December 04, 2006

Sore Losers

[This is no more than a chat thread posing as a facile rant, or vice versa, so donít get your hopes up (as if thatís likely by this stage).]

Iíd been meaning for a while to set out some remarks about how the expression Ďsore losersí perfectly encapsulates the leftist mentality, in innumerable respects. The primary stimulus was the growing tendency for leftist politicians never to accept defeat, starting with the Gore petulance of 2000, and mostly recently manifested by the Obrador update (adding even more in the way of outright lying and generalized leftist reality disintegration).

But then the Sore Loser philosophy came to seem more basic. Isnít the left at its most philosophical a rallying cry to the losers of the world: Be Sore! Never concede that oneís own mistakes, shortcomings or sheer bad luck could ever be the cause of misfortune. Blame the fortunate. Hate the winners. You have nothing to lose but your dignity (well, OK, actually you sanity too). Isnít that the left in itís Platonic essence?

Then we received this little gem (the troll shield evidently malfunctioning):

By the way, nick, did the hear that the Republicans got their fat arses beat?

I noticed you seemed to be in denial.

You have not my sympathies, and you fully deserve this.

Hey, by the way, BUSH fired RUMSFELD unceremoniously the next day. Did you hear that? Isn't that something? The world didn't revolve around you and your bloodthirsty ways.

artist | 12.02.06 - 6:12 pm

Study that for a moment.
Let us pass rapidly over the complete absence of analysis or structured argumentation, whilst also mostly ignoring the hysterical personalization and distinctively trollish sense of obsessive surveillance (hinting at something not unreasonably described as germinal stalking).
Also leave aside the final sentence, in which the signs of genuine (if comparatively inane) psychosis are quite clearly evident.
Finally, try not to deride the moniker Ďartistí whose manifest piteousnesses would soon amount to a brutal ad hominem (let us imagine instead that, perhaps, this unfortunate individual really is a creator of rare talent, merely masked as a mass-manufactured leftoid half-wit).

Concentrate instead on the basic implication. Why havenít I started screaming and threatening to move to Canada (from Shanghai, hah ha)? Why havenít I accused the Democrats of systematic fraud? Why havenít I filled the blog with sobbing descriptions of how gutted and traumatized I feel due to the political failure of Bush Republicanism?
In fact, why isnít anybody on the right throwing a leftist-style full-on hissy fit?

Maybe itís
- because we genuinely celebrate democracy, even when it comes up stupid.
- because we like to see governments disconcerted and thrown out of power, with the sole qualification that we worry about the guys moving in.
- because we didnít actually like Bush very much, although we still think the world dodged two bullets with Gore and Kerry (besides, Bush is still in power ďI noticedĒ and will in fact NEVER LOSE A PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION (that must hurt)).
- because we love America (as the worldís pre-eminent free society) even when it acts like a bong-zonked hippy, and, most fundamentally
- because weíre not sore losers (Ďcos if we were, weíd be leftists).

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