactic culture is the sum of the probabilities of increased or novel aesthetic norms induced by the harmonic rearrangement of the synchronic order.
Or 10.11. "... PAN encompasses all and everything as a whole systems order elevating instinctual consciousness into the telepathic orders of continuing and super conscious."
10.9. Since "T(E) =Art defines all processes of harmonic rearrangement as activities of PAN (Planet Art Network ... Following the Circumpolar Rainbow Bridge experiment, the resultant telepathy of the harmonic order of PAN consciously engages the Galactic Brain...." Yet other references are to be found in Postulates 14.7, and 14.13.
From the foregoing it is evident that PAN is woven into the evolutionary mechanism of the biosphere-noosphere transition. Since 2000, the role of the Foundation for the Law of Time has been merely to sponsor PAN, leaving it to its autonomous development, while providing it calendars, educational material and visionary documents to fulfill its programs. However, while there are many bioregional PANs, despite the Internet - and also because of it - the PAN has as yet no central world communicating or coordinating intelligence fully in place. And now we have the challenge of the AC-CA plate shift.

piet: these glimpses of deep space and time (260 in all, 13x20) are some of the most rigorously seductive and lucid writing / pleading / casemaking for Karmicoherence i have read; he remains a cut above and step ahead of the likes of Dan Winter when it comes to approaching formulation conventions of mainstream cosmology dominators although science is likely to retreat in the face of barbarous onslaught of extremisms aiming at but failing to, destratify class differences

ps: a young french/swiss journalist who took the trouble of coming to the gathering to warn those willing to play along, be prospective recruit and participate in the peace-calendar movement's meditations (in a dark pyramid constructed with ((army surplus?))dark green canvas) against possible damage. The choice of cults was limited, Hare Krishnas and one more yoga camp came and set up; all the rest had to rely on the old group vs pair bonding triggernoumenonixmix

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J.B. Rhine, in a lab at Duke University initially studied the question of life after death but, realizing the pitfalls of this line of inquiry, quickly restricted his focus to "corporeal parapsychical” material. (1)
Although never a member, Pelley found a great deal of interest in the debates swirling within the ASPP Society.

Paid $1500 for it Pelley's tale of travel to other planes appeared in the March 1929 issue of American, and Pelley's tale became one of the most widely read accounts of paranormal activity in American history. (2)

Pelley developed invaluable contacts within the New York spiritualist community, thanks to the "seven minutee' article and also garnered a positive review in the Journal of the American Society for Psychical Research (XXIV, January 1930,35-38), which gained him attention among metaphysical researchers across the United States and England.

In New York Pelley made the acquaintance of trance medium George Wehner who established a name for himself in Hollywood by channeling messages from the spirit of Rudolph Valentino, who, while living, followed the advice of a spirit guide named "Meselope." Wehner often held seances in Pelley's apartment, where, allegedly, Valentino frequently materialized.

Pelley eventually began contacting many of these same people during his own sessions. While he claimed that Robert Louis Stevenson provided him with an unused chapter, Pelley asserted that Joseph Conrad clairaudiently dictated an entire novel to him.

Pelley posited that his clairaudient messages occasionally came to him in Sanskrit, and that the automatic writings flowed from him backwards, requiring a mirror to translate them. (3)

In the spring of 1930 Pelley decided to begin publishing his own magazine. Pelley's New Liberator, under the imprint of the Gallahad Press, appeared in May.

It accepted advertisements from organizations like the AMORC that blends Christianity with Kabbalism and Hermetic theories, with the ultimate goal of transcending material form.

The AMORC deserving an article series of his own soon on SESN was established by New York advertising man H. Spencer Lewis, and represents one of several Rosicrucian groups active in the United States. All of these groups claim that their teachings am based upon writings ascribed to the mythical seventeenth-century mystic Christian Rosenkreuz. Lewis, however, went on to posit that his organization's teachings actually dated from the reign of Thutmose III, circa 1500 B.C.

Lewis skillfully mixed in Theosophical elements to separate his version of Rosicrucianism from his competitors (completing a circle begun with Theosophy founder H. P. Blavatsky, who earlier swiped elements from European Rosicrucianism for her books on ‘Theosophy’).

During the 1930’s Lewis oriented much of his teachings toward the spiritualist mecca of Mount Shasta. His 1931 volume Lemuria: The Lost Continent of the Pacific placed the Atlantis myth in the Pacific Ocean, with Mount Shasta as the continent's highest peak and current home of cavern dwelling Lemurian surivivors. Lewis’s book however was freely borrowed from an earlier writer Selvius, "Descendants of Lemuria: A Description of an Ancient Cult in America."

In the mid-19th Century paleontologists coined the term 'Lemuria' to describe a hypothetical continent, bridging the Indian Ocean, which would have explained the migration of lemurs from Madagascar to India. Lemuria was a continent which submerged and was no longer to be seen. By the late 19th Century occult theories had developed, mostly through the theosophists, that the people of this lost continent of Lemuria were highly advanced beings. The location of the folklore 'Lemuria' changed over time to include much of the Pacific Ocean. In the 1880s a Siskiyou County, California, resident named Frederick Spencer Oliver wrote A Dweller on Two Planets, or, the Dividing of the Way which described a secret city inside of Mt. Shasta, and in passing mentioned Lemuria. Edgar Lucian Larkin, a writer and astronomer, wrote in 1913 an article in which he reviewed the Oliver book.

In 1925 Selvius wrote "Descendants of Lemuria: A Description of an Ancient Cult in America" which was published in the Mystic Triangle, Aug., 1925 and which was entirely about the mystic Lemurian village at Mt. Shasta. Selvius reported that Larkin had seen the Lemurian village through a telescope.

Although Pelley borrowed liberally from the AMORC in developing his own religious system, he later broke with Lewis and claimed the AMORC leader utilized Pelley's name without permission.

Another advertiser in Pelley’ periodical was Frank B. Robinson established Psychiana in 1929 after undergoing a conversion process while living in Hollywood. In an experience very similar to Pelley's "seven seconds."

Robinson's work mixed New Thought with Theosophy (he described himself as an "Adept"), and posited that God worked through an evolutionary process in which salvation is achieved through a developing relationship with the individual, bringing peace, happiness, and health through His cosmic powers. Robinson's heavy New Thought influence derived from intensive study of Robert Collier's work, particularly The Secret of the Ages. Like the AMORC, Psychicana was essentially a mail-order religion. Robinson utilized modem marketing techniques to spread knowledge of his organization (often placing ads in popular magazines with headlines such as I spoke to God!"), and estimated that more than one million people received information on his group by the end of the 1940's. (4)

1) See Denis Brian, The Enchanted Voyager.- The Life of JB. Rhine, 1992.

2) See Brad Steiger and Sherry Hansen Steiger, Hollywood and the Supernatural , 1990.

3) Pelley, The Door to Revelation , 1939.

4) See Gordon Melton, Biographical Dictionary of American Cult and Sects.

For updates click homepage here

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Northanger will like this one:

Why not stop space exploration? Why not teach the reach of pleach?

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Nick, Northanger and poet Piet: the sad trinity of Hyperstition. the good, the bad and the ugly; the mother, the son and the holy shit! What ever happened to this blog? Can Reza be resurrected? Has Undercurrent permanently gone underground? Has Mark KP irrationally frozen over? There's no creative friction here, whatsoever, no critical reflection on the development of the site. Maybe this is why Reza has given up ...

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from 'the four strenghts':

Doch nun ist es an der Zeit, für diese Wandlung die Hilfe von Gott, Erde und Himmel direkt anzusprechen. Dies wird dadurch möglich, daß die Kriterien von Raum und Zeit - als Maß und Schwingung Parameter der erfahrbaren Sinnesqualitäten - ihre Heiligkeit als Zugang zur nagualischen Potentialität allen Daseins, das Pleroma wiedergewinnen. Daher gilt es, die nunmehr menschheitliche Zivilisation auf die Urriten von Zeit, Raum, Mensch und Gott zu eichen und die Menschheit als Gattung, als Mensch im All, jenseits aller Bekenntnisse und Gruppen als echten Partner und Freund des strebenden einzelnen zu erkennen.

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Pleroma is Altansit yes?

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stony roller gives a (kh)attackian 'van katoen' (=a beating): "How come you're so wrong? My sweet neo-con, where's the money gone, in the Pentagon," goes one refrain.

The song also includes the line: "It's liberty for all, democracy's our style, unless you are against us, then it's prison without trial."

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works for me.

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triad - missing Reza too (and Undercurrent) - R. hasn't 'given up' by the way - he's dealing with complicated life problems - so hopefully he'll be back in the not too distant future
afraid i have to agree with your criticisms viz present state of uninspiring drift - I'm probably most responsible for that (along with one particularly obnoxious troll), friction has gone from being productive to merely rancorous and the hyperstitional trajectory has gone all space-shuttle ... it's a miracle the loyalists are hanging on at all right now

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hyperstitional patriots like quagmires.

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OK - hope we can elevate things to the quagmire level

bashing my brain against the question whether there's a 'hyperstitional agenda' that commands sufficiently broad support here to mobilize a wave of libido - whajja think?

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oh, also don't understand where all those 19s are coming from - aren't they supposed to be 9s (the version on your own site just as confusing)

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>>a wave of libido
yikes. sounds tsunamic. go ahead.

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10-summing on the left & 9-summing on the right = add those together you get 19. btw, four Zoas of Revelation seem awfully Teletubby-like to me.

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nineteen the hyperstition linkage between AC-CA Plate Shift // Quran (piet) & Barker-Spiral. 1+4+4=9 suggests relationship with zygonovism.


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re: base-10, decadence

wikipedia reports a someone figured out the word for PURUCHUCO (or, PALACE OF PURUCHUCO) in some knotted khipu[1] (=knot in Quechua; for some hyperstitional mileage on Quechua see tv-show, "The Sentinel" about a former with heightened senses). Gary Upton and Carrie J. Brezine of Harvard University designed computer program evaluating 21 from a site in Puruchuco (near Lima). wikipedia[2] : "A khipu usually consists of colored cotton cords with numeric values perhaps encoded by knots in the base-10 positional system." khipu consists of different colors & lengths with a "ranked pattern" & three levels of authority with info passing between them[3]. somebody else noticed khipu similar to binary code & perhaps written in seven-bit sequences[1].

[1] khipu image


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>>the obvious association with retrogradience
retro(backward) + gradi(to go, step) or gradience(fuzzy, vague?)

lovely word. help me with the meaning since i don't see "retrogradience" in the barker-spiral (or the dictionary). how is this obvious?

nutshell: Law of Time ( states 13:20 = universal frequency of synchronization & 12:60 = artificial timing frequency. 13:20 represents Thirteen Moon/28 day calendar; 12:60 represents 12-month calendar / 60m/60s. the suggestion is to return (or retrograde) back to 13:20 resonance. "Change the calendar and you change the time. Do you want a time of war - for how many more years? Or do you want a time of peace? Which do you prefer - harmony or disharmony? It is all in the calendar you use..." ie, changing calendar defuses Khattakian force.

what's interesting about this retrogression is the "Closer of the Cycle" — José Argüelles. on 03-March-2002 at a gathering in Teotihuacan (organizing five circles & walking the Avenue of the Dead) he is given a ceremonial staff called a "baston". a black obsidian sphere rests at the top completed by an obsidian knife looking like a "strange galactic indigenous Excalibur sword".

John Dee also used a black obsidian mirror during his Enochian scrying. in Portland Oregon there's a dimensional anomaly called the Mystery Hole with geometric codes, crystal tower & a black obsidian mirror. a black obsidian mirror also replaces one of Tezcatlipoca's feet; his name means "smoking mirror", the god of the Great Bear constellation. "A protean wizard, he caused the death of many Toltecs by his black magic and induced the virtuous Quetzalcoatl to sin, drunkenness, and carnal love, thus putting an end to the Toltec golden age. Under his influence the practice of human sacrifice was introduced to central Mexico." all striking examples of the (Khattak?) power & use of black obsidian mirrors.

what are the essential elements of the 13:20 resonance (time system). how can we hook this into the barker-spiral (or, is it already there)?

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northanger -
"add those together you get 19" - my problem, that's hard-core Atlantean propaganda (return to unity) - no coincidence the Centience cults SUBTRACT 19 from all oecumenic (20th c.) dates

"four Zoas of Revelation seem awfully Teletubby-like to me" - the plot thickens - are you ready to asign color-spectrum order (and aerial types) to the Zoas yet?

"144 = GOG-MAGOG = HULUGU" - cool (R. should like this one)

can't process khipu yet - bound to be interesting (or knot)

trouble for me decoding last piece is that the Khattakite calendar is still so obscure - existing fragmentary Ccru records imply link to the precession of the equinoxes, but hard to see any solid basis for this ...

reading an excellent book on Dee at the moment (The Queen's Conjurer by Benjamin Woollet, who's also written stuff on VR (also good)) - guess you know it (by heart?)

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"return to unity" - how's that old fable go? old man with seven seven sons: each of you get a stick! now break 'em! go get more sticks! put em together — try breaking them now! stick together!

colorful zoas (why me?) is this ok?

baker-spiral = 90 steps, repeat pattern. zodiac wheel = 360° or 90 x 4. correlates to Four Zoas dudes + Four Enochian Tablets (Sun Kings) & other four thingys. above link starts color at Aries 0°. correction from post at my place: since an anus is oval in appearance, zero point switched to Scorpio 27° (open to suggestions however, still in my eichen phase):

+Zero Point = Scorpio 27° (Asteroid Orchis)
+Barker Spiral = Virgo 19° (triangulating 25143 Itokawa & 2174 Asmodeus (ASHEMOGHA))

[1] Zero Point establishes Eon Phases, the 36 resonance between two planetary objects.

[2] Barker Spiral - begins at Virgo 19° = "zipper" attracting all twelve 19 degrees. do not think this describes 12-ray star. imagine zodiac wheel, move outward in space. not saying final figure looks like this, but imagine lorenz attractor overlay ( hitting all 19°. that's why i think color coordinates go here.

thoughts? big question mark for me: which one is "phase space"? - Eon Phases based on moon model & doesn't necessarily (methinks) suggest true phase space. helpful calibration here welcome.

precession of the equinoxes :: extending point #2 above. look at last pic: what do you see?

VR = virtual reality

it's very difficult, innit it?, to drop out of the reality game of reward & punishment & drop into the virutal game of life.

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aerial types?

Posted by: northanger at August 13, 2005 06:17 AM



types of antenna

Posted by: Nick at August 13, 2005 11:14 AM



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