November 20, 2004



Recently saw Catherine Breillat’s Romance-X, the controversial French movie.

I didn’t enjoy it in its wholeness but it could be a great movie if it was stripped from that thick intellectual sentimentalism. However, strangely, the movie gives us many clues that it is not a movie about gender issues or sexuality but a horror story, an occult expedition towards anti-creationist creativity of motherhood, a topic (here and here) we pursued a while ago. It is hard for western feminists to grasp motherhood as a profound occultural sorcery -- not an anti-masculine practice but a caustically ironic answer to the whole creation and its solidus-agents, an insectoid participation in creation, an arch-sabotage -- in terms of subversion and undermining -- in its monopoly. Germaine Greer in The Whole Woman follows the line but she does not succeed to plunge into deeper recesses (although Greer does not fail in her task), possibly because of coming through an ineradicable background unwillingly spoiled by decadent western intellectualism. I think Bouhdiba and Mernissi grasp the panorama more radically (more later in ‘Women in WoT: towards eradication of man”)


“As the Mother begets the Son, the Son begets the Mother; His act is creative counterpoint of the process. By begetting the Mother, he purifies her. He purifies her and himself, uno acto. He turns the ‘Babylonian Whore’ into a Virgin.” (Robert, Romance-X)

... this does not mean that the process can not be reversible: from a Virgin to the Mother of Abominations, the ultimate anti-creationist Creativity towards Solidus. (Mother as ‘in-between’) Motherhood does not presupposes ‘He’; it is ‘He’ that rises through the sorcerous participation, the Motherhood

and it is ‘He’ that never knows 'it' (hit) is pregnant of another woman.


“The Mother of Abominations is a nocturnal tide. Her tendrils are nanites, Pest molecules, GAS fluxes of the Mist-Crawler. A rigorously unimaginable upheaval or subsidence of vision is required for ‘one’ to latch onto its liquidation in this way, sliding from an initial identification with anthropomorphic history and quotidian political survival into a pursuit of the process. This way lies madness, which is in all probability inevitable.

In another sense it presupposes madness …" (Nick Land)

“Solid mocks itself; pestis solidus.” (RN)

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>>more later in ‘Women in WoT: towards eradication of man”)

yeah, right.

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