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"One should not miss the fact that the fog-of-war is also agitated and contagiously spread by the frenzy of warmachines, their dynamism and lines of tactics. Denser fog carries more violent warmachines.

Disciples, now, are the occultists of the Aer, the mistmare...Fog or Aer is an Outsider, it accompanies (and aids) the frenzied Wendol which must be, in fact, the famous Berserkirs (bear-warriors) and Ulfhednars (wolf-warriors from which lycanthropy has emerged), the true and the most enthusiastic initiates of Odinn-Wodan and War. Dumezil writes in Les dieux des Germains, “in the ideology and practice of the Germans, war invaded everything, colored everything”...

While the Mother protects them beneath the Erath, feeds them and opens its children to xeno-excitations to see WAR, the Fog directly engulfs them with xeno-excitations of war, implants a radical vision within them to be absorbed by war, and simultaneously makes them blind (blind war-crazed aliens from the realm of Odinn-Wodan). Interestingly, the fog gives them an infernomatic dynamism, they look as a dragon, a giant serpent as they come through the Fog. The mother is the war-sorceress of the Earth’s nether and the Fog is the war-diviner of the surface, so there is a bond between darkness as Tenebrae (the darkness of shadowland, the underworld and the Earth’s tellurian insurgencies -- Hel) and darkness as Aer (the darkness of the mist, the inter-stellar dust, atmospheric pollution -- the Mistmare)"

Irrelevancy Reza? I highly doubt it. Woden's Heiti, which are names, but in their earlier form of namn - being a combination Aspect/Form/Power wherein Foucaultian unpeeling of language /has not occurred/ and thus the name of a thing /is/ a thing - seem to back you up.

Gapthrosnir -"One in a Gaping Frenzy"
Hroptr -"Tumult"
Oğinn -"Frenzied One"
Oğr -"Frenzy" ,"Fury", "Divine Inspiration"
Ginnarr -"Deceiver"
Gizur -"Riddler"
Helbllindi -"Host Blinder"
Svafnir -"Sleep Bringer"
Viğur -"Killer"

Biflindi - "Spear/Shield Shaker"
Böğgæğir -"Battle Enhancer"
Bragi - "Chieftain"
Darrağr - "Spearman"
Drighten of the Spear
Geirloğnir -"Spear Inviter"
Geirtyr -"Spear God"
Geirvaldr - "Spear Master"
Gunnar -"Warrior"
Herjafoğr - "Father of Battle"
Hergautr -"Host Gautr"
Herran - "Lord"
Herjan - "Harrier"
Herteit - "Glad of War"
Hertyr -"Host God"
Hildolf - "Battle Wolf"
Hjaldrgegnir -"Engager of Battle"
Hjaldrgoğ -"God of battle"
Hjalmberi -"Helm Bearer"
Hnikarr -"Spear Thruster"
Hroptr -"God" or "The Maligned One" or "Hidden One"

Rognir - "Chief"
Sváfnir -"Closer"
Thrasarr - "Quareller"
Valgautr - "Slaughter Gautr"
Váfuğr Gungnis - "Swinger of Gungnir"
Völundr rómu - "Smith of Battle"

With his three brothers, Villi and Ve, Odin made mankind from the trees Aske and Embla. Odin gave These three are actually hypostases of each other Thus, Woden gave them the divine breath, or ond.

This is found to be not simple breath, but rather the air that teems with the potentiality inherent within Divinity, seen in the roiling storm-clouds with their chaotic ions as lighning crackles among them.

The Slain the Valfather chooses for Ragnarok are thusly War-Machines. They fight each other, destroying each other, yet return to health before each day in Valhalla is done. Their tactics become ever more and more complex, ever more formless and chaotic in order to achieve victory over the Primal forces of the Sons of Muspell.

The death of the heroes and their Lord is the epitome of formlessness. By dying, they may infect the enemy and hijack him to their own ends. This is the case when Woden is devoured by Fenrir - the Wolf being the 'solve' portion of the great alchemical maxim, the devourer and destroyer.

Fenrir is then torn in two by the Valfather's son Vidar the Silent, jaws forced apart to allow Woden egress. Formless, the god leaves, permeating the new world formed after Ragnarok.

I believe that it is no accident that I have beheld the Old Man in manifest form on misty days, or those with heavy rain or drizzle.

Nor am I surprised by the fact that Nifelheim, where Hel has her hall, is a land of darkness and mist. Woden is present in all three planes (Upper, Middle, Higher) that reside on the vertical axis of the World Tree.

He is present upon the Mound in Hel's domain, from where he calls up the Voluspa or Seeress. Draugadrottin - Lord of Ghosts"
Hlefreyr -"Mound Lord"

Present in Midgard as Wanderer:
Farmognuğr - "Journey Empowerer"
Farmoguğr - "Journey-Empowerer"
Frariği -"One Who Rides Forth"
Fundinn -"The Found"
Gangleri -"Wanderer"
Gangrağr - "Journey Advisor"
Gestr - "Guest"
Gestumblindi -"The Blind Guest"
Speedy One, The
Vegtamr -"Way Tamer"
Viğfraeger -"Wide Famed"

In Upper:
Bragi - "Chieftain"
Fimbultyr - "Mighty God"
Foldardróttinn - "Lord of the Earth"
Goğjağarr -"God Protector"
Gramr Hliğskjalfar - King of Hliğskjalf Haptabeiğir -"Ruler of Gods"
Haptaguğ - "God of Gods", "God of Men" Haptasnytrir - "Teacher of Gods"
Harri Hliğskjalfar -"Lord of Hliğskjalf"
Hár -"High One"

There is evidence that Tiw was once the primary god of the Germanic pantheon as Sky-Father in the classical Indo-European way, but was supplanted by/stepped aside for Woden. This may simply mean that Woden's nature as Chief god is purely due to his status as Adept-Assassin-King.

Further, mist is formed from water droplets - melted ice. Hagalaz is the rune of hail - dirty ice. When moved from a two-dimensional space into a solid, Hagalaz is capable of containing the entire Futhorc.

Whereas the realm of the Dark Mother/Hel/Tiamat is associated with the waters - that is, all things linked together in a liquid form, so Aer is the essential potential that permeates and is also permeable.

Gaining knowledge from that Goddess - Tiamat giving the tablets to Qingu, Woden gaining a seeing from the Voluspa, the Aer rises up.

Smoke/Mist on the water. The Mistmare thus also penetrates and is engulfed by the Waters - clumped together to form more water.

Thus, at its most rarefied and High, it is composed of the same stuff as the thick waters Below, teaching the essential Mystery of As above, So below.

If we see Mid as Earth then what we have is the waters coalescing, grouping together to give Form and solidity, while the Aer is the breaking apart of the Earth into Dust in the High.

It should be noted that Aer, Earth and Water are equally present in all worlds/planes. The movement within these bodies gives rise to movement of Electrons.

In certain conditions, the Electrons make themselves manifest in the form of an electrical storm, thus uniting Sky and Earth in the form of lightning, that brings Fire.

Those who are Dragons come through the Aer as products of the Waters, the cool blood of the waters given hard outer form (shell/scale) by their passage through the Aer.

The agents of Tiamat are thusly the Warrior-Adepts (Assassins/Knights Templar/Ulfhednars/Berserkers) coming forth to recruit folks in the War/Jihad.

The Outsiders given form to infect Hosts which will turn upon the Kings of the World in Wars of Ontology - Warriors striking as guerilla ontologists against the status Quo and the children of Marduk who brought it on themselves.

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No time, no time, no time. Only:

"Every name in history is I" [ http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&lr=&q=%22jalal+toufic%22+%22every+name+in+history+is+i%22&btnG=Search ]

A discussion of the fey, the mist-dwellers, the bezerkers, the doomed. [ ]

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Realy good site!

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