September 25, 2007

COLLAPSE: Numeric Materialism, Speculative Realism, Unknown Deleuze

In case the new announcement for Collapse III hasn't reached the dark side of the Net, you might be interested to take a look at its table of contents and even consider ordering it. Since the first issue (Numeric Materialism), Collapse has proved to be an outstanding journal of philosophy which simultaneously defies the swamps of academia and rigorously ravages the overpopulated territories of post-structural / post modernist theories. For those who are solely interested in hyperstitional and political themes, Collapse I has articles on Qabalah, Prime Numbers and desert war machines traversing War on Terror, including an utterly compelling essay by Nick Land. Collapse II has two articles which stand out among the rest of contributions: Quentin Meillassoux and Ray Brassier's essays. Brassier's essay scrutinizes -- in a technical and superbly literate way -- the enigma of realism and an alternative causality capable of perforating the real. It is a piece which silently exudes a Lovecraftian dilemma on reality and intelligibility in regard to cosmic abyss (realism of horror). Collapse III (the forthcoming issue, Unknown Deleuze) is, as it confesses, a remobilization of Deleuze's thought against the specter of a post-Deleuzian era and a philosophic age choked by the reckless fecundity of Deleuzians. In addition, Collapse III includes two previously unpublished English translations of Deleuze and a science-fiction story by J.-H. Rosney the Elder who elusively lurks in Difference and Repetition. Whereas Lovecraft and Professor Challenger expose the undertones of A Thousand Plateaus, Rosney and Doctor Van den Heuvel (absent in Deleuze's book) encapsulate the themes presented in Difference and Repetition. The term Inverse-Lovecraft rightly suits Rosney. Collapse III also includes the full transcription of the Speculative Realism conference at Goldsmiths University of London. The document features a fresh appearance from Iain Hamilton Grant who has been working on his now complete infernal machine, On Artificial Earth: Philosophies of Nature after Schelling. The Speculative Realism document is particularly important for a thoroughgoing discussion on horror, realism, causality and the truth of extinction.

Collapse III: Unknown Deleuze

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