February 22, 2006

Packaging Politics

If anyone is still interested in chewing over the meaning and mutations of political labels, this discussion of vocabulary at the centre of the contemporary Anglospherean political universe might be a good jumping-off point.

It follows upon Glenn Reynolds' response to this rather unappetizing suggestion.

"Looking at the list of 'crunchy con' characteristics on the back cover I'm quite sure I don't fit the description (can you be a libertarian transhumanist crunchy-con? I doubt it) ..."

February 20, 2006

Political Subtleties

Sometimes the term 'Islamofascism' seems just a tad understated.

February 18, 2006


February 16, 2006

While we're still foot-tapping ...

Having recently received an invitation to provide an updated Hyperstition definition, I was wondering:
Anybody interested in making a suggestion (or several)?

While we're foot-tapping ...

Most important show on TV, and it's named after a number.