February 02, 2007

Negative Hyperstition

… to steal sd’s term, is the hunger for an unambiguous casus belli, consolidating itself as a virtual mega-atrocity against ‘oneself’.

Asymmetric warfare is designed to madden and it’s obviously working. As frustration builds with the half-hearted confusion (let alone outright collaboration) typifying the Western response to Jihadist aggression, there’s ever more of this sort of sentiment floating around:

I tend to believe that we are all waiting for some terrible blow to fall upon us before we all admit to what sort of battle we are in. Not sure if it will fall upon the United States, Australia, Japan, Iraq, Israel, Europe but once it does and perhaps hundreds of thousands die then we can get away from these battles in the murky shadows and get to outright elimination of those Mullahs and sects who preach that the Sword is the preferred tactic to use against us.
(comment at 08:25:00 on this stimulating Belmont Club thread)

It has to be worth pausing and taking a deep breath before continuing too far down this road ...

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