August 30, 2004

Remarks on Hyperstition

This is Craig's comment on 'The Sorcery of Islamic Apocalypticism' which is itself a complete post covering multiple topics discussed on this blog:


I read more and more of these blog posts and find such Hyperstitional constructs have been occuring in the meta-mythic spaces occupied by mself as a magician. As evidence for this, I produce the following quotes from my own livejournal:

'Week before this, I checked out 's dreamscape for him because something had rampaged through and wrecked things. I'd gone down, walked in the Labyrith and found dust and sand and bits of paper, along with a great wind. The sand was red, and so I traced it back to source - finding myself before two fig style trees with a ruined red-brick city behind me. Before me was a swirling mass of locusts which resonated PazU in my mind.

Gut said it was a demon, and I sat down before it and cross-legged and asked it who it was. It said that it was the desert wind, the plague bringer and destroyer of cities. At this point, the locusts swarmed over me. I kep my eyes shut and also my mouth, yet saw that it was still there in front of me, only as a roiling mass of flaming eyes. Felt like it was testing me.

So, in the spirit of the game, I engaged it in a staring match, seeking to match the number of its eyes. All at once, I was seated in a blue robe, festooned with peacock feathers that moved their eyes.

I asked it again who it was and what it wanted. Again, the buzzing PazU. But this time it said it was my ally. I called it a liar and laughed, departing that place. Subsequent research between myself and led to the discovery that the entity was in all probability Pazuzu, Sumerian demon of the SE wind, and plague-bringer - while protector of women and children.

Further discusion turned up pictures of a similar city to the one I had seen, in the Negev Desert, and we found that there was a nuclear reactor which had been leaking in the past.

Needless to say, this made me a little nervous but I've learned to be a skeptic. We elected not to pursue this further, but my email to an associate for information about Pazuzu - as she was a devotee of Inanna elicted a curious response.

An entity of her aqquaintance was requesting her assitance in another matter - and had mentioned in passing that it had released Pazuzu from its prison - coinciding apparently, with several big storms in the US.

Still skeptical, I asked her to tell me more about the Peacock-entity I had put on the form of in dealing with P. My own researches turned it up as Azazel, something she confirmed - Jewish Scapegoat and one of the 200 Grigori that mated with humans to birth the Nephilim.

A bit a shock, since this correspondent and I - connected to the Horus-Maat Lodge - had been having semi-regular discussions on the 'return' of Myth and the Watchers/Nephilim as giants. Spiritual forces reawakening and undergoing resurgence - though in truth they had never been away...' - Full entry here

The entry on the sorcery of captialism spawned a thoughtline avaliable here

"But the beauty of the Outside is that it is infectious, that is to say, any Corporation using the Outside as fuel for its expansion, essentially becomes contaminated by it. Since the Outside is inherently Non-Euclidean and Non-Local, any method of control or transmutation is temporary and illusory.

The practice of sympathetic magic - that is, linkages between things through symbols and hermenutics, when applied to the Formless Outside, could be defined as sorcery in that it alows the essential nature of Alieness to be perturbed. Essentially, Capitalism is hungry for the macroscopic. It is a thing that wants meat and drink and fuck and reproduction, a virus that has indulged in symbiosis with its host - creating an entirely new organism. Meanwhile, Outside contains a plethora of simple virii whose sole aim is replication and existence AND non-existence. There is no sense of Identity Outside - if one could deploy weapons and destroy half of "It" there would be no response.

The Outside permeates all things it comes into contact with. Even those things designed to act as barriers become permeated by Unlife. They still resemble the original form because the ontological pressure of that which resides within the barrier requires that the wall be there in order to maintain an idea of central egoic integrity.

Thus it is that the Elder Sign, while designed to be a barrier, has also an Other or 'eldritch' association. The barrier thus becomes the signpost - the Herald, if you will, of what it is supposed to be keeping out.

By repeated use of the symbols associated with the barrier, the Outside actually is revealed to be the base-stratum on which all things are built. The Outer Gods have their messenger in the form of Nyarlathotep, resident in a human form. The Crawling Chaos is both a antedilluvian evolutionary precursor of current matter/energy and evolutionary forms, and also the epitome of evolutionary adaptability..."

Combined with the mention of the Fog of War mentioned in this post, and the idea of defence as WAR, this coincides with something I wrote in the same entry:

"Working with Lovecraftian entities literally is a difficult thing - and dangerous to the psyche - for they are named things, links and symbols for things that cannot be comprehended by the normal human mind - holes, if you will, in ordinary reality.

Within ordinary reality, metamorphic properties of a thing are limited by the boundaries and plasticity of the space they occupy. However, when allowing the Outside In, one gives entrance to that which has greater metamorphic properties than the space itself. This brings change to the space, making the local reality Other.

(For those who have a copy of the Invisibles trades, the nanotech factories employed by the King-Of-All-Tears in the shop, and the ensuing reality abscess are illustrations of the point striving to be made here)

Once the local-reality has been made Other, that is to say, an extension of that which was allowed entrance and had the differentiation field between local and non-local removed, then that space becomes transformed.

This is not always on a visible level, but can be perceived by the human in a variety of ways. However, in such spaces, one can abandon one's identity-quarantine protocols and slip out of that protective shell. In this position, the base senses may undergo shifts, and where previously one was simply standing somewhere Normal, the Transformed nature of the space becomes apparent


[O]ne enters the space divested of the normal protections - instead putting on a highly specialized form of consciousness rather like a hazmat suit with inbuilt sensors. Banishing has given the observer a space within which to work, supposedly a 'clean room' in which to handle hazaradous psychic materials in discrete controllable amounts.

However, other practice may involve no such banishments - walking into the infectious area and allowing oneself to become colonised by the infection, as it were.

This will, of course, trigger off the identity's immune system. Paranoia, physical illness, fear responses etc etc are akin to the increase in body temperature when the physical body becomes infected.

This is essentially the action the singular self that finds its primacy under-threat. By evoking responses to percieved hostility, the self strives to remove itself from close proximity to the infection....Such identification shifts the self into a 'war' footing, a state that strengthens the sense of identity and seeks to remove the intruder. Through various methods, the intruder may be ejected.

However, it should be understood that if one enters a transformed or altered space that is an entry point for the Outside, it is possible to actively encourage infection. This minimises the period of paranoia and negativity since the self become colonised and altered in such a way as to make it easier for infection to occur.

By placing us on a war footing, those in control of propagating memes seek to promote self-integrity. Their self-integrity and ours. Why? Because quite simply, singular selves define themselves by their limitations in a dualistic sense - a 'I can do this, but I can't do that'...

Fearful of infection by that which they have not defined themselves, the groups which maintain the self-delusion of large-scale control, attempt to transmute the Outside - which is made manifest by the Inner spaces of human thought - by use of applied mimetics and social structures.

To return to the idea of willing infection, we must recall that the Outside is essentially Non-Local. By being infected, the practicioner becomes Meta-Morphically an Outsider, a normal thing permeated by the Outside down at base level.

What does this mean though? It's already been suggested that the Outside is the base substrate, hasn't it? What about infection?

This is Key. The self is a house bult on sand. When we talk of infection, and transmutation, what is *also* being spoken of is reaccquisition. Transition from Local to Non-Local..."

Seems to me that the infection of the Unlife of WAR is actually a reaccquisitional protocol. As Reza says:

"On the other hand, these Islamic movements (terror-populations) are covertly carrying hyperstitional protocols of Shia for an ultimate WAR (and not just a conflict) or Qiyamah to the heart of the Western Crusade...[They] try to map these sorcerous / hyperstitional protocols of Islamic Apocalypticism as revenge / avenge formulae or simply irrelevant ideological back-ups on the Islamic front; therefore, they are assisting islamic movements to remotely smuggle hyperstitional triggers to the heart of their civilization and activate the GAS plague, awakening the double-death process;"

By carrying the hyperstitional protocols/viruses into the West, it stimulates the immune system of the the culture, drawing together the diffuse elements into a well-defined structure wh 'pulls together' in an attempt to regain a sense of self-integrity. Further, it daws back, to emphasise yet more difference - like a burned hand draws from the fire, not understanding that the heat within the hand is already doing more damage.

By maintaining self-integrity, it actually violates Sun Tzu's advice.

"Be extremely subtle, even to the point of formlessness. Be extremely mysterious, even to the point of soundlessness. Thereby you can be the director of the opponent's fate."

Rather than self-integrity therefore, defence against GAS and it's linkages is is to become GAS permeable, if you will excuse the pun.

Apocalypsism therefore by its very nature is thus Victory through Death, or Continuance via Infection.

Those fighting to preserve integrity - the Primacy of the Western memeset in this case - will eventually be beaten by those who have already lost.

In any case, keep up the great work. This site is definitely producing non-causaul shifts in the fictive space - or perhaps illustrating them.

August 29, 2004

New comments on older posts

While I’m on a short trip and posting via a third person:

Some new comments on overcoding and vowelless alphabets by David Porush ... Welcome David and hope you stay here.

Think people should know Porush for his early works on Cybernetic Fiction, and later on vowelless alphabets and Jewish mysticism.

(BTW: David, please check your email box for the hyperstition log-in information.)

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August 26, 2004


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August 25, 2004

Sounds are rabies spread by rat tails


“The regime of the war machine is ... that of affects, which relate to the moving body in itself, to speeds and compositions of speed among elements ... affects are projectiles like weapons.” [D&G ATP 400]

* * *

Steven Goodman (a.k.a. Kode9) has started to blog. The blog sounds v. promising and contagious: sonic culture, sound polytics, sonic fiction and hyperstition.

Best wishes for the project

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August 24, 2004

Hyperstitional Entities


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August 21, 2004

Tellurian Insurgency 2: Telluro-magnetic Conspiracy: The Core


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August 20, 2004

Great Lemurs - No.1: Katak

Mesh-14. Katak (5::4)

The Call and its Numbers

The Lemur of the 5::4 rift is called Ktt’skr in the Ur Nma Tongue. Her name in modern Munumese is Katak which Stillwell translates into English as The Desolator.

In the name Katak, Horowitz finds the phonic molecule kt’k, which he associates with ‘ideas of falling or sinking.’
This connection leads him to postulate an archaic numogrammatic source for the Greek prefix of descent Kata- (as in catastrophe, cataclysm, catatonic, catabolism, catadromic …).

In a marginal comment on Geotraumatics, DC Barker relates the name ‘Katak’ both to the K/T missile, which terminated the age of giant saurians, and also to Krakatoa (which decimated the Dib-Nma).

The Tzikvik identify her with the Kattku (or ‘madness of the great worm’).

In the book of children’s fables compiled from Nma sources by Echidna Stillwell’s sister Medusa she is called ‘Takka’.

Katak’s net-span, 5::4, bridges the smallest interval and places her in the centre of the Barker Spiral. She is described variously as ‘tightly bound, coiled or knotted’, ‘wound up’ or ‘compacted’. The Cthulhu Club write of a ‘Katak effect,’ when the smallest difference (5::4) has the greatest impact.

Positioned on the ‘5th Brink’ (as ultimate Lemur of the 5th Phase), Katak is the only Syzygetic Lemur to be ‘poised at the edge’ of her domain, linking her to imbalance, thresholds and phase-changes.

Katak’s net-span (5::4) ciphers the Ultimate Gate, or Gate of Pandemonium (Gt-45), which begins and ends in Zone-9 and echoes the completed Matrix of the Lemurs. This suggests an all-encompassing reach to the powers of Katak (which, in combination with Katak’s ‘Global Rite’, comprises what the Tzikvik call ‘the Fatal Secret of the Kattku’).

Katak’s mesh number (14) ciphers the 7th Lemur, Sukagool (4::1), who haunts the Gate of Submergence (Gt-10). This further consolidates Katak’s connections with collapse and inundation. The resonance between the Katakite Sink Current and the Sunken Track attests in certain respects to monotheistic, monopolistic or totalitarian ambition and reduction to unity, but also to a return to simplicity, search for origins or slippage into indifferentiation.

Katak’s Sarkon-Tag is 0047.

Quantities and Traits

As a Syzygetic Lemur, Katak has null pitch. She is thus characterized by perfect poise. Despite her manifold associations with extreme excitability, crisis, furor and the tempestuous, along with her four Syzygetic systers Katak occupies the ‘Numogrammatic Plane’ or ‘Great Plateau’ of continuous cosmic intensities.

Katak hosts 10 imps, which aligns her with decimal numeracy (while also further reinforcing her decimally-mediated relation to unity).

Katak feeds the Sink Current (flowing from the Falling Drift to Zone-1).

In Vysparov’s Pandemonium Matrix, Katak is entitled the ‘Syzygetic Chronodemon of Cataclysmic Convergence’.

Rites of Katak

The way of Katak has two paths or routes. These follow her syzygetic crossing [5//4] and her singular minor rite [418725].

In the Book of Paths, Katak’s Syzygetic Rite is described as follows:
30. Coiled Fervour.
Endless waiting in the Falling Drift.
The path favours patient activity.
Superior subtlety leads nowhere.
Poised entanglement.
Twinned tests make the way.
Between burning excitment and arid tension.

Katak is alone among the Syzygetic Lemurs in having a nonsyzygetic rite. The uniqueness of this rite is compounded by the fact it encircles the entire Hex or ‘time-circuit’, traversing complete sequence of past and future lives and
‘seizing the whole of time and fate.’

On the basis of this rite Katak is portrayed chasing her own tail, and in its ophidian manifestation (as the barking snake) coiled back into itself as an Ur-Oroborus, the Thothtodlana of the Tzikvik.

In the Book of Paths, Katak’s Global Rite is described as follows:
31. Eternal Revolution.
Advance prolonged by waiting brings fractured completion.
The path first favours subtlety, then repeated patience and activity.
Superior subtlety opens the first hidden road.
Resistance prevails.
Five tests on the way.
Breakthrough into immersive nightmares spawns promising developments.
Fluid evolution leaves a dubious inheritance.

The Lair of Katak
In the Lemurian Planetworks, Katak’s domain (5::4) is situated between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter (classically identified with war and sovereignty). Astronomically, this band coincides with the asteroid belt, considered by some to be the pulverized remnants of a destroyed planet.

The Katak Card
In the full Decadence pack Katak, as a Syzygy, is only included as one of the five (eliminated) jokers.
On the Atlantean Cross she corresponds to the Third Pylon, named Apocalypse, decamantically associated with destructive influences.


Tzikvik (traditional):

When the world was born Thothtodlana entered into the secret of the Kattku and - confusing herself with the universe - circled the whole of time. That was when she swam through living flesh, her hunger unlimited and furious. She seemed doomed to devour herself forever. The dead knew no rest, and the earth shuddered. It was then that Ooqvu the worm-witch arrived amongst us. It was Ooqvu that found the pattern in the folds of Thothtodlana's skin, and followed it back to Tchukululok. It was Ooqvu that called to Thothtodlana from deep in Tchukululok, and released her from the Kattku. That is why we still carry the marks of Ooqvu on our skin.

Hackhammer (on the Nma, contemporary):

It had all gone to hell out there.
The Sumatran expedition rotting down to disconnected threads of fever,
madness, and atrocity.

Tak-Nma: a tribe of aggressive head-hunters abhorred through the area (and
since eradicated).
They had greeted him as Katak.
Ominous rumblings from out in the Sunda Strait.
August 1883.
Pounding solar waves mix with the ceaseless delirious dance-beat of the
Unthreadings into mosquito-fogged heat.

As Curtis records the disintegration of his soul, the name Katak
increasingly cross-links with everything that burns, raves, and devastates.
Everything that ends in blackened threads. Everything ...
The Tak-Nma seem to revere rabid dogs. They call them Katak.
There is an internally dislocated hydrophobic bark that is peculiarly Katak.
Blood-stained claws are also Katak.
At midday, when the sun is silent rage, it is Katak.
Katak is the trampling, inarticulate flood-tide of malaria.
Out in the strait, Katak growls, and smokes.
Katak has come.
Katak is soon to come.
Katak comes.
Katak comes.

Incessant drumming of Katak coming.
Drumming, pounding ...

August 18, 2004

Qabbalistic digressions

Anagrams have always intrigued qabbalists due to their automatic numerical consistency.
When semantic and numerical consistency fuse, the result is true coincidence engineering.
Some great examples at The Queen of All Evil.

How about:

(for light 'relief' check out 'PRESIDENT CLINTON OF THE US' too)

August 16, 2004

Pazuzu (The Dust Enforcer)

This page is not available

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August 15, 2004

Decimal Phoneticism

One topic that crosses a number of hyperstitional threads already initiated here is that of decimal phoneticism.

This topic seems indispensable to numogrammatics, qabbalism, lemurology, vowelless alphabets and other recent discussions.

Stillwell’s influential ethnographic analysis of Nma numeracy, subsequently developed by Horowitz, led to a search for the common protohuman roots of counting and speech. Stillwell hypothesized that a lost ‘Muvian’ culture had existed in which each numeral had a true name (although based on sounds intractable to modern human physiology). The ‘source words’ derived from this ‘Ur-Nma’ culture provided the names of the decimal numerals and basic morphological components of the entire Mu Nma language (Munumese).
Stillwell’s reconstruction of Nma sorcery was based on the insight that ‘the forty-five calls’ or names of the Lemurs (as listed within Vysparov’s Pandemonium Matrix) were systematically synthesized from this lost decimal phoneticism. Tzikvik worm sorcery with its rites of the (45) ‘lemu’ further attests to the basic soundness of this hypothesis.

Stillwell/Horowitz attribute sonic values as follows:

[0] Voweloid silence. Linked by Stillwell to the unvoiced Munumese quasiphonic particle ‘eiaoung,’ the ‘silent whisper of the ulterior depths.’

[1] Linked by Stillwell to the Munumese quasiphonic particle ‘gl,’ emanating from the sublaryngeal region (the Horowitzean ‘collapsed gargle’ or ‘glottal spasm,’ a relic from lost gilled/gulping life-forms).

[2] Linked by Stillwell to the Munumese quasiphonic particle ‘dt’ (the Horowitzean ‘imploded fricative/fractured plosive’).

[3] Linked by Stillwell to the Munumese quasiphonic particle ‘zx.’ It designates the ‘buzz-cutter’ sonics which Horowitz describes as a ‘swarming insectoid reversion within mammalian vocality.’ Implicates: x, cs, czs, z, zz … hissing.

[4] Linked by Stillwell to the Munumese quasiphonic particle ‘skr,’ which Horowitz identifies as an anthropo-reptiloid precursor to the qabbalistic ‘hard resh.’ Implicates: sk, sc, kr … croaking.

[5] Linked by Stillwell to the Munumese quasiphonic particle ‘ktt’ (the Horowitzean ‘parvocal tic’).

[6] Linked by Stillwell to the Munumese quasiphonic particle ‘tch,’ approximating to the interphoneme ‘dzch/tj.’

[7] Linked by Stillwell to the Munumese quasiphonic particle ‘pb’ (the Horowitzean ‘compounded plosive’). Implicates: bubbling.

[8] Linked by Stillwell to the Munumese quasiphonic particle ‘mnm,’ the diffuse subvocal hum that Horowitz links to the ‘proto-originary enunciation’ Oumn. Implicates: humming.

[9] Linked by Stillwell to the Munumese quasiphonic particle ‘tn,’ which Horowitz describes as ‘the ultimate unutterable mystery of vocal nullity.’

August 12, 2004

Hyper C update - The Age of Babalu


For previous signal, look here and here here

Hyperdub’s softwar agents have been roaming street markets in south London hunting for cds rumoured to contain audio recordings of the infamous, if almost completely forgotten, Hyper C audio syndicate. It’s a strange irony/coincidence that they should be forgotten considering the unmitigated virulence of their communiqués, the sheer infectious of their encrypted rhythmic pronouncements. Recordings so far have turned up in bashment street stalls in Brixton market, next to the open fronted Chinese supermarket with the fluorescent fish nestled in beds of ice and swarms of flies. Another mixtape was purchased from a music stall on East street market, just off the Walworth Road which connect Elephant & Castle to Camberwell. But the most intriguing find so far wasn’t bought off a seller of music but instead from a shop in Brixton market called the Natural Fragrance Company, a vendor of a myriad of pungent aromas (candles or aerosol) commonly used in the syncretic practices of African and Latin American women, and thought to bring fertility, money, and cast out the evil spirits.


‘The Age of Babalu’ was scrawled on the front cover of the cd, with a spiral diagram annotated in Spanish on the back. . .

The text clearly alludes to the Yoruba god of epidemics, Babalu. Babalu is honored in the Santerian festival of Babaluaiye. This orisha is known to punish the results or diseases of overindulgence and excess, demanding moderation and humility in all things. Babalu, allegedly, is the wrath of the earth and will punish those that disrespect it. He is associated with both with inoculation and immunization, providing the means to cure disease or cause it. His color is royal purple, and he is identified with people who have broken or missing limbs, derelicts, beggars, and with those who have been abandoned and forgotten by society.


Babalu was said to punish people with smallpox, leprosy and other viral afflictions, but was also said to bring premonitions of epidermal and abdominal maladies. Some believed that disease could be provoked by naming an enemy while placing an article of clothing on Babalu’s altar, but this was unverified and regarded as evil disinformation by many experts as the aim of the cult who worshiped the demon aimed to prevent the spread of smallpox. It has always been thought that it was dangerous to say his name, so much so that Nigerian colonial authorities banned worship of the god in 1917. Babalu , it has also been noted, is the demonic personification of that audio virus Ishmael Reed termed jes grew in his classic of rhythmic epidemiology, Mumbo Jumbo.

Anyway, back to the cd. . . it was, at least according to the Softwar agent who uncovered it, completely blank. This particular agent, who we will not name for just now, has a patchy track record – she has been known to keep her best findings for her own archive, and has, on more that one occasion, been caught selling priceless Hyper C 7 inch vinyl on E-bay. Anyway the silence on the cd could be misleading. Hyper C, it has been noted, has a history of infrasonic (sub 20Hz) recordings which can only be reproduced on a sound system with the capability of responding to such very low frequency oscillations.

Some internet research into the acoustic epidemiology of Croatian academic Ernst Peiter Demic suggests that Hyper C’s relation to the Babalu orisha is complex. While much of the discourse in the West surrounding Babablu uses it to understand the relationship between the African diaspora to the HIV pandemic, Hyper C have referred to their own microbial transactions as the HYB virus. Prof. Demic has, in his as yet untranslated text, “Exorcise the Demons: a Study in Sonic Mneumonics” developed a theory of ‘rhythmic engrams’ to understand the infection and transmission protocols of audio viruses and sonic symbiosis associated with sects such as Hyper C. Demic locates our aquatic ancestry vibrating as a nanolevel trauma folded into the body, quantum ticks which manifest themselves in times of saline deficiency as a stomach convulsion compelled dance. Demic’s analysis of contemporary undercurrents of hyperrhythm activism, and the array of ingestives associated with them, is that dangerous attempts are being made to nurture these nanobugs, unravelling the vertical, terrestrial architecture of the body via an epileptic tidal wave of rhythmic contagion. . .

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Allergic response

The Asia Times columnist 'Spengler' is always worth reading. This piece on ideology and religion seems to tie together - or at least make connections - between issues that have been raging/limping here.

The idea that religion is a reaction to the annihilation of traditional culture is especially suggestive for linking the technocapitalist ethnoshredder to WoT themes.

PS. Plenty of Kant here for the philosophy nerds.

Vysparov’s Pandemonium concordance for the Book of Paths

After receiving Chaim Horowitz’s translation of the Book of Paths in late 1949, Peter Vysparov set to work on decrypting the ancient text. He soon became convinced that – as Horowitz had suggested – the Book of Paths could be rigorously mapped onto the rites of Lemurian demonism as explicated (with minor errors) in his Pandemonium Matrix.
This work seems to have been completed by the early 1960s.
After announcing the discovery of the Book of Paths, the trustees of the Vysparov Library generously made available a copy of the following concordance.

Rites and Paths.

Rites of Lurgo (1::0).
Rt-1:[1890] = Pth-1. Original Subtraction:

Rites of Duoddod (2::0)
Rt-1:[271890] = Pth-2. Extreme Regression.
Rt-2:[27541890] = Pth-3. Abysmal Comprehension.

Rites of Doogu (2::1)
Rt-1:[1872] = Pth-4. Primordial Breath.
Rt-2:[271] = Pth-5. Slipping Backwards.
Rt-3:[27541] = Pth-6. Attaining Balance.

Rites of Ixigool (3::1)
Rt-1:[18723] = Pth-7. Progressive Levitation.
Rt-2:[1872563] = Pth-8. Eternal Digression.

Rites of Ixidod (3::2)
Rt-1:[23] = Pth-9. Sudden Flight.
Rt-2:[27563] = Pth-10. Jagged Flight.

Rites of Krako (4::0)
Rt-1:[41890] = Pth-11. Abysmal Subsidence.
Rt-2:[451890] = Pth-12. Slow Cataclysm.

Rites of Sukugool (4::1)
Rt-1:[187254] = Pth-13. Cyclic Perfection.
Rt-2:[41] = Pth-14. Tranquil Drowning.
Rt-3:[451] = Pth-15. Suspended Decline.

Rites of Skoodu (4::2)
Rt-1:[2754] = Pth-16. Supreme Balance.
Rt-2:[41872] = Pth-17. Profound Renewal.
Rt-3:[451872] = Pth-18. Cyclic Elevation.

Rites of Skarkix (4::3)
Rt-1:[418723] = Pth-19. Transcendent Resurgence.
Rt-2:[41872563] = Pth-20. Alien Intervention.
Rt-3:[4518723] = Pth-21. Supreme Comprehension.
Rt-4:[4563] = Pth-22. Reverse Flight.

Rites of Tokhatto (5::0)
Rt-1:[541890] = Pth-23. Deepest Destiny.

Rites of Tukkamu (5::1)
Rt-1:[18725] = Pth-24. Optimal Maturation.
Rt-2:[541] = Pth-25. Certain Slide.

Rites of Kuttadid (5::2)
Rt-1:[275] = Pth-26. Preserving Stability.
Rt-2:[541872] = Pth-27. Cyclic Regeneration.

Rites of Tikkitix (5::3)
Rt-1:[5418723] = Pth-28. Transcendent Comprehension.
Rt-2:[563] = Pth-29. Celestial Abduction.

Rites of Katak (5::4)
Rt-0:[X] = Pth-30. Coiled Fervour.
Rt-1:[418725] = Pth-31. Eternal Revolution.

Rites of Djungo (6::1)
Rt-1:[187236] = Pth-32. Vortical Escalation.
Rt-2:[187256] = Pth-33. Jagged Escalation.

Rites of Djuddha (6::2)
Rt-1:[236] = Pth-34. Celestial Capture.
Rt-2:[2756] = Pth-35. Erratic Flight.

Rites of Djynxx (6::3)
Rt-0:[X] = Pth-36. Vortical Coincidence.

Rites of Tchakki (6::4)
Rt-1:[4187236] = Pth-37. Indirect Escape.
Rt-2:[4187256] = Pth-38. Split Comprehension.
Rt-3:[45187236] Pth-39. Eventual Comprehension.
Rt-4:[456] = Pth-40. Climbing Reversal.

Rites of Tchattuk (6::5)
Rt-1:[54187236] = Pth-41. Final Comprehension.
Rt-2:[56] = Pth-42. Abrupt Elevation.

Rites of Puppo (7::0)
Rt-1[71890] = Pth-43. Deep Regression.
Rt-2:[72541890] = Pth-44. Profound Comprehension.

Rites of Bubbamu (7::1)
Rt-1:[187] = Pth-45. Primal Awakening.
Rt-2:[71] = Pth-46. Basic Reversion.
Rt-3:[72541] = Pth-47. Attaining Imbalance.

Rites of Oddubb (7::2)
Rt-0:[X] = Pth-48. Perpetual Bubbling.

Rites of Pabbakis (7::3)
Rt-1:[723] = Pth-49. Escape Velocity.
Rt-2:[72563] = Pth-50. Erratic Interference.

Rites of Ababbatok (7::4)
Rt-1:[4187] = Pth-51. Swift Revival.
Rt-2:[45187] = Pth-52. Slow Revival.
Rt-3:[7254] = Pth-53. Suspended Animation.

Rites of Papatakoo (7::5)
Rt-1:[54187] = Pth-54. Eventual Resurgence.
Rt-2:[725] = Pth-55. Upholding Stability.

Rites of Bobobja (7::6)
Rt-1:[7236] = Pth-56. Bubbling Anomalies.
Rt-2:[7256] = Pth-57. Jagged Abduction.

Rites of Minommo (8::0)
Rt-1:[890] = Pth-58. Terminal Undertow.

Rites of Mur Mur (8::1)
Rt-0:[X] = Pth-59. Self-Swallowing Somnolence.

Rites of Nammamad (8::2)
Rt-1:[2718] = Pth-60. Submergent Mirroring.
Rt-2:[275418] = Pth-61. Cyclic Dreaming.
Rt-3:[8172] = Pth-62. Emergent Mirroring.

Rites of Mummumix (8::3)
Rt-1:[81723] = Pth-63. Tidal Evacuation.
Rt-2:[8172563] = Pth-64. Tidal Vortex.

Rites of Numko (8::4)
Rt-1:[418] = Pth-65. Rapid Submergence.
Rt-2:[4518] = Pth-66. Suspended Subduction.
Rt-3:[817254] = Pth-67. Cyclic Succession.

Rites of Muntuk (8::5)
Rt-1:[5418] = Pth-68. Sliding Subduction.
Rt-2:[81725] = Pth-69. Prolonged Emergence.

Rites of Mommoljo (8::6)
Rt-1:[817236] = Pth-70. Absolute Escalation.
Rt-2:[817256] = Pth-71. Erratic Escalation.

Rites of Mommbo (8::7)
Rt-1:[817] = Pth-72. Larval Awakening.
Rt-2:[718] = Pth-73. Larval Reversion.
Rt-3:[725418] = Pth-74. Cyclic Submergence.

Rites of Uttunul (9::0)
Rt-0:[X] = Pth-75. Seething Nullity.

Rites of Tutagool (9::1)
Rt-1:[189] = Pth-76. Continual Sinking.

Rites of Unnunddo (9::2)
Rt-1:[27189] = Pth-77. Chthonic Regression.
Rt-2:[2754189] = Pth-78. Deep Comprehension.

Rites of Ununak (9::4)
Rt-1:[4189] = Pth-79. Subterranean Slippage.
Rt-2:[45189] = Pth-80. Subterranean Impulsion.

Rites of Tukutu (9::5)
Rt-1:[54189] = Pth-81. Buried Instinct.

Rites of Nuttubab (9::7)
Rt-1:[7189] = Pth-82. Plunging Backwards.
Rt-2:[7254189] = Pth-83. Unending Comprehension.

Rites of Ummnu (9::8)
Rt-1:[89] = Pth-84. Compressed Termination.

August 11, 2004


. .

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August 10, 2004

The 99 Barrier

Hyperstition goes through the 99 barrier, with more than 99 unique visitors for the first time, yesterday.

Onwards and upwards. Or downwards.

Whatever your cthonic orientation.

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August 09, 2004

No longer available


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August 08, 2004

Book of Paths

Ccru's latest lemurological discovery is now online.

Go here to read Chaim Horowitz's epochal translation of The Book of Paths.

[A full systematic explication, with links to Numogram, Pandemonium Matrix and Decadological /oracular usages is currently under construction.]

August 07, 2004


My attempt to begin to consolidate an anti-capitalist position has been posted at k-punk. It would have been OT here, since there isn't really an explicit hyperstitional component.

(btw, Hyperstition has really arrived now: I've just deleted our first piece of Viagra spam....)

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August 05, 2004


On the basis of the hypothesis that provoking the nuking of Mecca would fulfil a Wahhabi religious aspiration there is some interesting stuff at the end of this piece (Stephen Schwartz made similar observations in an article I'm still trying to re-locate). [The start, on Bosnia, isn't particularly relevant and the whinging misunderstood-Westerner tone is a little trying]

If Occidental technocapitalism has a dimension of "anti-plateuing cybernihilism" it is surely encountering a complementary 'desert' nihilism on the part of its radically iconoclastic Salafist anatgonists, for whom even the tombs of the prophet's family are idolatrous abominations. Everything that isn't desert is an offense against the all-erasing monopoly of God.

Money quote:

During the Ottoman centuries, Mecca and Medina became highly cosmopolitan, with many world Muslims of varied sects choosing to settle and die there. Their descendants often came to visit their ancestors' tombs. That sacred ground was the common heritage of all Muslims. It became Saudi property when the Wahhabis took over in the 1920s and, ever since, they have systematically destroyed all such sites, including the tombs of the Prophet's own family and companions. This always involved digging deep under the foundations to remove all fragments of bones. In Mecca, in the 1970s, they even tore down the dwelling of Mohammed's mother. A McDonald's has replaced it. To many eyes, even the Kaaba's Great Mosque of Mohammed has been utterly destroyed by total renovation.

The McDonald's is the final perfect touch, don't you think? (Would you like fries with that desert?)

Voodoo death

Preparing the first heroines of hyperstition piece - on Mme Centauri - and came across this by Zora Neale Hurston (Centauri's 'mentor' in NY).

A taster:

As she approached Blue Sink she all but turned back. It was a dark night but the lake shimmered and glowed like phosphorous near the shore. It seemed that figures moved about on the quiet surface. She remembered that folks said Blue Sink the bottomless was Morgan's graveyard. All Africa awoke in her blood.

A cold prickly feeling stole over her and stood her hair on end. Her feet grew heavy and her tongue dry and stiff.

In the swamp at the head of the lake, she saw Jack-O-Lanterns darting here and there and three hundred years of America passed like the mist of morning. Africa reached out its dark hand and claimed its own. Drums, tom,tom,tom,tom,tom,beat in her ears. Strange demons seized her. Witch doctors danced before her, laid hands upon her alternately freezing and burning her flesh. She cried out in formless terror more than once before she found herself within the house of Morgan.

August 04, 2004

On the topic of Connexus ...

Here's a neurally stimulating article on current cyborg technology with the excellent title Considered science fiction neural technology is opening doors (link via Right Wing News).

Thought the Sarkonites out there might be interested. It's all going to speed ahead faster than most people think because the brain is designed to suck up these connections. As the article says:
As scientists explore the brain-machine interface, they are wonder-struck at the brain's ability to make room for new conditions-for instance, considering a robotic arm as much a part of the body as a flesh and blood one, and accepting an implanted computer chip as a natural extension of its powers.

The Thing: Between arrival and spontaneous emergence


To continue the thread about The Thing and Capitalism, I extracted the following passages from my old conversations with Nick which will be available in the forthcoming book, Homo-stasis.


NICK LAND: (Digression on Horror: If today belongs to terror, tomorrow and eternity belong to horror. When an apparent agency arrives at its zone of non-existence horror irrupts, activating the phobic mechanisms of an entire organic lineage. In relation to this reaction the concept of horror might be dissociated on an intensive spectrum: from ‘hot’ meat-reflex revulsion condensed upon threatened boundaries, to ‘cold’ thanatonic affect fusing into the anorganic plane. Horror films typically trigger recollections of zero-fusional ecstacies associated with body panic, catatonic fugues cut violently with accelerated heart-rate and other somatic emergency signals. When a creature encounters the terminus of its own possibility it recoils in horror, but the entire horror genre – the horror industry – relies on the fact that it does not simply recoil. This in part accounts for the pulp-genre convention that makes horror the demonic destination of lust, a sub-organic tropism to the utterly alien – compared to which any anthropomorphic ‘libido’ is a restriction. (Mother of Abominations!) It also suggests that the truth of horror is drawn from the Thing itself, especially from its antipathy to every aspect of local, specific, or familiar modes of organization. These features make of horror an avatar of the Outside.)

Virus leads into your suggested topic of possession, or Pest-capture, which can be differentiated according to the virulence of its abstraction. The virtual function of the reverse transcription enzyme as a catalyst for molecular intelligences, as sketched in Greg Bear’s Blood Music, is on obvious reference. Such K+ hyperviruses and occultural influences - innovating intelligence as a process of infection - come from such monumentally abstracted spaces that they are often felt as arriving from another galaxy. There is an entire field of potentials linked by a theme of diseases from outer space for such intelligence-plagues to latch on to, but Pest plutonism also necessitates that the issue is also thrown to the other ‘pole’ -- that of technovirus (Downham’s take on Kadrey’s ‘metrophage,’ for instance).



Thing 2


Apparently the Thing has a high sense of planetary humor.

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August 03, 2004

Magic vs sorcery/ capitalism vs hyperstition

A few tentative thoughts/ questions/ probes...

Luke emails me with a quote from Grant Morrison (confirming once again that I really must check Morrison out).

"... I've been obsessed with the corporate world--and the whole magic thing, I've been fed up with the occult, as you say, that whole aspect of it, and I just looked and I said, who's actually using magic? It's the corporations, they're doing it all the time--the NLP seminars, all that, if you listen to those management training tapes, they're fucking weird! And they’re using logos, they're using these incredibly powerful sigils to colonize imaginary space and media space. These guys are actually using magic in plain sight, and no-one knows what they're doing! They're using big-scale, world-changing magic, so I thought, well I'll get into some of that. And I've been doing rituals for two corporate entities now, and trying to do things with that, seeing how you can contact them and deal with them and what kind of bargains you can make with them . . . "

Actually, this chimes in with something that I've recently posted up on k-punk from Brian Eno, on shamanism:

'I remember seeing a thing on TV years ago. An Indonesian shaman was treating sick people by apparently reaching into their bodies and pulling out bloody rags which he claimed were the cause of their disease. It all took place in dim light, in smoky huts, after intense incantations. A Western team filmed him with infrared cameras and, of course, were able to show that he was performing a conjuring trick. He wasn't taking anything out of their bodies after all. So he was a fake, no? Well, maybe-- but his patients kept getting better. He was healing by context-- making a psychological space where people somehow got themselves well. The rag was just a prop.'

This practice - and the psychophysiological mechanisms that allow it to work - are of course familiar to the readers of Walter Cannon. The shaman was using the placebo effect, the benevolent twin of the 'nocebo' effects produced by the sorcerers of voodoo death.

I think both the process described by Morrison and that described by Eno are very similar: they are both instances of magical practice in the service of the social system, albeit different social systems (in Morrison's case, it's the capitalist ecumenon, in Eno's, it's the primitive socius).

I wonder if now we're in a position to resolve the discussion I was having a while back with Anna about voodoo death. As I recall, Anna was arguing that, whilst related to hyperstition, voodoo death as described by Cannon (and I wish I could find my version of Cannon's article) was not itself a hyperstitional process. I think we might now be able to say why neither placebo and nocebo effects are not properly hyperstitional.

We've now established that hyperstition necessarily involves an opening up of/ to the Outside. Both the nocebo and placebo effects - at least as utilized by Cannon's sorcerers, Eno's shamen or Morrison's NLP gurus - do not involve this relationship. On the contary, in fact, they result in a bolstering of the interior (both the social field and the subject). That's because, as Anna said, both the nocebo and placebo effect entail belief.

There now seems to be a vocabulary gap: what umbrella term can we use for these types of processes which produce a belief that is materially effective but which don't open up the Outside?

(This actually dovetails with the book on Spinoza I was discussing at k-p. Antonio Damasio, the author of that book, makes a Cannon-like analysis of the way in which non-conscious response-dispositions produce reality for us. But Damasio emphasises not belief but emotion. Belief, like all conscious cognitive processes, would be at a 'higher' level - and like most conscious cognition, it would be an effect of emotional dispositions.)

In any case, I think one consequence of the distinction between pla/nocebos and hyperstition is that it allows us to be quite precise about the differences between capitalism/ hype and hyperstition (though I may be shot down in flames for this!) Insofar as capitalism is orientated to the Outside, it is a resource for the Inside. Its magical practices are all aimed at maintaining and strengthening an interiority (albeit an interiority that is continually expanding, continually re-defining the borders that mark it off from the Outside - this is its chief difference from the primitive socius and the despotic state, whose boundaries are much less fluid).

Question: should we reserve the term 'sorcery' for those practices aimed at opening up (to) the Outside? Should we call the type of practices Eno and Morrison describe 'magic'?

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Heroes of Hyperstition 2

Sarkon, Oskar. (1953? -)

While even the most basic facts of Oskar Sarkon’s life are contested, according to most accounts he was born in Hungary in 1953. Little is known about his biological parents, but Sarkon himself has on at least one occasion described them as scientists (working on unspecified ‘secret projects’). Whatever the truth of the matter, they seem to have both died or disappeared by the time the 4-year-old Oskar was smuggled into the United States by Ralph and Joyce Babdexter (a couple of Mormon nuclear physicists who were apparently friends – or at least acquaintances – of his parents) in 1957.

Sarkon was raised in Salt Lake City, Utah. Despite the strict orthodoxy of his upbringing, there is no evidence he was ever attracted to organized religion. Instead, the mysterious desert environment of his childhood was the site of a series of anomalous encounters which decisively (if obscurely) shaped his later life. During the early- to mid-1980s Sarkon undertook a prolonged course of regressive hypnotherapy with ‘abductologist’ Cathy Ellison (a student of Jacques Vallee), which provided the basis for his understanding of the earlier episodes.

From the age of six Oskar was tormented by sleep disorders (sleep walking, disturbing dreams and out-of-body experiences). He also reported frequent nosebleeds and migraines, inexplicable ‘scoop-marks’, and an irrational fear of medical procedures. Under Ellison’s therapeutic guidance, he came to connect these phenomena with his childhood ‘imaginary friends’ (small ovoid purple furry many-limbed beings, his “real family” who had sent him on a “reconnaissance mission to earth”).

The most vivid ‘ET’ event occurred one night in June 1970 as Sarkon (age 17) was driving through an electric storm on an empty desert road. As he later described the incident, strange mauve lights suddenly appeared low on the horizon just as the car ‘coincidentally’ developed an electrical fault. He stopped and stepped out of the car in a “trancelike state”, fascinated by a nebulous shape which seemed to pulse hypnotically and was also “somehow hard to look at”. Shutting his eyes made no difference. After what seemed a matter of seconds ‘it’ hurtled away at high speed, contracted to a dot and vanished. The problem with the car had repaired itself. When Sarkon looked at his watch he realized five hours had passed.

Over the next few months Sarkon awoke frequently from ‘night terror’ – a calm and lucid state of cosmic panic. The time was always precisely 3:33 am. Awareness of an “uncondensed presence” was accompanied by a vertiginous sense of geometrical confusion. During this period Sarkon developed ‘acute persistent chronophobia’ which he referred to as his “missing time neurosis”. Throughout the remainder of his life he would keep a fantastically detailed time-log of each day. He was continuously obsessed with “knowing the time” and took to wearing two watches “just in case”.

Ellison sought to persuade Sarkon to adopt an attitude of ‘unbelief’ regarding these traumatic episodes. It is unclear how successful she was in this respect, although he would later cryptically remark: “UFOs not only lack real existence, they demonstrate that everything lacks real existence.”

From infancy, Sarkon demonstrated a peculiar affinity with complex machinery. The Salt Lake City Star heralded him as a ‘technogenius’ after he built his first functioning ‘artificial brain’ out of dismantled transistor radio at the age of 9. However, his disastrous attempt, 18 months later, to prosthetically-upgrade the intelligence of his pet toad with a ‘neural implant’ provoked widespread revulsion among the Latter Day Saints, foreshadowing a darker side to his extraordinary talents.

Decades later Senator Jack Vaughan (D. Fla) would remark to a special committee of the US Congress: “While – thank God - psychotic AIs are still a rarity, those few that have menaced us can all be traced back to the irresponsible research of a single very dangerous man.”

After completing his doctoral research on Hive Robotics and Xenopsychology at MIT in 1974, Sarkon was recruited by the MVU Special Projects Division to develop the Comprehensive Self-Searching Database Protocol and the Stack-Tectonic Processing Architectecture that would together constitute the basis of Axsys technology. Due to the top secret nature of this research, Sarkon’s early adult life is almost entirely missing from public record. When Axiomatic Systems Incorporated was officially founded in 1984, to commercially exploit Axsys-technology, Sarkon was listed as engineering supremo.

The catastrophic ‘Axsys-meltdown’ episode of November 1991 – whose ultimate nature remains mysterious – marked a decisive turning point in Sarkon’s career. What can be reconstructed from the tangle of inconsistent, sensational or even hysterical reports is that the self-reflexive time-stretching functions (micropause-analysis) that Sarkon had built into the core of Axsys architecture led to such profoundly anomalous software dynamics that America’s ‘Turing cops’ (the Electronic Intelligence Security Bureau) classified it as a major threat to national security. Sarkon’s intimacy with the Axsys program had been reinforced by his prototype ‘Sarkon-zipped’ mind-machine interface. He was caught in the middle. According to Sarkon-collaborator Dr Zeke Burns: “It was really quite simple. The AI became self-aware in the winter of ’91 – and simultaneously insane. Oskar was tasked with snuffing it out. He never really got over that …”

The 1991 disaster split Axsys apart. On one side it was cemented into the Government Intelligence and Security apparatus with unprecedented rigor. On the other, fragments of Axsys-tech – particularly its time-splitting functions - calved off into the digital underground, spawning a range of contagious subcultural phenomena (Crypt-plying, micropause and synatives abuse, A-death). Among the ‘K-Goths’, Sarkon became an “unliving legend”.

The nature and extent of Sarkon’s continued involvement in the Axsys program is hard to clarify, but he seems never to have renounced its most extreme research ambitions. While Axsys Projects Manager Bruno Carbolucci spoke of the ’91 episode as “our digital Chernobyl” Sarkon insisted on referring to it merely as the “interface glitch”. In 1996, with the aid of engineering associates at MVU, Sarkon initiated the Connexus Project, designed both to definitively solve the neuro-electronic interface problem and to radically accelerate the (re-)emergence of machine intelligence. Guided by a number of time-related ideas drawn from the work of Hans Moravec, Connexus aimed to bring about biomechanical (neurotronic) fusion between digital computers and their human users by attaining “intercommunicative time-consistency”.

In a manner typical of Sarkon’s undertakings, Connexus combined extraordinary theoretical and technical advances with spectacular calamity. On 24th September 2000 Sarkon’s Connexus Rig ‘successfully’ generated self-sustaining cybertime and - for a period lasting just under one second – tore a gash in the world’s temporal structure coinciding precisely with an episode of ancient Sumerian chronomancy, releasing a ripple of ‘Babel virus’ along with what one traumatized (and no doubt unreliable) witness described as “a foaming black tidal-wave of Mesopotamian megamonstrosities and sludge-sucking abominations”. By the time international time-security organization Anthropol arrived at the scene, Sarkon had already disappeared.

Pursued by an intimidating variety of international police and intelligence agencies, and - according to his more paranoid acquaintances – an unspecified number of secret societies and unleashed Sumerian ghouls, Sarkon retreated to the remote town of Black Lake in Northern Ontario, ancestral home of the Tzikvik. Financially supported by unknown ‘helpers’ (the Vysparov family is strongly suspected), he quickly established the Black Lake Technical Institute (BLTI) and continued with his revolutionary AI and bioengineering experiments.

Although Axsys corp. publicly dissociated itself from Sarkon’s research trajectory, some software experts claim to detect Sarkon’s signature on the break-through Axsys Mazemaker suite with its advanced and vigilant Shroud security technology. It may be worth noting in this regard that the Logo AI-module that coordinated activity at BLTI was based on cutting-edge Axsys programming tools.

Sarkon enjoyed a short interlude of relative calm. With renewed confidence he entered into a collaborative venture with his Black Lake neighbor, Dr Helmuth Grueber, Director of the Shady Heights Secure Hospital (for the Criminally Insane). In 2002, Sarkon and Grueber jointly initiated the Medico-Synthetic Technologies Program (Medisyn) – “a special project for computer modelling and control of schizoparanoid deliria”. Medisyn proved particularly adept at simulating the ‘acute catatonic vermopsychosis’ prevalent among the hospital’s Tzikvik population.

It is hard imagine how Sarkon (as a student of Moravec) can have failed to anticipate the exposure of the Shady Heights system to mimetic contagion - a particular vulnerability of simulating systems. Despite the extraordinary density and sophistication of the project’s Shroud-MX security software, neither Sarkon nor Grueber seem to have fully envisaged the possibility that the Medisyn array of psychopath-simulators would begin to take themselves seriously.

On February 19th 2003, the Shady Heights security AI went insane. Within 30 seconds, it had spread vermohysteric bionic virus throughout all its systems, the entire inmate population and beyond. According to ancient Tzikvik legend, this ‘Black Lake Syndrome’ was destined to re-animate Thothtodlana, the Queen of the Worms, opening the gates of Tchukululok. More recent accounts speak of “a plague of cannibalistic worm-zombies taking over a considerable proportion of the town’s inhabitants.”

Understandably, after the horrific carnage of the Black Lake episode, Sarkon retreated even further into the shadows. According to the last remotely reliable accounts he has remained in the vicinity of Black Lake, where he is said to be working as a technically-enhanced (or organically-challenged) Decadence croupier at the casino of his controversial friend, Joe Wendigo. A trembling world eagerly awaits his next move.

August 02, 2004

Children of Satan III

LOL. Sounds like Monarch mind control.

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All the key references to Lovecraft in A Thousand Plateaus.

'Challenger, or what remained of him, slowly hurried towards the plane of consistency, following a bizarre trajectory with nothing relative about it. He tried to slip into an assemblage serving as a drum-gate, the particle Clock with its intensive clicking and conjugated rhythms hammering out the absolute: "The figure slumped oddly into a position scarcely human, and began a curious, fascinated sort of shuffle toward the coffin-shaped clock. ... The figure had now reached the abnormal clock, and the watchers saw through the dense fumes a blurred black claw fumbling with the tall, hieroglyphed door. The fumbling made a queer, clicking sound. Then the figure entered the coffin-shaped case and pulled the door shut after it ... The abnormal clicking went on, beating out the dark, cosmic rhythm which underlies all mystical gate-openings," - the Mechanosphere, or rhizosphere.'

'10, 000 BC: The Geology of Morals', 73-74 (quote from 'Through the Gates of the Silver Key')


'In one of his masterpieces, H. P. Lovecraft recounts the story of Randolph Carter, who feels his "self" reel and who experiences a fear wrose than that of annihilation: "Carters of forms both human and non-human, vertebrate and invertebrate, conscious and mindless, animal and vegetable. And more, there were Carters having nothing to do with earthly life, but moving outrageously amidst backgrounds of other planets and systems and galaxies and cosmic continua.. Merging with nothingness is peaceful oblivion; but to be aware of existence and yet to know that one is no longer a definite being distinguished from other beings," nor from all of the becomings running through us, "that is the nameless summit of horror and dread."'

'1730: Becoming-Intense, Becoming Animal...', 240, quote ibid.


'The anomalous is neither an individual nor a species; it has only affects, it has neither familiar nor subjectified feelings, nor specific or significant characteristics. Human tenderness is as foreign to it as human classifications. Lovecraft applies the term "Outsider" to this thing of entity, the Thing, which arrives and passes at the edge, which is linear yet multiple, "teeming, swelling, foaming, spreading like an infectious disease, this nameless horror."'

'1730: Becoming-Intense, Becoming Animal...', 245

'Lovecraft's hero encounters strange animals, but he finally reaches the ultimate regions of a Continuum inhabited by unnameable waves and unfindable particles.'

'1730: Becoming-Intense, Becoming Animal...', 248


'It is in grandiose and simplified terms that Lovecraft tried to pronounce sorcery's final word: "Then the waves increased in strength and sought to improve his understanding, reconciling him to the multiform entity of which his present fragment was an infinitesimal part. They told him that every figure of space is but the result of the intersection by a plane of some corresponding figure of one or more dimension - as a square is cut from a cube, or a circle from a sphere. The cube and sphere, of three dimensions, are thus cut from corresponding forms of four dimensions, which men know only through guesses and dreams; and these in turn are cut from forms of five dimensions, and so on up to the dizzy and reachless heights of archetypal infinity." Far from reducing the multiplicities' number of dimensions to two, the plane of consistency cuts across them all, intersects them in order to bring into coexistence any number of multiplicities, with any number of dimensions. The plane of consistency is the intersection of all concrete forms. Therefore all becomings are written like sorcerers' drawings on this plane of consistency, which is the ultimate Door providing a way out for them.'

'1730: Becoming-Intense, Becoming Animal...', 251, quote ibid.

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In the interests of accumulating resources, I think it is worthwhile reproducing the key passages from Anti-Oedipus on capitalism, fictional quantities and the Thing.

'The segmentary territorial machine makes uses of scission to exorcise fusion, and impedes the concentration of power by maintaining the organs of chieftanry in a relationship of impotence with the group; as though the savages themselves sensed the rise of the imperial Barbarian, who will come nonetheless from without and will overcode all their codes.


But the greatest danger would be yet another dispersion, a scission such that all the possibilities of coding would be supressed: decoded flows, flowing on a blind, mute, deterritorialized socius - such is the nightmare that the primitive social machine exorcises with all its forces, and its segmetary articulations.

The primitive territorial machine is not ignorant of exchange, commerce, and industry; it exorcises them, localizes them, cordons them off, encastes them and maintains the merchant and the blacksmith in a subordinate position, so that the flows of exchange and the flows of production do not manage to break the codes in favour of their abstract or fictional quantities.


And isn't that also what Oedipus, the fear of incest, is all about? If capitalism is the universal truth, it is so in the sense that makes the capitalism the negative of all social formations, it is the thing, the unnamable, the generalized decoding of all flows that reveals a contrario the secret of these formations, coding the flows, and even overcoding them, rather than letting anything escape coding. Primitive societies are not outside history; rather, it is capitalism that is at the end of history, it is capitalism that results from a long history of contingencies and accidents, and that brings on this end. It cannot be said that the previous formations did not see the Thing that only came from without by rising from within, and that at all costs had to be prevented from rising. Whence the possibility of a retrospective reading of all history in terms of capitalism.'

Anti-Oedipus, 152-153


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More links

Key 23 (another collective blog which should prove to be interesting)

The Digital Evil Occult Resource (featuring some short but remarkable articles on Simonomicon)

In the Hall of Maat (an encyclopedic archive)