March 10, 2005

Shoggoth Materials

In preparation for an extended excursion into xenoplasmic extra-territoriality - on the trail of 'Doctor' Hank H. Hackhammer's 'Shoggothic Materialism' - here are some relevant passages from Lovecraft's epic The Mountains of Madness (with minimal commentary).

A little preliminary context:

"For this place could be no ordinary city. It must have formed the primary nucleus and center of some archaic and unbelievable chapter of earth's history whose outward ramifications, recalled only dimly in the most obscure and distorted myths, had vanished utterly amidst the chaos of terrene convulsions long before any human race we know had shambled out of apedom. Here sprawled a Palaeogaean megalopolis compared with which the fabled Atlantis and Lemuria, Commoriom and Uzuldaroum, and Olathoc in the land of Lomar, are recent things of today - not even of yesterday; a megalopolis ranking with such whispered prehuman blasphemies as Valusia, R'lyeh, Ib in the land of Mnar, and the Nameless city of Arabia Deserta."

Deep inside the ancient catacombs our intrepid explorers are drawn into the intricate dot-patterns that relate the abysmal history of the Old Ones:

"The prime decorative feature was the almost universal system of mural sculpture, which tended to run in continuous horizontal bands three feet wide and arranged from floor to ceiling in alternation with bands of equal width given over to geometrical arabesques. There were exceptions to this rule of arrangement, but its preponderance was overwhelming. Often, however, a series of smooth cartouches containing oddly patterned groups of dots would be sunk along one of the arabesque bands. When cartouches with dot groups appeared - evidently as inscriptions in some unknown and primordial language and alphabet - the depression of the smooth surface was perhaps an inch and a half, and of the dots perhaps a half inch more."

"The things once rearing and dwelling in this frightful masonry in the age of dinosaurs were not indeed dinosaurs, but far worse. Mere dinosaurs were new and almost brainless objects - but the builders of the city were wise and old, and had left certain traces in rocks even then laid down well nigh a thousand million years - rocks laid down before the true life of earth had advanced beyond plastic groups of cells - rocks laid down before the true life of earth had existed at all. They were the makers and enslavers of that life, and above all doubt the originals of the fiendish elder myths which things like the Pnakotic Manuscripts and the Necronomicon affrightedly hint about. They were the great 'Old Ones' that had filtered down from the stars when earth was young - the beings whose substance an alien evolution had shaped, and whose powers were such as this planet had never bred. ... Of course, the infinitely early parts of the patchwork tale - representing the preterrestrial life of the star-headed beings on other planets, in other galaxies, and in other universes - can readily be interpreted as the fantastic mythology of those beings themselves; yet such parts sometimes involved designs and diagrams so uncannily close to the latest findings of mathematics and astrophysics that I scarcely know what to think."

Better not even to mention such things ... "But it had to be; for we could not issue our warning intelligently without the fullest possible information, and the issuance of that warning is a prime necessity. Certain lingering influences in that unknown antarctic world of disordered time and alien natural law make it imperative that further exploration be discouraged."

Been thinking for a while that we need an Antarctic agent.
Shoggoths coming up ...

"It was under the sea, at first for food and later for other purposes, that they first created earth life - using available substances according to long-known methods. The more elaborate experiments came after the annihilation of various cosmic enemies. They had done the same thing on other planets, having manufactured not only necessary foods, but certain multicellular protoplasmic masses capable of molding their tissues into all sorts of temporary organs under hypnotic influence and thereby forming ideal slaves to perform the heavy work of the community. These viscous masses were without doubt what Abdul Alhazred whispered about as the 'Shoggoths' in his frightful Necronomicon, though even that mad Arab had not hinted that any existed on earth except in the dreams of those who had chewed a certain alkaloidal herb."

It has been plausibly rumoured that the 'Mad Arab' Abdul Alhazred (note to Thelemites - 'AL has read') was in fact at least half-Persian and conducted his most notorious sorceries in Qom, prior to being devoured alive by a Shoggoth in the centre of Damascus.
But back to Shoggoths ...

"When the star-headed Old Ones on this planet had synthesized their simple food forms and bred a good supply of Shoggoths, they allowed other cell groups to develop into other forms of animal and vegetable life for sundry purposes, extirpating any whose presence became troublesome. With the aid of the Shoggoths, whose expansions could be made to lift prodigious weights, the small, low cities under the sea grew to vast and imposing labyrinths of stone not unlike those which later rose on land. ... The steady trend down the ages was from water to land - a movement encouraged by the rise of new land masses, though the ocean was never wholly deserted. Another cause of the landward movement was the new difficulty in breeding and managing the Shoggoths upon which successful sea life depended. With the march of time, as the sculptures sadly confessed, the art of creating new life from inorganic matter had been lost, so that the Old Ones had to depend on the molding of forms already in existence. On land the great reptiles proved highly tractable; but the Shoggoths of the sea, reproducing by fission and acquiring a dangerous degree of accidental intelligence, presented for a time a formidable problem."

The bionic tools of an unutterably alien civilization, the 'Shoggoth Mythos' (shared by the Old Ones themselves) is that of autonomizing technology, in which megabacterial technoplasma - owing nothing to a nature that is not already artifice - grope their way to a line of catastrophic escape.

"They had always been controlled through the hypnotic suggestions of the Old Ones, and had modeled their tough plasticity into various useful temporary limbs and organs; but now their self-modeling powers were sometimes exercised independently, and in various imitative forms implanted by past suggestion. They had, it seems, developed a semistable brain whose separate and occasionally stubborn volition echoed the will of the Old Ones without always obeying it. Sculptured images of these Shoggoths filled Danforth and me with horror and loathing. They were normally shapeless entities composed of a viscous jelly which looked like an agglutination of bubbles, and each averaged about fifteen feet in diameter when a sphere. They had, however, a constantly shifting shape and volume - throwing out temporary developments or forming apparent organs of sight, hearing, and speech in imitation of their masters, either spontaneously or according to suggestion."

Bubbling, shape-shifting, imitative, hyperplastic, technobiotic abominations - easy to see why Hackhammer would be so excited by them.

"They seem to have become peculiarly intractable toward the middle of the Permian Age, perhaps one hundred and fifty million years ago, when a veritable war of resubjugation was waged upon them by the marine Old Ones. Pictures of this war, and of the headless, slime-coated fashion in which the Shoggoths typically left their slain victims, held a marvelously fearsome quality despite the intervening abyss of untold ages. The Old Ones had used curious weapons of molecular and atomic disturbances against the rebel entities, and in the end had achieved a complete victory. Thereafter the sculptures showed a period in which Shoggoths were tamed and broken by armed Old Ones as the wild horses of the American west were tamed by cowboys. Though during the rebellion the Shoggoths had shown an ability to live out of water, this transition was not encouraged - since their usefulness on land would hardly have been commensurate with the trouble of their management."

Patience ...

"Decadent though their style undoubtedly was, these latest carvings had a truly epic quality where they told of the building of the new city in the cavern sea. The Old Ones had gone about it scientifically - quarrying insoluble rocks from the heart of the honeycombed mountains, and employing expert workers from the nearest submarine city to perform the construction according to the best methods. These workers brought with them all that was necessary to establish the new venture - Shoggoth tissue from which to breed stone lifters and subsequent beasts of burden for the cavern city, and other protoplasmic matter to mold into phosphorescent organisms for lighting purposes. ... At last a mighty metropolis rose on the bottom of that Stygian sea, its architecture much like that of the city above, and its workmanship displaying relatively little decadence because of the precise mathematical element inherent in building operations. The newly bred Shoggoths grew to enormous size and singular intelligence, and were represented as taking and executing orders with marvelous quickness. They seemed to converse with the Old Ones by mimicking their voices - a sort of musical piping over a wide range ... - and to work more from spoken commands than from hypnotic suggestions as in earlier times. They were, however, kept in admirable control. ... To keep on with the work of the upper world it had become necessary to adapt some of the amorphous and curiously cold-resistant Shoggoths to land life - a thing the Old Ones had formerly been reluctant to do."

Shoggoth surfacing - their becoming terrestrial, or (more exactly) amphibious - seems to fill Lovecraft with obsessive horror.

Suddenly Danforth screams:

"I came only just short of echoing his cry myself; for I had seen those primal sculptures, too, and had shudderingly admired the way the nameless artist had suggested that hideous slime coating found on certain incomplete and prostrate Old Ones - those whom the frightful Shoggoths had characteristically slain and sucked to a ghastly headlessness in the great war of resubjugation. They were infamous, nightmare sculptures even when telling of age-old, bygone things; for Shoggoths and their work ought not to be seen by human beings or portrayed by any beings. The mad author of the Necronomicon had nervously tried to swear that none had been bred on this planet, and that only drugged dreamers had even conceived them. Formless protoplasm able to mock and reflect all forms and organs and processes - viscous agglutinations of bubbling cells - rubbery fifteen-foot spheroids infinitely plastic and ductile - slaves of suggestion, builders of cities - more and more sullen, more and more intelligent, more and more amphibious, more and more imitative! Great God! What madness made even those blasphemous Old Ones willing to use and carve such things?"

Hehehehe ...

"And now, when Danforth and I saw the freshly glistening and reflectively iridescent black slime which clung thickly to those headless bodies and stank obscenely with that new, unknown odor whose cause only a diseased fancy could envisage - clung to those bodies and sparkled less voluminously on a smooth part of the accursedly resculptured wall in a series of grouped dots - we understood the quality of cosmic fear to its uttermost depths."

Dot-speckled Shoggoth nightmares ...

Traumatized beyond the elastic bounds of sanity, Danforth began to behave like a typical Hyperstition commentator:

"He has on rare occasions whispered disjointed and irresponsible things about 'The black pit,' 'the carven rim,' 'the protoShoggoths,' 'the windowless solids with five dimensions,' 'the nameless cylinder,' 'the elder Pharos,' 'Yog-Sothoth,' 'the primal white jelly,' 'the color out of space,' 'the wings,' 'the eyes in darkness,' 'the moon-ladder,' 'the original, the eternal, the undying,' and other bizarre conceptions; but when he is fully himself he repudiates all this and attributes it to his curious and macabre reading of earlier years. Danforth, indeed, is known to be among the few who have ever dared go completely through that worm-riddled copy of the Necronomicon kept under lock and key in the college library."

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asteroid ANTARCTICA conjunct ASMODEUS at Leo 9 (no comment) - on 31-STAR PRIME SERIES: [4]-[51]-[86] :: PRIME NUMBERS: [7]-[233]-[443]



p-demon DJYNXX has Ciphers Gt-36 and rules evil degree (Scorpio 19).

86, natcherly.


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forgot, in GON1

51 (BABALON) - 15 (AL) = 36 (OBLIGATION)

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GON1 51 (BABALON) + 15 (AL) = 66 (JAMA'AT-E-TAKFIR)

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farpoint on biglist is KRONOS - or - what the moon-antares occultation manifests.

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AQ 31 = AL = HE = ID = V




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column totals, actually.

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northanger - what's the 'biglist' all about?

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PS. even by your standards this is a veritable miracle of staying relentlessly off topic ... (weren't you worried you might mention Shoggoths by mistake at some point?)

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um, once i saw SHOGGOTHIC MATERIALISM = STUPID LITTLE CHILDREN i got stuck. but! TEKELI-LI is on topic and i thought it tied the whole thing up quite nicely :(

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i'm only on my 2nd cuppa java. warming up. think there's a shoggothic + parasite eve connection. rethinking antartic expeditions (especially those that failed like john franklin's). post something more OT in a bit.

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nick - well, while i investigate parasites, symbiosis, slime, amoebas, membrane-bound organelles, 23rd path (only way out is in), X-bacterium, bionomial nomenclature, lemurian fundamentalism, boundary violations & other shuggothic problems & mysteries ... you can address some initial Q's about Hackhammer. i find it interesting when a name reflects deeply embedded obsessions:


the magnitude 9 earthquake on 26-Dec-2004 occurred off the coast of northern Sumatra.

hackhammer quote: "It had all gone to hell out there. The Sumatran expedition rotting down to disconnected threads of fever, madness, and atrocity."

"SHOGGOTH" mentioned: [3] times

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northanger - OK, we'll make a Shoggothic materialist of you yet ;)
PS. Special apologies for missing TEKELI-LI among your last 9,745 gematria samples.
PPS. "AQ 171 = HACKHAMMER = SHOGGOTH" - that is SOoo on topic :))
PPPS. "think there's a shoggothic + parasite eve connection" - certainly hope so ...
PPPPS. Do you do an intro. to the 'biglist' anywhere?

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PPPPS - sigh, where is the HYPERSTITION intro, eh? what do you want me to say about it? where are you stuck?

PPPS - there certainly is!

PPS - ain't it though? scrumptious!

PS - admit it, perfect example of gematric elegance how that all ties in together. (thinking: Katak's "Eternal Revolution" related to perpetual motion) (more thinking: heh, don't the numogram look like a blob to you? yup, looks kinda amoebalike to me - kinda DJYNXXi -- "TWO discrete Xenochronic regions" - blavatsky's horseshoe?)

Shoggothic materialist = aye carumba

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"SHOGGOTH" mentioned: [1] times (previous post)

"SHOGGOTH" mentioned: [2] times (this post)

((whew, we're on topic))

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Tech Flesh 4: Mitochodrial Combustion at Club Parasite
An Interview With Hideaki Sena

Hideaki Sena is most likely the only untranslated contemporary Japanese science fiction writer with a cult following in the United States. His 1995 novel, Parasite Eve, was made into a Playstation game soon after it became a bestseller in Japan. Since then, over 1.5 million copies of the game has been sold and the American film rights to the novel have been optioned by the singer Madonna. Finally, there are plans underway to translate the novel into English. Sena is a bit stunned by the success of his work both in Japan and internationally: a pharmacology graduate student, he didn't imagine there would be such a tremendous response to a story about human mitochondria that plan a coup against the human race.

Parasite Eve takes as its starting point the 1987 announcement by a team of American molecular biologists that they had discovered the ancestral origins of homo sapiens. Working on the assumption that the DNA of mitochondria (complex organelles that exist within cells and provide energy for respiration and metabolism) have been passed down more or less intact through the maternal lineage since the beginning of humankind, the team collected mitchondrial DNA (mtDNA) from 136 women of diverse geographic and racial origins. Running their data through a computer, the biologists then matched their findings to a single ancestral mtDNA molecule (believed to be from an African woman just under 200,000 years old).

Paleontological evidence and statistical reshuffling have since undermined African Eve's legitimacy as a historical reality, but during the late 80s and early 90s she was a persistent icon, appearing on the cover of Time and Newsweek and sparking both scientific and social debate. At the time, most commentators seemed to find the idea of a common African ancestor comforting, symbolic perhaps of the primacy of human connectedness over racial divisiveness. Sena, however, saw the dark potential of this retelling of the "human family." He conceived of a grim fantasy inspired by the pairing of the African Eve hypothesis with the theory of the endosymbiotic origins of mitochondria (the idea that mitochondria might have evolved from symbiotic bacteria that once lived within the cells of other organisms). What if, he speculated, the very mitochondria of "African Eve," passed down through countless generations as organelles subsumed within human cellular structure, suddenly decided to assert their biological right to autonomy? If that were to occur, the common mtDNA that bound together the human race could be, to put it mildly, a nasty liability: it would be as if a dormant, united army within our collective selves suddenly awoke and declared it was independence day.

This, more or less, is the plot of Parasite Eve: a colony of mitochondria, assembled in one unsuspecting human host, attempt a takeover of the planet. The host (a young woman named Kiyomi ) happens to be the young wife of a genetic scientist, Nagashima Toshiaki. When Kiyomi is rendered brain-dead in a car accident, Toshiaki decides to keep her alive by cultivating tissue from her liver. Soon, however, Toshiaki discovers that he has been manipulated: the tissue, which Toshiaki calls "Eve-1," becomes a dense culture of sentient mitochondria, which then incorporate into an entity resembling his dead wife. Toshiaki is a classic Frankenstein figure updated for the 21st century; his pride and selfishness cause him to bring to life a destructive force he cannot control, and his sheer love of the technologies of genetic engineering blind him to his very human limitations.

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Mitochondria: the Sleeper Cell Within

Thank you to John Fenderson for pointing out The Mitochondria Conspiracy to me. This one sentence sums up my point as succinctly as a sack of bricks falling on your head:

"Their real purpose? Conquest!! Eons ago these nasty wee beasties invaded the happy eukariotes off Pangaea'a shores, convincing them with slick tongues and fancy mini-chromosomes to enter into a bargain, and it was a Bargain With The Devil!"

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PEST (part I)

‘Pest’ combines at least three crypto-genetic strains; each one can introduce itself as an underlying hyperstition-agitator for the rest of them.

1. Bio-infernomatics (Old Growth) / Cosmic Abomenon (Drujaskan)
2. Forbidden / Anti-Genesis Mythos
3. Germinal / Epidemic polytics


1. Bio-infernomatics (Old Growth) / Cosmic Abomenon

The difference between parasitism and symbiosis is very slippery, as you suggest. Merely contributing to stability can be construed as a cooperative function, whilst at the other pole the recent movie Parasite Eve anticipates a mitochondrial insurgency – triggered at a threshold of biomolecular science – that unmasks the ‘symbiotic’ mitochondria as strategic parasites. The trend of the Parasite Eve story is to dismantle apparent agencies into ‘deep biopolitics’ or interphyletic collisions. The refrain ‘I waited so long for you’ slides from human lyricism into microbial megatrategy, spanning aeons yet dissociated entirely amongst a diffuse distribution of bioparticles (and patently subverting the story’s romantic resolution).

Mitochondria are ‘descendents’ of the prokaryotic Old Ones, overcoded-relics of a decentralized microbial bio-plane that has been taken up into eukaryotic cells and multicellular organisms. They have attained a starring role within bioinformatics due to their autonomous ‘genetic lineage,’ popularized through the discovery of the human ‘Mitochondrial Eve’ – from whom they have propagated ameiotically along an asexual egg-current on the female side. (All the ambivalence of the asexual egg is ‘pregnant’ with Pest-parthenogenesis). Margulis has long suggested that mitochondria instantiate a non-nuclear ‘bacterial’ order within the nuclear regime of the hierarchical organism (inside the cell, but outside the nucleus), whilst functioning symbiotically within the organism as sub-cellular energy modules. These precursors ensure that Mitochondrial Eve (the pulp-entity) inherits both a biophysics of exploitation and an alien sex-politics, slanting the direction of anticipated social conflict in sinister directions.

Despite genre differences, GAS seems to exhibit features of Parasite Eve. Both interconnect with Pest, or meltdown-plague, since they conceive strategy as an emergent wave arising out of tactical multiplicities and their ‘coincidences,’ propagating as a hypermutative virus.


Follow the dark line, that is what Pest insinuates. It is patently demonic in this sense. It is the ‘erroneous’ path, a trajectory abominated as malignant both to God and to Man, and placed by Eliphas Levi under ‘a spirit of agitation and subversion.’ It tells females forbidden secrets (in the way of the nephilim): Octavia Butler understood it well. It is also, therefore, the subterranean target of misogyny and vicarious fascination: the XX-monstress, Hecate, or whatever she might be called, whose influence is felt in an epidemic of lesbo-vampiric Zombis (in the old African sense of pythonesses), witch-craze undercurrents, transexuation out of primate gender-systems and hypersavage erosions of phallic dominance. Pest leads into the trans-satanic gulfs of Old Night.

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greygnagwen - are you the 'On Topic Northanger'? (long imagined be no more than an implausible myth)
Parasite Eve / Shoggoth cross-currents extremely productive - return of the Old Ones - as well as raising intriguing questions about xenoplasm vs terrestrial biogenesis. 'They're already inside.'

Hackhammer on Shoggothic Materialism (explaining why he dismantled his genotech lab and took his 'research' in another direction):
"The Old Ones spent many millions of years tweaking these puppies - so there's no way a little dilettante gene-splicing is going to contribute anything substantial .."

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forgive me for posting all of that. but, this subject is so broad all you can do is chunk to grok.

what is the difference between uni- and multi-cellular life forms? the amoeba is THE "representative unicellular organism" -- amoeba proteus named after a shape-changing god. it's clear the Shoggoths (shapechangers) are multicelluar live forms created by the Old Ones. not clear whether the Old Ones were unicellular.

basically, the Herxheimer Effect is when you get sicker (flu-like symptoms) because of bacteria die-off: "In all cases of the Herxheimer, there is the appearance of a war or tussle going on inside the body akin to the antigen/antibody warfare, where the body produces fever, sweat, aching and swollen joints, diarrhea, nausea, and so on, in varying proportions with varying degrees depending upon state of metabolism, genetics, source of disturbance and so on."

it has been said that the stuff of humans is just like the stuff of the stars. every known chemical in our makeup is in the stars.

Hakim Bey :: Boundary Violations
Physicist Nick Herbert likes to point out that for life here in the mesosphere (i.e. between stars and quarks), here where we actually live, juice and slime play an indispensable biospheric morphic role. Juice and slime are the ultimate freeform connective and penetrative tissues of living systems. Life clearly has no interest in the antibiotic hermetism implied in such phrases as "boundary violations". Life uses borders and life violates borders and life constructs media of its own to fill up the extr a spaces. The ameoba and the fertilized egg are both sacs of juice and slime -- one grows by splitting itself, the other by being split. Viral-like DNA is "freely exchanged" in gushes of juice and slime -- liquid with paradoxical form -- the very liminality of form itself -- secret secretions -- the viscous slippery in-betweeness of the organic -- the placental wetness of becoming.

parasites cannot survive without a host, certain amoebas are responsible for human diseases (malaria) -- not all parasites harm a host, but they certainly do it no good. versus symbiotic (dependent) relationships which are beneficial to both participants.

it is possible that parasitic / symbiotic relationships can suppress or prohibit (target) certain genes. (the war is not outside, it is inside).

Kwang Jeon discoveries are telling. are we dealing with a symbiot or a parasite (or maybe both - an inside war).

Darwin's Blind Spot: Evolution Beyond Natural Selection

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nick "greygnagwen - are you the 'On Topic Northanger'?" - lol, yeah. i was lazy & didn't change the comment box.

it should be known that northangers are always on topic. just misunderstood.

'They're already inside.'

yes indeedy.

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btw nick. didn't see your 08:41AM post until after i posted 09:17AM.

the question is how/when did "they" get "inside"?

think they've always been there.

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"what's the 'biglist' all about?"

i have consumed my sushi. have a fine bottle of cabernet. give me three hours and i can give you three paragraphs on the biglist.


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.somewhat of an intro to the biglist.

imho, Liber 777 is like a disabled antikythera mechanism. you (nick) should be familiar with the excel file of the grid. even though grid assignments differ from Liber 777 it is essentially the correspondences of magical elements. ancient examples of these correspondences occur in some type of circular arrangement for egyptian, alchemical & magical works. in particular, the grid and the biglist are a form of zodical magic. Lon Milo DuQuette does an amazing job of organizing & integrating all these bits in his Ceremonial Tarot (I Ching, Enochian, ShemhaMephoresh, Goetia, Liber 231, Kitchen Sink) & is the main inspiration for my work. however, i overlay a calendar on the magical correspondences + overlay Kabbalistic 231 Gates on Sigillum Dei Æmeth (a particular feature of the Enochian system).

"Zodiacal magic is one of the most sophisticated and significant forms of ritual that an aspiring magician can undertake ... The purpose of zodiacal magic is allow the magician to approach, contact, and direct the energies of each of the Signs of the Zodiac." —Mark Stavish, Commentary on Zodiacal Magic

"The complaints of over-elaborateness stem from the fact that it is impossible to perform any significant part of the works in a single session. This is perfectly correct, and is done deliberately. My experience has been that the rewards given to the magician by the "angels" of the Enochian system are very precisely gauged to the amount of care and effort the magician puts into the work. Works that are planned, rehearsed, and carried out over a period of weeks or months are much more likely to produce significant initiations than any number of single-session efforts. The present work was designed to be performed in stages, with the expectation that each stage will be performed until the powers invoked achieve a self-sustaining presence in the magician’s temple before he passes on to the next stage. It can be expected that the rewards will be commensurate with the effort involved." —Benjamin Rowe, Comselha: An Enochian Macrocosmic Ritual

unfortunately, the static mechanism (excel file) of the grid cannot illustrate the dynamic movement of astronomical events. the biglist is the current version of a Dharma Report created several years ago based on techniques used by Siregar & Meyer to provide a dynamic interpretive system. selected fixed star YILDUN as zero point (start of the zodiac wheel normally Aries 0°) because it is ruled by Goëtic demon BUER—the only demon Crowley mentions by name in Liber 777.

Siregar & Meyer use the lunar archetype - (perfect since i'm lunarloony):

"The Hindu concept of Dharma is that we each have a natural, rightful place or duty to fulfill in the social order. Your Dharma may be to be the president, and mine may be to wash your clothes, etc. etc. This "Dharma Point" indicates one's Dharma, and that Dharma can be anything. It might be your dharma to spend your life playing. It might be your dharma to spend your life largely alone. It might be your dharma to teach first grade, or to teach religion. Whatever it is, our Dharma point points us in the direction of the best role for us to play, as if we are one _CELL_ in the larger body of humanity. Each _CELL_ has one duty that is its own. To align with and live that purpose is to be fortunate and happy. To miss your dharma is to live in confusion and frustration. The Dharma Point is intimately related to the lunation cycle, and this explains why it shows how we can organically fit into our most natural place as a human being—the lunation cycle is the most obvious astronomical event surrounding our birth, other than the time of year we are born." —Moses Siregar, Interpreting The Dharma Point/Part of Fortune

"Aspects in astrology are particular arcs between the zodiacal positions of two planets. A cycle of planetary relationship begins when a pair of planets occupy the same degree of the zodiac. This originating aspect is known as the conjunction. Its arc value is zero. The New Moon is the archetypal conjunction. In time, the faster moving planet rushes ahead of the other in the sky. The arc measuring the cyclic distance between the two grows. Eventually the opposition aspect of 180 degrees is met. The Full Moon is the archetype of this aspect and its symbolism is known to anyone who has watched the sun set while the moon rose. After the opposition, instead of moving away from the other body, the faster planet begins to move toward the other. Finally the two once again meet in conjunction, further along the geocentric zodiac than their last conjunction. Aspects are important arc encountered along the cycle of unfoldment from 0 to 360 degrees." —Michael R. Meyer, The EON: The 36 Cyclic Aspects Symbolically Depicted

grid is calendar-based (thelemic+enochian)
biglist is event-based (astronomical events)
(these two connect with each other but, a lot of my stuff went keblewy around nov)

thelemic = start day (01-April-1904) & enochian = 360-day calendar. enochian calendar includes 4 uncounted days representing equinoxes + solstices. year one, day one is 01-April-1904 (the only intercalation involves moving one week forward from 08-April-1904). all ephemerides calculated for Cairo noon. the 360-day calendar is divided into thirty 12-day cycles corresponding to zodiac houses. twelve houses divided into 72 quinaries corresponding to ShemhaMephoresh & Goëtia. structure ensures that each year begins on FRIDAY (tgif ruled by Venus). current "year" began 26-Nov-2004 -- 3031st 12-day cycle since 01-April-1904. moon-antares occultation occurred during 03-Mar-05 to 14-Mar-05 cycle: 9th cycle of the year & 3039th cycle since 1904 & occurs in first house, first quinary of the grid (BUER). (in traditional astrology first house represents personality + cancer represents moon & emotions).

two difficulties: {1} establishing interpretive system based on Law of Thelema; and {2} integrating tree of life pathworking. primary focus of biglist deals with problem #2 and also deals with the problem of adding 45 Pandemonium Demons to the system.

note: all stars, planets, asteroids, hypotheticals, etc., are referred to as points.

essentially, the old Dharma Report forgoes all traditional astrological aspects and considers 3 primary relationships: {a} Yildun's relationship to all points based on EON Phase, {b} all points in the same EON Phase, and {c} conjunctions within 10°. additionally, FARPOINT (last one in) and the SEED RELEASED during EON Phase 34 provide info on astro-event's central themes. from my experience only 2 to 6 points ever show up in phase 34. during moon-antares occultation these points on phase 34: SALTIS, ADMETOS, HEGEL & NIBIRU...

... however, biglist blasts this wide open with the BIG P's: pretzels, primes, pathworking & pandemonium (pretzels = chakras). and now you're hitting my gray area because the interpretive process has become a wee bit .... complex & chaotic. yippee (that's what we want!). here are some ideas on how to interpret phase 34 on the biglist -- only to get you started though. ((kronos should be obvious))

32 Fixed Stars at above link represent 32 Paths. all points align with one of these paths. therefore, Phase 34 is at fixed star ALGOL on the 17th path: PHASE 33 :: MASSINGA, ATHANASIA, PROTOGENEIA, TISIPHONE, ARABIA, INGWELDE +++ PHASE 34 :: [SALTIS - ADMETOS - HEGEL - NIBIRU].

after ALGOL is ALCYONE and the first point there is CHILD (child archetype so close to "seed released" is somewhat suggestive). Unnutchi is the pandemonium demon from Taurus 24°–Gemini 01° ruling NIBIRU, ALGOL, CHILD, ALCYONE (Unnutchi is crossing paths + 333° aligned to ALCYONE ruled by NUTTUBAB). Zone 9 is Pluto currently on the same path as China, Galactic Center, NASA, _PROTOS_ etc. (and there are several plutonian hypotheticals related to Unnutchi -- pluto represents destiny & transformation -- astrologer juan revilla thinks pluto = "the force" // uranus = darth vadar). Unnutchi represents tachyonic immobility (slow vortex): Chaotic Xenodemon of Coiling Outsideness; Asymmetric zygopoise (and cybernetic ANOMALIES).

above you mention protoplasmic matter & protoShoggoths & i mention amoeba proteus named after the god Proteus --- there are two separate but connective pings for PROTOGENEIA and PROTOS. it is UNNUTCHI that connects CHILD with PHASE 34.

  • In Greek mythology, Proteus is an early sea-god, one of several deities
  whom Homer calls the "Old Man of the Sea," whose name suggests the
  "first," as protogonos is the "firstborn."

  • PROTEUS was an ancient SEA-GOD and the herdsman of Poseidon's
  seals. Like the other sea-gods he had the gift of prophecy and the ability
  to change his shape at will.

  • THE PROTOGONOI were the first born immortals whose forms made up
  the very fabric of the universe. They emerged at creation. The first of the
  Protogonoi emerged from NOTHINGNESS, and rest were the offspring of these.

EROS, KHAOS, KHRONOS & NYX are some of the protogonoi and are also asteroids on the biglist. asteroid EROS is related to ANTARES, CHAOS is related to ALDEBARAN, NYX is conjunct YILDUN, and KRONOS is FARPOINT.

prime numbers matching upcoming thelemic cycles: 3037, 3041, 3049:

3037 ~ 07-Feb-05 to 18-Feb-05
3041 ~ 28-Mar-05 to 08-Apr-05 (DR this = #8-FLORA, checkout her child history)
3049 ~ 03-Jul-05 to 14-Jul-05

asteroid #2938-HOPI went retrograde on 16-Dec-2004 about the time hyperstition had its troll problem. HOPI goes direct approximately 14-April. during the occultation HOPI-NICCOLO-IRANI conjunct PHERKAD on 29th path, phase 5, fifth prime (11). fixed star PHERKAD with --

Alpha (Polaris), beta (Kochab), gamma (Pherkad) delta (Yildun), and epsilon constituted the group Circitores, Saltatores, Ludentes, or Ludiones, the "Circlers", "Leapers", or "Dancers" around the early pole, well known from classical times to late astronomy.

past pherkaddian influences:

{a} May 29th 1953 Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tensing reached the summit of Mt Everest - Pluto/Pherkad

{b} April 12th 1961, Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin became the first man to fly in space, orbiting the earth once before making a safe landing. - Uranus/Pherkad

{c} May fifth, 1961, astronaut Alan B. Shepard Junior became America's first space traveler as he made a 15-minute sub-orbital flight in a capsule launched from Cape Canaveral, Florida. - Uranus/Pherkad

{d} April 20th 1971, the Supreme Court upheld the use of busing to achieve racial desegregation in schools. - SNode/Pherkad

ps. i posted info on HOPI before the occultation saying i'd be looking at that to determine hyperstition's "end of the world" strategies.

pps. never used 2/3rds of these asteroid before (my list is different), it is based on hyperstition themes, influences, etc. ie, if i went to another blog i'd come up with different stuff and not be looking at Hopi, Prime Numbers, etc.

pps. this here ends the biglist intro.



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if you're wondering (what a pest am i!) whether this is shoggothic...


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northanger - thanks for biglist info. - obviously requires some digesting ...

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We know almost nothing about the germs around us (NewSci)

via made a restart after a royal(ly secret) sabbatical YIPPPPPIIEDEPIPPEEEE!!!!

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We know almost nothing about the germs around us (NewSci)

via made a restart after a royal(ly secret) sabbatical YIPPPPPIIEDEPIPPEEEE!!!!

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Cool pic(s) of tiger in Sumatran wild biting the camera (NewSci)

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