September 05, 2005


From his solitary cell in the Experimental Therapy Unit, Santa Demonia Special Secure Hospital, Hank H. Hackhammer writes:

nothings hidden anymore like claws raked across your face shattered glass in the soul they say it openly on the radio shes been downgraded from cat five to four Khat 54 in all her gory come visiting the city that knew her best in all the world just as it was four fifths evacuated and ready for her tough love they almost had me believing it was all in my head but then down in what they call the wreck room the TVs on and a citys gone and a nation baptized in her bleeding anarchy and no need to even laugh along with the hard horror of the outside anymore because shes doing that for everybody already shooting at the rescue helicopters and rape murder in the superbowl which is what all the prayers have come to which is history true history if only they can see it there on TV

dear reader on the other side of the social mirror on the other side of prophecy and chemistry and liberty did you also see it too years ago so exactly the video was chopped and scratched scarred maybe but not edited not at all edited even the worst exactly whats on TV right now because she never cared what the children saw her rough tongue lapping at their minds so theyd be ready for this moment of raw history when whatever was believed was nothing and everybody even saying NO but it doesnt mean stop red means go now come and go Khat 54 and the very idea she could ever be edited out which they said so many times before is harsh hilarity and the cops help rip the place apart in the end

man minus one downgraded by an increment from five to four with fourfifths gone leaving raw history jutting through the screen as she turns us on to the red side and all the news leaning black and white and red all over and the relief now the screams are on the outside and time holds you now gashed open this is her long summer festival and who needs ideas when the news is on and shes everything we cracked up to be

And to think, this broken soul was the foremost numogrammatic analyst of the age.
Thank you thorazine.

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4:50 am over here

Posted by: Nick at September 5, 2005 09:51 PM



From Zora Neale Hurston:

It woke up old Okechobee and the monster began to roll in his bed. Began to roll and complain like a peevish world on a grumble.... Under its multiplied roar could be heard a mighty sound of grinding rock and timber and a wail. They looked back. Saw people trying to run in raging waters and screaming when they found they couldn't.... Ten feet higher and as far as they could see the muttering wall advanced before the braced-up waters like a road crusher on a cosmic scale. The monstropolous beast had left his bed. The two hundred miles an hour wind had loosed his chains. He seized hold of his dikes and ran forward until he met the quarters; uprooted them like grass and rushed on after his supposed-to-be conquerors, rolling the dikes, rolling the houses, rolling the people in the houses along with other timbers. The sea was walking the earth with a heavy heel....The wind came back with triple fury, and put out the light for the last time. They sat in company with the others in other shanties, their eyes straining against crude walls and their souls asking if He meant to measure their puny might against His. They seemed to be staring at the dark, but their eyes were watching God.

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>cat five to four Khat 54

Posted by: northanger at September 6, 2005 01:54 AM



Uncle Hank stole that telepathically, or maybe it was a coincidence

Posted by: nick at September 6, 2005 03:10 AM



Steyn's take:

Posted by: nick at September 6, 2005 05:25 AM



telepathic psychosis?

Posted by: northanger at September 6, 2005 05:37 AM



Steyn nailed it.

"The Terrorist Katrina Is A Soldier Of Allah" — "Fist of God" says Israel:

Posted by: northanger at September 6, 2005 06:29 AM



"The Terrorist Katrina Is A Soldier Of Allah" - more plausibly the exact reverse IMHO

Posted by: nick at September 6, 2005 07:38 AM



reverse of what?

Posted by: northanger at September 6, 2005 07:52 AM



Allah's a Khat puppet, pretty obviously ...

Posted by: nick at September 6, 2005 08:45 AM



Allah a puppet? what is this, shootout at the gog-magog corral?

Posted by: northanger at September 6, 2005 09:01 AM



northanger, as a numogrammaticist of not inconsiderable talent you surely realize this claim is correct and are just being stubborn out of a perverse addiction to argument for its own sake

"Khattak demonstrates the genesis of the One and its God as unitary discrepancy with diversity" - Vyparov

"shootout at the gog-magog corral" - probably

Posted by: nick at September 6, 2005 09:47 AM



aw, quit twisting your tighty whities.

ok, Khat puppet = "everywere, hype and panic, main flatline, pandemonium".

Posted by: northanger at September 6, 2005 12:01 PM



i meant, everywhere

Posted by: northanger at September 6, 2005 12:07 PM



qabbalistically, Vyparov's quote points to the Fatal Secret of the Kattku.

Posted by: northanger at September 6, 2005 12:10 PM



thought that snotty tone would drive you into incoherent lingospasming

Posted by: Nick at September 6, 2005 01:22 PM



remember nicholas, i'm a nasty capitalist! i'm more qabbalistically motivated by ridiculous sums of untraceable cash. in small denominations.

Posted by: northanger at September 6, 2005 05:05 PM



Michael Grunwald's "Water World" & the 1928 Okeechobee Hurricane


also, the "Five Monstrous Novels" is a hoot.
"Zora Neale Hurston calls the kissing darkness "monstropolous" and "monstropolous" is an even better turn of phrase than "monstrous" for what it's like to be held in the embrace of the books gathered here (shockingly luscious, deliciously terrifying), some of which are very difficult, most of which are either very long or very very long, and all of which are idiomatic to the nth degree. We live in a matrix of virtual intimacy, information flow-through, out-of-control obsolescence, and hit-and-run consultantship. The books we will be reading invite or, in some cases, demand that you slow down, back up, and do it again ... "

Posted by: northanger at September 7, 2005 10:51 AM



"ridiculous sums" ???

Posted by: Nick at September 7, 2005 04:53 PM



I'm assuming that you market hardliners won't mind me inserting a commercial break ;)

I've got a stack of Velikovsky on sale at the moment on eBay, if anyone's interested (required reading for Hyperstition-students, of course): (or click on link above hopefully...)

Posted by: robin at September 7, 2005 07:28 PM below, that should have been. Or, from here, above. Whatever.

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And the hero of the entire episode so far is: Walmart

Posted by: nick at September 14, 2005 06:11 AM



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