December 01, 2004

Sorcerers and Necromancers: anabatic lines (part V)

The last part of this essay about the line of escape, before exploring strategies of necromancers (a chapter which is still unfinished):

Deleuze-Guattarian escapism may deprive of its sorcerous polytics right at the moment of bursting (exploding) with its full maneuverability in the presence of climatologic factors, slope-process and flexible lattices of gravity verticals which use dynamism to reform and revitalize themselves. This, however, is regarded as an opportunity by necromancers (another instance of subversion, occult-sabotage and radical sorcerous polytics as it will be discussed) but it glooms as a failure in functionality or a disappointing setback by escapist sorcerers. Explosion (ex- + plaudere) turns a line of flight into an enthusiastic (plaudere) carrier of solidus towards the outside (ex-), a line of spectacle (a line of flight enriched by solid contents). Who can deny the religious zeal of Hollywood for explosions, the squawking lines of volatilis? (it’s show time!) When utilized escapism (or an appropriated line-of-escape) reaches an intensive displaceability (which usually occur as a transient / instantaneous state) it becomes resistant to the synthetic textum of the verticals of gravity, a ‘woven’ latticework which platonically manages (governs) all entities that it sets in motion (in Timaeus, Plato describes these “vital chains” as what effectuate motion not restrain it) to produce an infinity which essentially necessitates sempiternal movements, and at the same time making them grounded.


Excursus II: the grounded infinity and the master of pseudo-flux

“... a striated space of this kind is necessarily delimited, closed on at least one side” (Deleuze and Guattari, ATP, p.475)

Rudimentary flight through such a spatial-ground (or woven infinity), to this extent, is not an act of escape but ensnarling the net whose task is employing all modes of movement to expand a non-volumetric grounded space. ‘Desiring for infinity’ lucratively contributes to the spatializing process of the grund. Unbounded from one side while being grounded (closed at the other side), the line of flight do nothing but becoming a master of pseudo-flux, the miraculous irrigator of the ground and the economy of solidus, an uber-agent of striated space, a Saviour. A true sorcery, initially, requires a cunning clandestine machine, a line of cataflight to remove, neutralize or subvert the grounding processes of the binding side (or according to Deleuze and Guattari, “the closed side” capable of weaving an infinity as a homogenous striated space) which turns every line of flight into a champion of the spatial-ground, a binding side (or end) which exploits infinity as an unbound raum, a full accommodating system, a boundless boundary; the closed side is the ground. The first task of sorcery should be unleashing a strategy towards the ground or the binding side, otherwise, sorcery has a limitless potential to prostitute all lines of escape, being a determined pimp of the ground and solidus. Ironically, the initial task of sorcery happens on the ‘frontline’ of the battle: undermining the ground, engineering the corpse of solidus, awakening the Unground -- towards the alkhemy of the Earth -- igniting the potenz of the Unground. If the first step of alchemy is fermentation or unleashing the seething and pestilentially corruptive potenz of ‘black matter’ (corpus) through matter (not seeking to control or conduct it); then the first task of sorcery unfolds in alchemy, the chemistry of Unground.


Despite its resistance to the textum of gravity, the line of explosion (volatilis) plots a new panorama of ‘ground fertilization’. Volatilis is a sedimentary flight, its intensive / instantaneous displaceability instates a climax-oriented space of solid engineering, subserviently erupting and ceasing for the ground. Volatilis economizes intensities through a mechanism similar to ejaculatory emission, turning intensities to pressures, forces, manned vehicles and instigators of shape. The explosive emission of volatilis can deliver and spread solid at any place and any moment, without the risk of being caught, weakened or subverted by insurgent entities. It is efficient and clean, not only in its mobilizing activities but in the way it dis-seminates a regime of vestigiums, leaving behind an empire of signs (what is more theatrically provoking than explosion, than trajectories it leaves in space?) and hotheaded lines which are pure in their commotion yet unsophisticated and naïve in their tendency to carry solid contents of the grund with an uncontrollable enthusiasm (plaudere), concealing (in the sense of giving a new Face) the macro-politics of the State in a volatile semiotic space.

The line of explosion (ex-plaudere) is a combined war-machine of fierce anabatic waves and sedimentology, not only does it transport all solid products of the volumetric ground to a non-volumetric level (partaking in formation of the spatial-ground) but also saves the macro-politics of the State by inoculating it with intensities, reforming and restoring it in a volatile state i.e. a higher level of solidus management.

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