October 22, 2004

Meatology of the Redeemer


Very truly, I tell you, unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink his blood, you have no life in you. Those who eat my flesh and drink my blood have eternal life, and I will raise them up on the last day.” (John 6:53-54)

I saw the movie two times; first time, just one week after it released. I was expecting a Baconian surgery of the crucifixion (the diffusion and slow melting of Cross into spinal cord, gradually gnawing at the root of the brain as a bio-occult prosthesis programmed to introduce body to forces and intensities, ungrounding the face from within) due to all propaganda about the movie that it has a brilliant anatomical narration on the event of Crucifixion -- Event-as-Entity in a Deleuze-Guattarian term -- but I was rather disappointed (should confess enjoyed the movie though), it was too Brave Heartish; plus, found it corresponding to this version of crucifixion (cross as a flying machine set to eat the body, chewing its meat, and consume enough flesh to give the body a lightness capable of handling the process of religious levitation, making it much more easier to fly and reach its idealist lightness). And the second time, nearly two months ago, I watched it in cinema at 11:00 pm, a perfect time to taste Golgothic Materialism. I was with a friend, we knew what expects us but a small group of moviegoers apparently had no clue about the notorious scenes. Everyone had a pocket of popcorn and chips, enthusiastically talking about the movie and the fact that such a blockbuster movie has come to Iran with no delay and no resistance from authorities. When lights turned off, I could hear them eating, cracking sounds made the atmosphere too noisy, but as soon as the notorious scourging scenes started all sounds faded. People moved in their seats in discomfort. Step by step, it made them more nervous but no one left. The edgy mood continued until the last breath of the Crucified, when his eye closed. A child loudly and with so much curiosity asked his parents, “Did he finally die?” it echoed in the salon as the perfect climax of the movie, the utter subversion of Crucifixion as a horror story. A question which is always asked at the end of a monster movie, the final death of the last Boss in videogames, the last breath of an undying demon whose death signals hundreds or perhaps thousands of sequels (The Christ Resurrection, The Christ: Genesis Project, The Calvary Massacre, …).


what I expected

He told his cult: “Those who eat my flesh and drink my blood abide in me, and I in them.” The act of self-mutilation to spawn and creates, to breed little Sons (little christs) and seed a cult only correspond with the demonic passion to spread a vast progeny, a snide and bloody answer to God’s creation engine. Did anyone remember the article, The AOE and the Brotherhood of Nine’ and its opening image?


Angra.minuy or Ahriman

It was Angra.minuy or as linguistically oversimplified Ahriman (the supreme deity of Xrafstra (Khrafstra), the pest-legion). I asked Robin undercurrent if he knows why his face is bizarrely twisted, ridiculously disfigured and he has funny big ears. The question went unanswered from my side. In mythologies, Gods or Titans are mostly self-fertilizing or fertilize each other to create but there is an exception, Ahriman’s method for creation is to turn his own body into a bloody slaughterhouse factory of creation (an ironic answer to clean pro-creationist dimension of cosmogony); whenever he desires to spawn a legion, to create, he cuts a part of his body, lacerates an organ, rips a piece of his flesh, mutilates his body and from that piece of flesh (nasu) he creates a legion, a cult, a religion devoted to himself. The wounds are cured in time, but scars remain, everywhere a machinery of fibrosis and mal-healing is at work, hordes of collagen molecules integrating in the regions of malefaction (criminal creation), new meat over wounds but always in the form cicatrix (more meat than is needed to heal the wounds): Ahriman as the traumatic Redeemer or the other way around.

The fungal resistance of the Christ (prolonged dying without climax or Did he finally die?) suffers no pesticide or anti-fungal solution, in the presence of pesticide or heat, it mutates, developing a new mode of endurance, living stealth and quiet, moving under wraps. If Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ looks as an anti-catholic movie, it is because Catholicism has been mutated long ago to what Gibson slyly maps in his work. Reversing the panorama from the bricks of a catholic Church to the flying pieces of the Christ’s flesh when he is scourged, it is the same old but hideously mutated politic of Catholicism. The demonic endurance of the Christ in Gibson’s movie is the bloodless heart of Catolicism itself: the beast never dies. (This is a fact that a Christian involuntarily misses.)

This is why Ibn Maymun, the ultimate occult-saboteur and Hyperstition engineer, recommends that the best solution is to sabotage Catholicism and all other modes of monotheism from within, poisoning them with their own toxin. Direct use of pesticide is too dangerous.

However, I have no hatred for the Crucified, simply because I am a Muslim. If I’m right, Robin Undercurrent wrote a piece on the movie and discussed that the hatred for the Crucified is much based on the duration and intensity of being exposed to its corruptive radiations; fortunately, as an Iranian I have not been exposed too much to its radiations. Besides, following Quran, if I take the islamic version of the story, I can say that the whole story of crucifixion is a lie; consequently, Gibson’s movie can be regarded as another stealth political maneuver of Catholicism (or in a more general sense, the Cult of the Crucified, the traumatic Redeemer).

“I do not look into monotheistic religions as Serat-o-al-Mostaghim (the direct path), nor do I curse them as ghouls of repression. I simply see them as generous mothers pregnant of their minorities, thousands, millions of them; a female scorpion devoured by its own children, ripped apart from the belly. This is what Ibn Maymun taught us.” (From Jay’s correspondences to Col. West)

Watch the Passion of the Christ as a stimulating carnographic horror movie (swarmed with sequels).

PS. I’m with Osa who finds strong snuff elements in the Gibson’s movie. As a movie-addict, I have followed necro-snuff movies for a long time. Yes, he is right. If you have a strong stomach and you can find this very hard-to-find title (Aftermath - 1994), watch it and see the similarities of this brilliant necro-snuff movie (full of references to Xianity and the flesh of the Christ) with The Passion of the Christ -- directed by another whacky Spaniard, Nacho Cerda.

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Reza, it's good to have you back.

Your description of Ahrimanic creativity got me thinking once again about the graticule, the grid/system of crisscrossing lines overlaid onto the map to facilitate representational clarity. Something I hadn't written about it over at dehiscence: the zeroing in on the detail is made possible by the multiplication of internal frames which replicate the form of the external frame. This gesture carries with it the associative chain which is associated with the map as a whole: the arbitration of an area of consideration, the possibility of demarcating measuring lines internal to the internal boxes, the system of coordination facilitating detail work (and intelligence gathering), but also replicating Drureresque invention of the outside on the inside, the oceanic dragons and chimeras slithering into the interior of the map, at last making possible the overwhelming of the representational image by monsters. Again, see the painting of Empedocles [ http://gallery.euroweb.hu/html/s/signorel/brizio/5/8decora3.html ].

The airiness of the area: By the Golden Dawn associations at least, there is a clear relationship of air, knife, and eye. Air comports light and makes vision possible. Spatialization being the also the possibility of the visual discernment between objects in their identity (necessary for things becoming property or possesssions). The area over which the graticule is laid is always seen from an aerial perspective, a bird's-eye view, eagle's eye, all-seeing eye, and eye in the heavens. And graticule lines were often indexed on early maps by daggers at the border.

[Disciples: literally pupils [round windows which receive]. And death is always consummated with the closure of an eye.]

Craig -- Fascinating stuff. Early last summer, partly as a result of reading Crowley's The Vision and the Voice, I had a dream I, as a child and along with a lot of other children, had been abducted by a half-man-half-scorpion creature.

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The phage got it again (reza)
Reposted cause the phage got it...

'I simply see them as generous mothers pregnant of their minorities, thousands, millions of them; a female scorpion devoured by its own children, ripped apart from the belly.'

Mark also wrote in the previous post:

'Christ is about a cut, a break in the cycle of abuse. Instead of being the abuse victim of Catholic iconography, Christ is a child abductor - 'only he who hates his father and mother can follow me' - the one who snatches the child from the cycle of time, from the grips of Kronos, 'the most honest of fathers'.'

My own experiments have led to interesting conclusions, the mention of the scorpion touched off an association cascade within my experiences, so please forgive the impending ramble.

Consuming several tabs of LSD a little over a year ago, I communed with what I term the Scorpion Gods in an episode that I can explain either as an alien abduction experience or the awakening of kundalini.

Being confronted with a vision of a Giant Scorpion, I was informed that the knowledge of 'soul-killing' would be imparted to me. This an interesting referential link to Morrison's Invisibles, which I had read - King Mob deals with the scorpion loa and the 'Assassin Gods'. FWIW I suspect a personal-cultural gloss was being run but am not sure.

The scorpion then proceeded to sting me, by some freakish non-Euclidian means, inserting its tail through the anus and pumping venom into me, which I noted, began its passage up through my spinal fluid towards my brain, igniting the chakras as it went.

Seeing/feeling flesh quiver as the poison progressed, I was informed that the knowledge of fluidic transmutation would be made inherent within me - through the death of ego, One would recall how to manufacture soma or venom in such a way that transmission of said bodily fluids would have an effect. Physical pain was experienced upon egoic death at the point of exiting the crown chakra.

In the Western Mystery Tradition, Gabriel stands at the West, directly behind the magician in the LBRP. Symbolically his creatures are the scorpion and the snake. Barrett associates him with the Moon. It is said that a scorpion will sting itself to death when ringed by fire, suggesting it is by nature open to Death as a transformative process.

Consider the parable of the scorpion stinging his mount even while they are in the river - acting solely according to its nature as killer. This is of course backed up by the legend that it was Gabriel who destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah.

It is said that Gabriel transmitted the message of the Lord to Mary prior to her being overshadowed by the Spirit. He also appears to Daniel to explain his vision. There is also a legend in the Talmud that Gabriel saved the baby Moses from initial slaughter by the Pharaoh, and because of that is responsible for his speech impediment by guiding the babe to press a heated coal to his lips, proving to the king that the child was not a threat. He also told Zechariah about the coming of his son, John the Baptist. An interesting note is that the Mandean religion (which is extremely gnostic in nature and deserves looking at) holds that John was actually the Messiah. It appears that John was a Nazarite Jew and Gabriel is also said to have foretold the birth of Samson - another prominent Nazarite Jew. The Nazarites took a set of vows that set them apart from the rest - in effect dedicating them to God. According to some commentators, the town of Nazareth was so named because of the high proportion of Nazarites within its population.

It is entirely possible that Jesus eventually took the Nazarite vow, and that his interactions with John the Baptist were related to their shared choice.

In any case, if we take Gabriel as the Agent of God when dealing with Mary, the injection of bodily fluid - in this case meta-semen into the womb as soma provides the initiatory kick to allow the generation of the fusion of God and Flesh.

Intriguingly, to the Germanic peoples, the Moon was male and went by the name of Mani. This is related to the rune Mannaz that has associations with the achievement of maximal human potential and essential connexion to the gods. Could this be yet another reference to the achievability of Divinity or Messiahood within each of us?

In terms of Tarot, the Moon deals with the realms of watery unconscious and the so-called psychic sensorium. There is an implication again of fluidity. It is associated with Yesod and thusly the ninth path in the QBLH. Associated with Joseph as seer of dreams - and when Joseph was sold to the Midianites he was stripped naked, God sent Gabriel to transform the amulet he wore into a long garment that covered him. He wore it as Potiphar's slave and later as Viceroy of Egypt. Gabriel also taught Joseph the languages required - 70 - to be ruler of Egypt after which he added ن (heh) to his name. Heh means window, or revealer. It also means 'the'. Thus in this context, the addition of the letter makes him Joseph the Revealer.

Being as Gabriel is the mechanism of transmission, the Messenger of God who brings knowledge to those who he interacts with, the suggestion that Scorpion-Snake as Announcer and Initiator and Poisoner-Assassin that uses the fluids of the body seems indicative of some relation to DNA.

Notably, the sacramental priests of Judaism are descended from Aaron. It should be noted as well that it was Aaron who turned Moses staff into a snake, and who stretched out his staff to cause the first three
plagues on Egypt. In Lower Egypt, snakewands IIRC were carried by the priests, and for the Egyptians there was no distinction between religion and magick. According to Jewish tradition it is Aaron who read the signs for the elders before they went to see pharaoh too.

So we have Aaron performing magick as an initiated man in the court of the pharaoh - just as the sorcerers of the king. Aaron making a golden calf and saying to the Israelites here are your *gods* plural.

Aaron of the tribe of Levi, first High Priest or Kohein Gadol or Israel, ancestor of all kohein or priests. The C/Kohanim are the hereditary line of priests who perform functions in the Temple involving animal sacrifice and other sacred Mysteries. They have the rights of aliyah or first blessing over the Torah on the Sabbath.

Recent studies carried out on populations of kohanim have indicated common elements in the Y chromosome indicative of a common male ancestor. One of these populations is the Lemba, Black Jews of South Africa, just for kicks.

One should note that after the destruction of the Temple, the importance of the Kohein lessened, and rabbis took over mostly. However, it appears as if descendants of a sorcerer served the mystic
function of the Israelites.

Further, if one recalls the fact that only the High Priest was able to enter the Holy of Holies in the Temple. In the first Temple period, this small room contained the Ten Commandments, but after its destruction was supposedly kept empty, with only the High Priest entering once a year. Zechariah was High Priest, meaning that John the Baptist must have been kohanim, being a descendant of Aaron. Elisabeth, mother of John was referred to as a Daughter of Aaron and since those within the tribe of Levi intermarried, there is a possibility of that DNA being passed onto Jesus since Mary and Elisabeth were related.

Whether or not Jesus carried Aaron’s DNA is unclear, however it’s not really a problem if we realize that Jesus was of the line of Jacob. Joseph was Jacob’s son, and he had experiences with Gabriel as already mentioned. Further some sources suggest that it was Gabriel who wrestled with Jacob and displaced his hip. The genetic heritage of the Israelites, and by possible extension, the Semitic peoples in general, is traced back to Abraham – suggesting the possibility that the DNA structure remains somewhat similar.

So then, could it then be that the Messenger, the Scorpion-Snake is the form taken which enables an individual to ‘read’ their DNA by directly experiencing it in sensory form, achieving Illumination in the context of consciousness?

9 is the number of psychopomps such as Anubis and Odin/Woden. We see that Gabriel is associated with the Tarot card of the Hanged Man. Woden is known as Hangatyr – or lord of the hanged – Gallows Lord and other names which relate to his hanging upon the World Tree for 9 nights, sacrificed self to self with a spear in his side. At the end of the period, the god wins the runes which he then uses in sorceries.

Barrett associates 9 with Hod which seemingly contradicts its relation to Yesod and the Moon until we consider that Hod performs analysis and coolly draws forth from the chthonic forces of Yesod. Its planet is Mercury with all that it implies, being associated with the Tarot card of the Magician. It is thusly associated with Aaron, while Netzach is associated with Moses.

Thusly, Magician/Adept/Revealer/Opener of the Ways is in actuality one that is able to ‘descend’ to the watery realm of the Ancestral Memory/Land of the Dead and bring forth knowledge of the Memory forth into the world.

Uniting the spheres of Netzach and Hod, and performing operations within Yesod brings the Adept to Tiphareth. Where Netzach and Hod are Feeling and Thinking respectively, so we see Woden as being served by Huginn and Muninn.

The similarity to uniting the hemispheres of the brain is striking. If we consider the Flesh to be that which is brought forth from the DNA, then in the case of Jesus, Gabriel brings the Anointed One into being. Christ-as-Adept then performs the operation on his physical intrusion into the sphere of Yesod – being the DNA found in his blood, as DNA is the physical record of all life on this planet and begins rendering it as Soma-pathogen to allow his disciples to do the same.

Being the agent of self-mutilation and DisEase, Christ serves as Adversary to the Jewish Law. Body and blood, he is an infectious viral agent that tears down the structures built – being Arihman attempting to break free of the prison placed around it. Providing the Golden Soma, he transmits the elixir of immortality in direct contravention of the decree of the Demiurgos in order to allow humanity to regain what was taken from them by the tyrannical Creator(s) for daring to express free will and following the words of the Serpent Sammael-Gabriel and gaining awareness of ‘nakedness’.

The knowledge of Good and Evil is self-awareness. The knowledge that the Demiurgos fears humanity because we are its equals and thusly we have been blinded. The sacrificial nature of the Adept, that is, one who is ‘holy’ or set apart is indicative the true nature. By altering one’s consciousness through interactions with the Serpent-Kundalini – undergoing the transformative states of Death, one is resurrected and aware of one’s place and potential. Now set apart, one becomes an infectious agent, an initiator, and agent provocateur. In control of one’s own body, one may access what lies within to serve as elixir of Death-Illumination.

Regarding Christ as abductor of children it is interesting to note the synchronicity that the translation of INRI in English is King of the Jews. In Germanic mythology there is an entity known as the erlking – supposedly a spirit that works much mischief and abducts children. In Middle English, erl means warrior or noble. In Danish, the same entity is called ellerkonge – or king of the elves. The OE form of king is cyning from the P. GMC Kunningaz. It is possible that this relates to the word cynn which we now source for our word ‘kin’ suggesting that the king is the one who has rulership of his family/people – or is of noble birth. Upon looking at the P. GMC root of the word, English speakers may see the similarity between kunningaz and the English word ‘cunning’. That word has the P. GMC root of kunnan which means to be mentally able or have knowledge of. This is related to the OE word ‘couth’ that only exists today within its own negative – uncouth. Kunnan has PIE roots in ‘gen’ and ‘gno’. The ‘gen’ may be the source of ‘ken’ but this remains unproven. Meanwhile, most are aware of the meaning of gno.

Thus, king may mean ‘One who has knowledge of his people/race/family’. Further, it should be noted that the erlking is said sometimes to lead the Wild Hunt, a function mostly performed by Woden in Germanic countries. Further, the god is often seen as a warrior, lending a strange synchronicity to the name as ‘warrior-king’. The symbolic links between warrior and Adept are well known within the symbolism of the occult.

Knowledge of one’s bloodline/potential and the uses of that information leads back to the practices of the Adept. It should also be noted that to the Jews, the Messiah was one who was to set them free from the Romans – indeed, some of Jesus’ disciples were Zealots and many expected a warrior-king.

However, instead of an overt leader leading an army, in Jesus they discovered a disturbing ontological terrorist, whose very flesh and blood was viral in nature – the heresy of the transmission of the emissions of internal alchemy, mutating and hijacking its new hosts to produce new strains of the plague. The prolonged death of the Crucifixion had Christ keeping the Door open as long as possible to allow the Outside in.

At the Ninth hour, Jesus died. Returning three days later as a fully transmuted being, and on Pentecost the Adept ignites the fire of Kundalini in his disciples, allowing the Virus to fully colonise the forms of the disciples and begin the further transmission.

The horror of the Crucifixion is, at base level, horror that one would choose to stand on the Threshold through choice for so long. The androgyne Satan moving through the crowd provokes discord, speeding the events that will lead to the Death of an Adept. ‘Did he finally die?’ is a wish for it to be over, for the door between inside and outside to remain open for as short a time as possible.

Catholicism, with its ritual nature, subconsciously understands the underlying structures that reveal the Mysteries. Gibson’s glory of the Crucifixion is the glory of the Crossing of the Threshold. The damage to the body is revealed in unflinching detail – even with glee – sanctifying it, making it holy by lingering on it a way that, in every day life, we would wish it over with quickly. This emphasis on the holy nature of Christ is a direct attempt by the makers to inject Otherness into the increasingly homogenous society. An attempt by Catholicism to point out its qualifications once again as a Mystery tradition in the face of an increasing drive towards looking for the sense of sacred divinity.

Yet, by focusing on the mechanism by which their Master Adept achieves his status, the Church actually shoots itself in the foot. Revealing the central Mystery as baldly as it does, it leaves no room for build-up. The money-shot without the foreplay – leaving those it wishes to come to it with the answers right in front of them.

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