July 08, 2004

A question on the Tellurian Insider and Cyberspace

>>> A Tellurian line across the Numogram concretizes the 'transcendental', but it also transcendentalizes the seething plasma-intelligence of Cthelll (which the K-goths also do by embedding the cyberspace grid into the Tellurian magnetosphere) (Nick).

Nick, sorry I know you have already answered these questions in various places but for our readers and anyone else interested, could you answer how the process of transcendentalizing the Cthelllectronics by the K-goths takes form?

Or in another format, how does the Earth’s xenochemical Insider (The Core, Magnetizing Hell, The Black Egg?) creep into the cyberspace grid? And following our discussions, that plasma-intelligence of Cthelll or the Insider assembles a Tellurian cult wherever it creeps (the cult of oil, dust, magneto-insurgency, etc) or constantly incites Telluro-occultural insurgencies: any broad pathway for interlocking with the Tellurian Insider through the cyberspace grid?

Thank you (and no need to hurry).

From CCRU glossary:

K-goth (see Cybergothic): Dark-side web-underground subculture characterized by Y2K-positive time-schizophrenization, anti-Microsoft digital agitation, Micropause and Synatives abuse, Catajungle, and ameiotic libido. [See A-Death, Crypt, Cyberschiz].

Cthelll: Earth's iron ocean, comprising one third of terrestrial mass, approximately three thousand km below the surface. Intensive megamolecule.

Cthelllectronics: Auto-engineering pragmatics of anorganic terrestrial intelligence, emergent from the ionic swirls of Cthelll, it intersects with the electromagnetic fields of the technostrata. According to the K-Goths, when the web switches to Cthelllectronics it calves-off into the Crypt.

Crypt: Dark-twin of the Net, characterized by intense K-Goth influence, A-Death inactivism, Cyberschiz tendencies, and Lemurian cultural affinities.

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Sounds like something from Iris needs 'digging up' for this - might take a while (as you suggest)

Posted by: Nick at July 11, 2004 02:45 AM



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