November 03, 2004


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I can't comment yet...but if it continues as it is here, I can agree with it. I wonder however, whether the difference between a sorcerer and necromancer is in actuality that different - personally, it appears as if there are individuals that are both sorcerers and necromancers combined.

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...magick represents diversing lines of intersections and explorations that resembles the diversing lines found in the continually explored musick of the dj ( the linear notes to the early works of dj spooky and realise his splicing of deleuzian/ guattarian terrains into his musick and setting forth the seeds for the current dj nations and tribes that continue to intersect: diverse: and continued changed and changing...) -

as a black cherokee male with strong shamanic tendencies: i can tell you that within the shamanic community there exists diversing levels to enter as a shaman and there doesn't exist per se the hard cold 'facts' other than shamans are the navigators into spaces that intersect and diversifies into further ongoing expanding/compressing space and spaces.....

the essay here though i will add to my personal litany of study and studies......

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This notion of the 'Levis' I find fascinating in terms of the lightness it suggests, the sorcerer (in terms of the line of escape that you make your subject)...the sorcerer as escape artist, surface skimmer, pond skater on limited surface tension.

My own analysis of DG and sorcery takes a line of descent in that I find the atavistic drop rather than the levitational leap to be closer to the practical experimentations with sorcerous metaphysics I carry out. This is more Spare influenced however but also relates perhaps to something like the love of the abject (in a sort of inversion of Kristeva perhaps). Necromancy may be closer to this atavistic practice perhaps.

Interesting blog, will return to see more.

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Very nice site!

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