October 24, 2004

Ibn Maymun, a legion

Wandering among many emails I have received during the last month, I encountered a note from a fellow countryman and Hyperstition reader: he has pointed out that the man Iím speaking about as Ibn Maymun is not Persian and is not an occultist so I have given wrong information. He has added Ibn Maymun is a Spanish philosopher and physician.

Answer: well, it depends Ö there are many Ibn Maymuns in history but two of them are very famous.

1. Abu Imran Musa ibn Maymun ibn 'Ubayd Allah (or as simplified in the west: Maimonides), the Jewish philosopher and physician born in Cordoba (1135-1204), famous for his scholarly and influential studies, he is also known as the Second Musa (Moses).

2. Abdallah ibn Maymun, Iranian occultist, occult-saboteur, Hyperstition engineer, the founder of Batiniyya whose main activity was concentrating militarism and religion through collective occultism (later, Batiniyya completely dissolved into Isma'ili sect, leaded by Hasan I-Sabah), one of the hidden Imams of Isma'ilis and a disobedient conspiracist. There are few texts on Ibn Maymun and they are mostly in Farsi and Arabic, I couldnít find important English texts on his life especially because his thoughts and occult theories are entirely unknown to the western tradition of occultism and Hyperstition engineering (Attn CCRU Shanghai). Suffice to say, he has been called the faceless man, infamous for his thirst to rebel and undermine all institutions, religions and schools of thought. His theories are so complex and deeply rooted in eastern thought that western occultists can hardly understand. However, this enigmatic person changed the history of the Middle East. It is not an exaggeration if I say that the perplexing contemporary polytics of the Middle East is highly connected to his cultural / religious sabotages in the region during the most sensitive times in the history of Islam and the Middle East (he has messed with Middle Eastern religions and cultures too much).

Attn Undercurrent: Studying Ibn Maymun is also important for he was a Muslim/Jewish/ Zoroastrian /Yazidi (or Yezidi) who turned syncretic Yazidi beliefs into practical military / political strategies and theories.

I am not sure; I may translate a collection of his remarks and fragmentary texts in the future.

For now: I could find two articles about Ibn Maymun and his activities on the net; I should warn they are based on incomplete or sometimes wrong information scrambled by western interpretations and personal oversimplifications but they can give you a clue about this advocator of the Z. crowd and Hyperstition puppetism.

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